NP- korean II

每次他弄我生气, 我都在心里跟他分手一万遍!

Ngee Ann polytechnic is so huge and full of slopes, I took a shuttle bus around in the campus.  .. And thus place is not bad for students to hang around and chillax. Stress-proof infrastructure I call it, because NYP looks really odd and stuffy sometimes. ..stress just bounce back against walls to the students~~

Shall meet up with Evee soon 😀 since she is staying a block away from ngee ann!! I still remember 6 years ago, both of us wonder around ngee ann Open house hoping to get into this school together to enjoy the sunshine and joy. Who knows, it rain that day. we were running across the bridge from the campus to her estate, drenched thoroughly. Then followed by a series of I ll drown in ngee ann nightmares, and I got into NYP. I’m still happy: )

Her clique dont like me anyway. So getting too close to her might be a really bad idea. I might get emotional and cry often, more than I did in NYP. And worst, I cant even get to know my favourite girlfriend Qad!! I super miss her: D

Recent years after I ve known Qad, I just felt like I couldnt attach to any of my ex-girlfriends anymore. Conversations no link, no feel, no field, no smiles, not happy untill I meet up with Qad xD

As for my korean class, no one in my nutrition class came. I felt so much at ease that the class size is smaller haha. Half of the amount of people who attended part I joined part II class. Phew~~ I learn better this way. IDK why.