Mind’s occupied

I had a weird dream last night. I don’t understand the affiliation between me and flats. To be exact, hdb flats. It’s not the first time I have dreams on flats. The previous one I remember was myself sitting in a showroom. The agent is very pleasant looking and introduce the area around the room to me. I walked about in the kitchen asking silly questions on renovation and all.

It ended there. This time, I dreamt of laocheng trying to climb out of the window from the 10th floor. I am staying on the 10th. Im not sure if that is called flat climbing or flat-flying. He climbed to floor 14 and fell down afterwards. I ran to the window to try and locate him before I speed downstairs to get him. Then suddenly he was well again. He did it again in front of me and he succeeded in climbing up and down the block without falling.

Should I buy 1014 for 4D today. Or should I just ignore it?

Last week, I dreamt of falling down a flat too and woke up after that. Hmms.. ..creepy


Too excited for my own good

I was so happy and hopeful that today I’m going to JE swimming complex with my boyfriendΒ  I packed my necessities last night, and wake up early at 10am plus to bathe. Though the weather isn’t showing up fine, dark clouds looming and all, thunder roars. But how much effort I’ve put in and anticipate this coming since last week. Now all’s gone.

I left my bag at home because
1) Its gonna rain
2) i had a miscom with my boyfriend
He gave me 5 instructions to follow I were so confused!!
A) 1030 at JE
B) Buona Vista
C) Hougang for breakfast
D) Amk

He instigate me to meet him at these places in 1 hour’s time. I am ME!! NOT 5 OF ME!!
whatsmore, he kept quiet about why these places were suggested.
Sigh, this planner cannot plan.


Serita was holding on to me and I got called back from a mile away for >10 times today! They re acting like my boyfriend, like laode&Qad :/

Guess I’m just very prone to getting lost in the wilderness~

We are so exhausted, drained, fatigue, lethargic, whatever, we got no life left in us. Sigh. The 4 of us. I hope monday comes quickly and we can celebrate and everything will be overrr!! πŸ˜€


Just because I’m not a clubbing person and you’re not talking to me? Ridiculous. Very.


Why do I dislike Singapore clubbing culture:

1) People only go there for the sake of going (No where to go)

2) Meeting potential fuck mates (applicable to both genders)

3) Grinding << This is the norm, if you’re not found to be doing this, you’re considered as weird

4) Paying so much just for one/two cup of drink (Be it the most expensive alcohol or orange juice)

5) All you get to see are people making out at every single corner of the hall/room (I don’t have to see it myself to know that this is happening)

6) Yes, you get to socialise (How meaningful is this? I know, exchange numbers or have one night stand)

7) Talking about music. The kind of music you have in these places. Of course, there are many types of clubs. And some clubs do have decent pleasant ambience and background noise. SOME means probably 12 out of 100 clubs. The rest just got karaoke – I’d rather go Kbox

8) From my knowledge, most of the people visiting clubs to drown their sorrows/destress. These people can be as young as just teens (sneaked in) in barely there skirts and see through dress. I gather that those middle age adults paying patronage to clubs are mild pedophiles.

9)When it gets crowded and noisy (from socializing and gangsters communicating), they thought they’re immersing themselves in the atmosphere when in fact, they look as if they’re going to drown and their soul gets noise pollution.

10) I don’t understand all the touchy touchy feely behaviour in clubs, pubs wherever. I guess that is the tradition. You don’t need rooms in clubs. You TOUCH openly because a club is a room.

Though I am presenting only the negative impacts of clubbing, but I am definitely not trying to diss this activity totally. Stated above are only MY opinions about clubbing as a nightlife option locally. Well, actually it’s almost the same everywhere else, except the odds are greater. You can do whatever you like, go anywhere you want. Grind all you like, I don’t care.

Yeah, I admit I am not a clubbing fan. I prefer attending music festivals or going to concerts rather than dancing on the already crowded dance floor or stand at a place looking solo, or not appreciating the drink drank drunk therapy (Laode invented this).


Being in a concert is different. I know this because I’ve been to several music concerts. it felt so spiritual and lively. Music is the food to my soul. When I listen to music so ever intently, I don’t even feel like drinking. The most memorable concert in Singapore was the one at St James watching Rachel sing live. She’s absolutely amazing *mesmerized* It doesn’t have to be rock&roll or pop or anything electrical. And I feel connected to everyone at that moment at the place where the concert was held.


The summer concert I have in the UK was situated on a hill’s top facing the sea (and the beautiful sunset). It’s so spectacular!! GOSH πŸ˜€ I was so over the top when the band started singing. I’ve had open Christmas concert at Orchard Road, musical concert at Esplanade and the SAGE in Newcastle. I missed out the one I planned to watch in London. Another one in Milan and Switzerland!!


In a concert:

1) People face ONE DIRECTION > To the stage (where musicians perform)

2) I know the person beside me likes what I like (if I met anyone here, I know he/she is not desperately wanting to fuck me)

3) I paid for the music and I know it’s so worth it (we chose to come for this particular showtime)

4) I know the songs, I know the musician

5) I can shout and scream all I like in loud music festival, but when it comes to soothing music, everyone of us just kept silent, and the music will own the place

6) It’s a place where people hold up their camera/recorder or phones high up above their heads

7) We hold hands, raise hands, jump whatever but not GRIND or grab each others butt (kissing happens too but not making out!! eek)

8) And most importantly, we’re high not because we’re drunk, not because we’re on drugs, but because we’re happy and high-spirited

9) Being in a concert is the place nearest to heaven (it felt almost the same)

10) Because I like therefore it’s good (being very bias here but who cares hah!)


I feel like going to next Lin JJ’s concert now~ :/

Thanks Giving

Not in order.

