Why am I such a bitch? She is the one who gave birth to me and fed me when I couldnt feed myself. She brought me up and care for me. And yet I was so preoccupied with so called -my personal life- and ended up neglecting her. When was the last time I ve talked to her? Last week? Last month?


Mommy I love u. I am so unfilial to neglect u because of my studies and personal life.

Congrats to gina graduating tomorrow!! And I cant stand how elated I am to have Qad accompanied me through my exams. Thanks beloved Qad *muacks*

Now, my classmates are bombarding messages on WA for prom and gifts and blahblah. I am even busier than before. This is crazy. Also, not forgeting I have an assignment not done (50%).

My paper today is pretty atrocious. I was given a shock in the morning when I m told one of the lecturers would like to see me after my examination. Phew.

And guess what? The 65 mark I ve got for my FYP is not my report mark of 90%!!! It is the 10% for poster presentation hehe *dread*


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