Skyfall by Adele

My feelings right down matches the lyrics of song: Skyfall. I am so tired. Zephy picked the right moment to ask me if I’m fine with my boy. Well, guess what I told him? I m superly fine. IT s no wonder they said people lie about this all the time.

MaybeI ve come to an end. This may be my destination. All the time I ve spent waiting in my life is this. How. …shocking. I might have to take a long while to digest this.


She is the most important girlfriend of my life

And with this, I am going now to visit her at her campus now. Never once I felt so sad reading her blog posts. Why are all the misfortunes happening to her agani and again. When will God give her peace and let her rest? I must help her D:

Deeply touched

Just yesterday, I came upon a post on facebook by my classmate and her boyfriend. She wrote in the post sweetly about her deep affection for her boyfriend’s birthday surprise plan despite her in a foul mood due to school stresses. I was sooo envious.

And I got really sad all of a sudden, I dont know why. Then my boyfriend reacted today like finally!!



Then. I’m tearing halfway through my lecture in my class, Qad gave me a surprise too!! Yipeee 😀


I am such a happy and blessed kid!!


当我需要 你的时候 , 你在哪里 ?!


他 喝醉 酒的时候 , 都会拿我出气 。

每天 发脾气 , 乱吼 乱叫。

我妈 跟他离婚, 我最 赞同 !


讨厌 你他们 离婚 后 还在吵 

我要搬家 !!!

搬到 可以自己住 的家 

没有 吵闹 的日子 

只有安定 快乐 

就算是 寂寞 


Rio 2


Finished with this movie minutes ago and it was great! Lively, so evil and yet so cute at the same time, astounding dance from these blue birds 😀

Totally love and would download the soundtracks from this movie 😀 


erbgtrh icemtde

During the midnight.. ..we watched 2movies in a span of 4 hours. Sister liva and I were crazy. We spammed popcorn and nachos followed by an early breakfast with mommy at around 3am after our movies! *Yawns*

The first movie was so touching. ..&the boyfriend teased me about it when I ask him . …:s




Iceman played by Donnie Yen was awesomely funny 😀 He never fails in fighting shows!!