Watch urself dude!


Firstly, you are in no position to take over anything or to have complete control over me and my diet!
Secondly, how are u even suppose to take care of me when u can’t even take care of urself?
Thirdly, refer to first sentence.

Its my body and my life, my choice. I am never urs to start with, stop treating me like ure my father! *rebellious mode* -on permanent-

HUMPT! I KILL U! * flip table*


Immense grief

Miscommunications gets worse between me and the boyfriend. In fact, I’m getting so overwhelming, crying almost daily over nothing and made a mess of myself by being so wreckingly emotional. What happened to me? Why am I so depressed? Even the boyfriend couldnt help me feel better T.T

I kept feeling my results were bad. And I went back frequently to review my marks. I felt lonely despite I went out with a few friends and family and boyfriend not long ago. I felt like it s the end of the world. I have no appetite, drank milo for my 3 meals. Listless, malaise, anxiety, I felt like a failure. I feel ugly, fat and worthless. I am so negative, my mind is. I can’t stop it. Am I dying soon?

Thanks Laode for sending me his selfie to fufill a dare created by my sister. Cheers me up definitely! Unlike the unluckly number 6. Sighhh


不知道为什么,但是。。内心太贪婪,总想获得全部。一点都不开心。也不想假装自己很快乐。 不需要安慰, 也不值得被别人同情。 不希望被打败, 却懒得努力奋斗。
努力过后, 又害怕没有收获。 不怕死的精神在哪, 原来我还是怕死。

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

Congratulations to bro&sis for getting data plans bundle this year! From now on, we can chat everyday on our mundane lives since we ve been living apart for 5 years plus.

Hurray, I am so happy to sign them up for phone! The best part is that they will be paying their own bills!! I like their will to be independent. Ten cheers for both of them 😀


Mission on saving the world

After two hours lecture conducted by Dr Mei Yan on Public Health. She told us she was hoping to inspire us to be part of the Nutrition team (probably FAO WHO or within regions community) in helping the the world to alleviate serious health issues. She then reminded us students what have we mentioned during our admission interviews which took place a year ago: our missions and dreams to save the world as superheroes. The class bellowed in laughter, we felt amused by our own silly innocent and naive dreams, some was lying through just to get into the course. But I also felt enlightened for the first time whilst in my degree program. The puzzle pieces comes into places in my brain, I’ve never realised I am only left with less than 3 months of academic duration until the day of graduation. And that will be my mission and quest I embark on throughout my life journey. 

No matter where do I start with. I’ll end there. 


5 Health Reasons why I love to meet thy Boyfriend

1) Spending quality time with the boyfriend strengthens my immunity in various ways! Kissing aids in oral, skin and mental health! For he loves to kiss my hair and my blood pressure will drop after heart skips a beat! Also, meeting him up is good for brain during chatting, discussion and debates! Even when we have arguments over minor issues helps me improve my critical thinking.

2) Our meeting venues usually located in the libraries. Libraries around Singapore. Meeting him up frequently gives me motivation and determination to get work done. Meeting the boyfriend gives me the positive energy to increase productivity and hence improves my general health by decreasing the amount of stress I generate due to procrastination.

3) We would usually spend our time together in more than one venues. We love changing places after every few hours and due to our home distance apart (North and West region), both of us travel in trains to meet up together. This in turn means adequate physical activity for us! We do strolling/shopping all the time, if not we ll spend at least 30 mins daily (including weekends!)to take train from JurongEast library to Woodlands or Serangoon Library to see each other 😀 Travelling around on train together also boost our relationship by allowing us to relax (listening to the same ipod) and take breaks together (even if it means smiling to each other).

4) We remind each other to eat and have regular meals, also bringing each other to enjoy good food together in all parts of Singapore, that means we get to spend more energy travelling, consume sufficient nutrients and live a healthier lifestyle by not skipping meals.

5) Being in love is simply healthier, so being with him makes me a healthy baby ;D And because I love him so, makes us happier as a couple especially going out to hold heart talks under the bright full moon bonds us together heart and soul. I need less sleep after being together with him, in fact I can function on less sleep and still look radiant and lovely 😀

THerefore, meeting him up at anytime of the day in my 365 days a year, is never a waste of time ^-^

Shooting Star


By David Rush featuring LMFAO Pitbull Kevin Rudolf

The song was used at the 9th edition of the Miss Earth Pageant celebrated in Boracay, Philippines on November 22, 2009. It was also used in the final dance battle of the 2010 film Step Up 3D along with “Move Shake Drop” by DJ Laz. (adapted from wikipedia)


可怜的爱人 初次过情人节 就泪流满面 口中嘀咕着 “我不会让你走的”
真叫偶心疼 T.T
谁叫他对我凶, 发什么怪脾气, 害得偶受尽委屈
不过, 这情人节过的挺愉快, 如果没有吵架, 没有掉泪, 那就会是我们最完美的情人节, 但今天将会是我们最深刻的一天


谢谢送我鲜红的玫瑰花, 带我去玩游戏 打电动,下百万富翁棋, 虽然价钱照时计算, 但偶还是嫌贵。
谢谢你 带给偶很多美丽的回忆, 包括互相提对方画粉色眼线,一起戴着蓝红荧光灯耳机,赏十五的月圆,陪我逛街,玩乐,带偶吃好吃的!!

打了几个小时的凌晨麻将俱乐部。 。。


老娘不行了。 。。