Falling sick

After today’s phone call with the boyfriend, I am officially sick. If he had our interest at heart, he wouldn’t have attempted to purchase a samsung wrist phone at $210. He had been spending money while I’m trying hard to save up for us.

Maybe I should just not care so much. *misery*


The Journey 《一路有你》(2014) Trailer” on YouTube

Watched this with the boyfriend today. Cried throughout the whole movie because I can feel how the pap in this movie looks like my pap. Like what the bpyfriend said. . .about his pap’s appearance. ..collar shirt and tailored grey pants, the ultimate fashion wear in their era.

A very touching movie in overall. Thumbs up!! 😀


No words can describe my anger now, I am going to BUUURST IN FLAME!!

Going at a 13messages/second, to 300+ text in 1.5hours. …



My classmates are crazy!! One still commented on me being the most quiet person in class!! And request someone else to pass the message! Please I need life too right? Was having an awesome and peaceful gathering with my loved one.

Coming to think of it, I am very very touched and impressed by their thoughts and gesture to postpone tomorrow’s lecture for her to settle her personal problems. Hopefully she is fine! She broke down in class today, it was bitter to see her so upset. I am going to pray for her to be happy again soon and for Lord to put peace in her heart!

Thanks considerate classmates though they re mean to each other! What an irony!



Saw this blog post during an hour break from my FYP report writing. This place seems amazing! It really looks like a good place to chillax, date with a loved one. .. and it seems so windy, serene, beautiful, everything over there. WHEW! what a great place to visit! These photos makes me feel so much better~ Whewww. Anyway this place is at New South Wales. Stressss from my assignments and presentations which is tomorrow. .. Though my break will be coming soon, but I can only have an official break once I am done with my REPORT. Also, I’ve received back a bad grade for deh previous 30% assignment /: I am losing energy, faith and hope. I can’t see anything except the fact that my dreams were dashed.  When can I ever retreat into my comfy fort to rest? When can I ever escape for a while before I get back on with life? And the quest I have, never ending journey.  I am so going to burst out in tears. ..*depressed*  More than 122 objects were discovered in the southern part of the earth, nearest to Perth. #mh370 There goes my burning candle. ..*poof* My heart goes out to them, I am so sorry T.T This is so tragic. I remember the incident where 911 happened when I was Primary 5. Watching the documentary of the last calls the victims made the moment they knew there was no escape from the collapsed debris.. .. What heart-wrenching fate. Blame it on the boyfriend as I get more and more emotional. I became. …reliant,…., dependent. I felt weak.  For the first time in my life, I needed a break, I need peace. I need air. Trying too hard to swallow my pride, sobs and tears. Can I give up now? Is it too late? Ex gf told me she’s gonna take up a business degree course soon. Gave her my blessings and am glad I am almost finished with mine.  Today, I skipped the Scholars dinner at Mandarin Orchard. I was too sad to attend. I couldn’t bring myself to turn up in tears and shame (due to my failure). Bathed for the fifth time today and yet, I cannot rest in peace. Frantic mind, aching heart, queasy soul.  *Stares* blankly

学聪明点不导致 自己 受伤


1. 女人記住了,選男人沒別的,就是選疼妳的!不管他再有錢,再有才華,再帥,再有口才,再有智慧,再有能力,再孝順,再大愛助人,要是不疼妳,一點屁用都沒有!!

2. 心理醫生給女人的忠告,〝無論妳有多喜歡對方,愛情裡的主動必須是男人。如果這個男人不主動,寧願錯過。〞

3. 沒有伴侶的時候,即使是孤單,也可以很快樂。 這個時候,孤單是一種境界。 妳可以一個人走遍世界,結識不同的朋友。妳也可以選擇下班之後,立刻回到家裡, 享受自己的世界。 一個人的孤單,並不可怕。 最可怕的,是有了伴侶之後那份孤單。

4. 一位父親對女兒的愛情忠告,有些人適合妳但不愛,有些人愛妳卻不適合。想知道愛不愛,別用耳朵聽要用眼睛看。看他付出多少。而想知道適合與否,別問他有什麼,而要問妳的笑和眼淚。一直讓妳流淚的條件再好也不能要,一直讓妳笑的,就算吃苦也值得。寧可笑著累,也不要哭著享受。

