Mission on saving the world

After two hours lecture conducted by Dr Mei Yan on Public Health. She told us she was hoping to inspire us to be part of the Nutrition team (probably FAO WHO or within regions community) in helping the the world to alleviate serious health issues. She then reminded us students what have we mentioned during our admission interviews which took place a year ago: our missions and dreams to save the world as superheroes. The class bellowed in laughter, we felt amused by our own silly innocent and naive dreams, some was lying through just to get into the course. But I also felt enlightened for the first time whilst in my degree program. The puzzle pieces comes into places in my brain, I’ve never realised I am only left with less than 3 months of academic duration until the day of graduation. And that will be my mission and quest I embark on throughout my life journey. 

No matter where do I start with. I’ll end there. 



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