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Last Episode of You Who Came From The Stars T.T

EPdrama You Who Came From The Stars EP 21 (LAST)

This is so touching! Plus I finally understand why people love this ‘alien’ guy so much, maybe because he’s hot in so many women’s eyes.

But also, he look soooo studious!!! And charming like seriously?!!

The dream guy of all girls should LOOK LIKE THIS!!!! xD


AND NOT BAD BOYS. He’s not bad ya know? HAHAHAHAHHA

I have Feelings YES

THREE levels of being HAPPY! (No. 1-3 ranging from HIGH to LOW)

1) I get Ecstatic when.. ..

My birthday is getting near. Not that I’m expecting a-lot of surprises from my friends. But I just feel so overwhelmingly special to being a birthday girl. Spending a great day of celebrating myself being alive every year 😀


2)  I feel contended when. ..

Nothing bad has happened to me for more than a week. Nowadays, it’s hard getting by. In fact, life was never easy. Like what I told myself years ago. ..

“The only easy day was YESTERDAY.. ..”


3) I feel pleased and pleasant when . ..

Somebody or a random person did something for me. I don’t feel obliged to get serviced by people without any pay i.e some intangible services out there: Salon. Once, a friendly MRT commuter helped me pick a crawling ant from the back of my sleeve. I am thankful 🙂




THREE levels of me being  SAD!

1) Depressed. .

I hardly feel depress unless anyone choose to betray me. I used to think it’s okay if anybody betrayed me for money, love, anything they regard of higher priority than me. Because people have reasons for doing something bad or mean. However. I cannot stand it if people really chose to betray their own conscience. Worst still, I hate my loved ones to treat me differently from they treat others! I want true equality among all livings ): That’s my greatest wish more than anything ya know? ): 

2) Upset. ..

Life is unpredictable. That’s why life is fun, you’re never know what happen the very next second. But that can be scary as well. On top of that,  it’s also what life offers: Ambiguity which makes me really sad.  People set rules for themselves, principles in life they say. There is never a clear line between what’s right and wrong. Moral and ethical issues are still happening despite so many educated civilians who could help are out there doing less. 

3) Moody. ..

WHEN I am hungry, I get really moody. When I am thirsty, I get moody too. Laode used to know that I get moody when I am not getting hydrated, hence he offers me drinks or reminded me to drink plenty of water. I am always getting food cravings, I love eating so much if I skip one of my meals, I get moody. As simple as that. 




THREE levels of being ANGRY!

1) Outraged

I am a calm and restless person. Nothing seems to turn me on until I READ the NEWSPAPER or WEBSITES on animal/human ABUSE, CANNIBALISM, CYBER-BULLYING, WAR, UNEQUALITY. Whenever I read the news about how people suffer and how many suffered due to some silly man-made events (WAR), I’ll feel especially enraged. I am often angry at worldly affairs. Only at some rare occasions when my family members were getting bullied or endangered, will I get furious and bite people’s head off. 

2) Mad

I’ll get annoyed if people don’t listen to me when I’m expecting attention. I hardly seek attention unless for some grave matters. My pap holds a family meeting once in a while and us kids usually report home early to hear what he has to say. It’s a habit for me to earn respect from people around me continuously.  It is important to me because I felt that people are less aggressive if they tend to respect you. I get agitated too when people don’t respect themselves.  

3) Dismayed

If my friends decides to scare me knowing I am afraid of something horrible, I’ll get irritated. I am scared of balloon, heights, cockroaches, insects in general, water (i.e. swimming pools), bicycles. In fact, I have many fears which I couldn’t overcome.  Any sometimes, silly people or classmates decides to use them against me. I totally dislike that. I mean I don’t hate people anyhow just because of an action like this. But I cannot stand it. 



Awww~~ Baby Groot!



This is a cute hand-made babygroot from fimo-clay by an artist for his best-friend!! 😀 


It’s so cute A TOY 😀


Look at it!! xD So Tall, steady, calm and it’s just my type of tree <3<3<3


I can’t believe any person would resemble GROOT in real life!! What a calm and loving dude! Protective and strong-willed. Not fierce, but fervent 😀 Hardcore TREE ❤ 

 images (1) images (2) images (3) tumblr_inline_n9y93gs7HJ1r1sn9t tumblr_n9unn3vGt41qak30bo1_r1_500

I’m afraid, I just fell in love with a tree~~~



PS: Groot is a fictional character from Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy. 


问世间 情为何物

要不是 已有心理准备要离开, 也不会那么淡定和坦然的谈 类似分开, 彼此不合适的话题。这真的是终就 要面对的现实吗?

是梦醒了。 还是什么都是幻觉。 五年内累积的幸福快乐 (等待也可以很幸福), 加上刻苦铭心的等候  竟然比不上一年的相处。

这么痛苦又何必呢? 好笑是 我根本不后悔 流过的眼泪 因为 人生依然精彩。 想必 过于乐观也是个缺点。
不是被误会 在逃避问题, 就是显得不在乎。

每当我想放弃时, 一会儿 又被当初的 执着感动。 何必 遗憾, 不管是曾经拥有 或是 天长地久,
白豆腐和紫萱 过了三世都无法随缘。 相爱容易吗? 老实说, 一点也不易。 有些人连相爱的阶段 都还不到。 我, 算幸运了。

相处难吗? 当然难! 十个里面就有八个分手的。 不过 我仍然相信 想拥有美好 幸福, 一定要互相爱戴。 其次的, 都不比这个重要。

或许我, 就是没能遇见勇敢守护爱情的人。 今晚, 就让姐许个愿。 希望天地下的人都过的开心。
呃。 。。不包过外星人 或跑到外星的人类。 。呵呵呵 呵


Was too lost in my phone when the MRT reached Clementi. The train stopped at this station way too long, hence I took a glance from my screen and realise I have to get down. Thanks for the halt. Haaaa.

Never realise the direct route I took requires 1 hour via bus, but just 10 minutes via train ;/

Could have just woke up late daily haaa!! Last week of korean classes! xD 

I wanna watch the guardians of the galaxy T.T