Awww~~ Baby Groot!



This is a cute hand-made babygroot from fimo-clay by an artist for his best-friend!! 😀 


It’s so cute A TOY 😀


Look at it!! xD So Tall, steady, calm and it’s just my type of tree <3<3<3


I can’t believe any person would resemble GROOT in real life!! What a calm and loving dude! Protective and strong-willed. Not fierce, but fervent 😀 Hardcore TREE ❤ 

 images (1) images (2) images (3) tumblr_inline_n9y93gs7HJ1r1sn9t tumblr_n9unn3vGt41qak30bo1_r1_500

I’m afraid, I just fell in love with a tree~~~



PS: Groot is a fictional character from Marvel Comics Guardians of the Galaxy. 



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