Watch “[MV][TSKS]擁抱太陽的月亮OST[月光西沉][KO_CN]中字” on YouTube


ouhhh now that ive seen this video, I m kinda more interested in the what stars moon sun rain planets korean drama series xD


Tak Experience, Tak Ganjiong

Was almost late for my interview today despite travelling 3 hours in advance. Mommy was late as something cropped up at home and when I reached the venue at 1.5 hours before the interview, mommy went missing and I couldnt contact her at all. Her phone was out of battery and kaputt. She texted me asking me why do I have to reach so early when the interview starts at 3pm, she says I might seem too desperate for my own good. Alright I shall walk back to the busstop at the main road to wait for her.
On the way back and forth a few times, I saw Givaudan. I saw two indians, one chinese and a pair of couple. They didnt know the way therefore I directed them. Afterwhich, I missed my mommy again. She didnt manage to alight after she saw me waving at her from the busstop, the bus didnt stop. I decided to go ahead to my interview. By the time I was filling out the application form, the chinese girl was inside the interviewing room. The pair of couple are malaysians and the boyfriend planning to get into a warehouse job however has zero computer knowledge. . ..

I had to stare at the receptionist and smile, she was wearing the exact same gold necklace I had on me (birthday necklace from pap- inclusive of the number 21 workmanship).

The HR personnel was very friendly and shockingly she shook my hand while introducing herself. Probably I was the most well dressed person in that office. ..Pink silk long sleeve blouse and black pants, the rest, all shirts and jeans. Friday dress down day I guess~~

Another indian girl knocked and I unlock the door for her. She came in, sat down and ask me which job Im applying to. I was super excited to tell her I m trying out the R& D food technologist position interview. She told me she wanted the packaging manufacturing job, borrowed a pen from me (the one Qad bought for me last birthday with my name on it-I thought she ll bring me luck 🙂 Then this lady told me that mommy is waiting at the gate for me. I was surprised at mommy’s socialising skills seriously. She said we look alike, and say she’s from jurong. When I wanted to reply her I m from boonlay, she did it instead. :/ Mommy is gonna be so famous as long as she gets out of the house

I left my pen with her as the chinese girl I ve met earlier came out from the room..She told me not to be nervous, the questions are very project and work related. We exchange smiles and I went in. Immediately I was told that the job post I wanted was taken. I took another few minutes to absorb the shock and dissappointment. Then she went on with her questions and was impresssed (guessing from her expressions and the remarks she gave), and so she offered me a QAQC job which I later rejected. She kept my particulars and told me if they would expand their research base or if the R& D position somehow becomes vacant, I would be contacted. Well. ..QAQC is a diploma job. I totally cannot imagine myself doing something so simple as documentation and looking after employees hygiene. ..taking care of pest control and on site factory audit, maintenance of factory tip top condition and all the chemical, microbiological analyses of the entire processing chain starting from raw materials to end products. I dont have to do it to know what are the job scopes.

I knew the chinese girl got the job. Congrats! She was earlier than me by that one step, maybe better by years of experiences, maybe because being early means desperate. ..Sighh
Im not sad, just feeling angry because I ve wasted my time, bus fares and effort for an interview where the job is no longer available :/ Why did I even allow her to carry on interview me when. ..might as well skip the entire session right? Well~~ this is life.

Tak experience now becomes got experience. So from now on, I ll arrive to the interview site 24 hours earlier~~ Going for more interviews might just earn me a few more. .and no more woodlands!! I want tuas!! hahahaha


In fact, mommy was more furious. She blamed the July Ghost for dragging her time lol
She thought she was possessed by evil spirits or anything ghostly which caused her to be late. At the same time, I dont blame her at all. Pap’s gonna have a showdown tonight since mommy is meeting him now for dinner at batok. She ll confirm plus fish chop chant all the bad luck stories to pap!! :/ I totally can predict he would be drunk tonight. Sighh~~

Maybe I shoild be drunk too :-C:-C