5. 找一個會在錢包裡放妳照片的男人,敢讓妳咬在身上留印記的男人,敢在微博臉書寫妳的男人,敢讓妳知道他一切的男人,就算在妳任性說分手的時候也不會拋下妳會緊緊擁抱妳不讓妳走的男人,敢對妳一生負責任並且好好對妳的男人。

6. 如果一段感情,沒有把妳變成更好的人,那麼很遺憾你跟錯了人。如果有人真愛妳,那他無論忍受多少,都不會願意跟妳分開。那種嘴上說愛,其實離妳越來越遠的,不過是謊言。那種滿嘴真愛,其實一點虧都不肯吃的,無非是路過。真愛,就是奔結果去的。沒結果的,只能叫曾愛過。無論妳愛過誰,結果只有一個。陪妳到最後的,才是真愛。一個人最幸福的時刻,就是找對了人,他寵著妳,縱容妳的習慣,並愛著妳的一切。

7. 有些男人愛妳,是想跟你過一輩子。有些男人愛妳,只想和你過一陣子。過一輩子的男人愛妳不會很用力,因為他要把力氣放在生活上。過一陣子的男人必會愛妳愛的死去活來,因為他只需要愛過妳、睡過妳和拋棄過妳就可以。所以好男人照顧妳的生活,壞男人照顧妳的感情。

8. 男人對女人的傷害,不一定是他愛上了別人,而是他在她有所期待的時候讓她失望,在她脆弱的時候沒有給她應有的安慰。

9. 聰明的男人會把他的女人寵的無法無天,讓別的男人都受不了她的臭脾氣,二流男人會用他的臭脾氣把他的女人變得見到任何一個獻殷勤的男人都有相見恨晚的感覺。

10 女孩們記住:寧願找一個沒太多錢但捨得給妳花的男人,也不要找一個明明有錢卻對妳事事摳算的男人。男人存摺上的數字不重要,重要的是有多少花在妳身上。永遠不要自我催眠說只信愛情不屑物質,在現在這個人人敏感金錢的年代,肯為妳拋灑自己的血汗錢才代表真心愛妳,因為小氣的人永遠只愛自己。



Exciting Saturday

I went on a full blast yesterday, trying hard to finish the first two sections of my FYP as fast as possible. I even went through a 1 hour meeting (the longest I ever had) with my supervisor, while we’re so engrossed in my project’s data. I have to draw up a results section ASAP, and I realised that I am the last one in class to submit a copy to my SUP at 7PM. Although I received praises from my classmates that I am very efficient in my work, however, I love to do things last minute, so it wouldn’t make any difference to me, as in I am not as efficient as some of my classmates who has already completed the entire report writing. I am so stress right now. But happy at the same time!!

Because just as I told the boyfriend I miss laode yesterday, wondering if he is too busy to bother about anything and anyone…LAODE TEXT ME minutes after I gave that comment!! :D:D

And today we’re going to visit a ******* event at the MBS I presume. Probably at the Bayfront area. What I don’t get is, why is he keeping the venue a secret? I’ve goggle-d for hours about any holding events at the area from last night until now. And the only results I have so far is….CommunicAsia2014….,..FoodFest…no more T.T

 However, it is still as exciting as ever to be going out with laode today! And so forth for the rest of my life…

Great thanks to the boyfriend for loving me as always because I do not want to take his love for granted, therefore I am grateful!, secondly, many thanks to WM (team-mate) for his time to help me with my presentation slides (PPT) because I lack critical thinking and the presentation day is next week!! Buck up xinxin!!

Also, Jiayous QAD!! I can understand it is soooooo hard to try and keep a positive mindset when all life gave her was misery. But conveying what the boyfriend told me, these hardships will make her strong and resilient,  and that nothing can ever bring her down anymore in the future! She can do it! I believed all her loved ones are telling her the same thing. It is the last lap. Give it your best shot!

Luck and loves to myself too. Thanks for surviving and counting down 50 more days to holiday 😀 I have a short break of two weeks  in April for exam revision purpose. I’ll take a week days off to keep company with QAD (maybe doing work together! We have yet to do so hahaha), spend some chalet time with the boyfriend, grab laode for a massive crazy singapore sales or buffet whole day party (Who knows? Maybe just sitting down somewhere to talk about life and play chess 😀 [HIS FORTE]) <<<3