Why do I not appreciate him? He is so good for me πŸ˜€ He does take care of me and my needs well. *stare at my fats*
Yesterday he asked me if I needed a wireless data plan for my school work. Come on, I know u care, I can cope and I’m graduating soon.

And he helped me take postcards :DDDDD He knows I love postcards omgggg *heart burst*

His forever over flowing love makes me happy and touched. I thank God for him πŸ™‚

2)Boyfriend. ..

Just joking!! Heee
I would like to extend my biggest warmest gratitude to Family and Friends and my boyfriend for all the amazing surprises and lifetime faith and care I ve received for the past year. I ve had my share of ups and downs this year, I felt like I ve aged so much, blue hair gonna grow from my head soon.

This December, I ll spend time with my family and friends, putting my assignments aside and rush finish all my ongoing projects!! I wanna welcome year 2014 soon, really!! Time passes by too fast!! I remember the last countdown I had with laode and Qad, watching the lovely extravagant fireworks at MBS!! And I remember we don’t get a chance to photograph ourselves with the fireworks :/

Hahahaha, great memories indeed!


The reason why I love my FYP?

Was playing with foam while clearing up the lab and YC says I am childish 😦
Two guys in my class said that already! He cleared up my artwork by rinsing the entire sink with running water and give me his evil smirk when I came back from a toilet break. *pulls hair*
YC told me my classmates couldn’t believe I’m a scholar because I don’t appear like one and am too blur. Sigh, not sure if I should make clarifications or what, but I really find it a waste of time to explain these things. Boyfriend agrees with me πŸ˜€
My project is so full of apples ahhh *running around the lab* Even the rubbishbin smells heavenly, full of discarded fresh chemically treated apple slices!!


I talked about having a standalone bath tubs in my new house next time though it costs more than a built in tub :/  And look at my favourite waterbottle BF bought for me!! *happy* It costs him ten bucks and mommy told liva it looks like some pasar malam 2$ bottle, please it s made in korea D:

I don’t like hobbit. Thats it. Dont ask me no more πŸ˜€ I saw the cute bubbly santa at CT, BF’s workplace last night! And we explored the whole of Outram park as we walked from CT to Tiong bahru, almost ended up in zouk without GPS :/
This was also why, he went back on bus 51 very very late from Henderson Park ):
Though I love strolling with him everywhere at anytime hand in hand, but I felt superb guilty for making him missed his last bus 132 for walking at a snail’s speed πŸ˜€

When I got home yesterday, mommy prepared jelly for me *kewl~ I am so blessed! Then liva showed me a -shedontgiveadamn- picture on twitter hah!!

Life is good!! *MUACKS*
I find it essential to mention that I ve been living on my BF for the past 2 months. Sigh, I’m so sorry for all the expenses and will continue to do so even if ure broke already *greedy grin*

Friends = Love, Fiend = Hate

That bastard Danny Ang. Though I wanted very much to forget this jerk. His name kept popping up from my classmates mouth. Other than being Kenneth’s army subordinate, he is also Cheryl’s ex classmate and is well known for his Casanova behaviour! Not only that, he is a slacker and a messed up person. I hate him so much it makes me upset and tired.
The reason why he is blacklisted because he behaved worst than ε₯½δΊΊ did to me.

But overall, I’m glad finally that I caused SC and DA breakup. I mean from the testimonies he’s got, his reputation is worst, I am not the only one who agrees. Hopefully DA’s new girlfriend had cease disturbing Qad and SC!! *puts on Armour* *grabs AK47*

Anyway, Hmin and SC are so adorable!! Yesterday I went to school’s lab to collect my consumables and saw SC at a corner behind my bench full of stuff. So I greeted her a wonderful good morning just like the random me, giving free hugs to her outside class corridor sometimes. Then I went back to arrange the trays containing my items. All of a sudden, I overheard a sigh and parts of Hmin’s conversation with SC saying it s not fair for her when IΒ  ignore her presence. Seriously, I smirk hah! I don’t do it on purpose, but this is the sort of drama u expect in most girl’s clique. My dearest princesses are just vying for all the attention and all makes me wanna hug the 6 of us together if only I have 2metres length of arm πŸ˜€

Therefore, I drop a sweet goodbye and wave crazily to Hmin before I left the lab, and it’s SC’s turn telling her I did not leave her out and chilling her jealousy. Such cute girls I ve got haha!!

Also, thanks FYP partner for being so irritating hahaha!!


Were chatting with serita&cheryl during a break from our case study project 2days ago. The topic is on how do u chooseur boyfriend? I kept mum, probably cause I already had one and I don’t have to choose. Love just come and I fell. As easy as that yet I can’t find the words to fully describe my feelings.

Moments ago at JE Mrt station, I boarded a stationary train carrying 15 apples on me and my schoolbag, standing at a corner. Then when the train was about to depart, two toddlers ran inside the train few seconds before the door closes on them and I could vaguely see the mother’s arm came in between the half closed doors and attempt to stretch her arms reaching for her kids.

I was in front of her but rooted to the ground, maybe because I knew the door would reopen again later to ensure it’s proper closure. However, the heartwarming part was a few foreigners (I am not judging nor stereotyping them, just guessing by their language, not outlook) rushes to the partially opened doors and held it for the mother as the toddlers try very hard to squeeze through the gap not even big enough for half of me to get through. The mother is desperately grabbing her kids by the arm using her own body to withstand the force of the closing doors. I almost believe the doors would have split her into half, one eyeball each side 😑

Because she looks as if she’s in agony. But I know her expression shows her love for her children. Love is obvious, maybe the woman is only a guardian for the kids! Who knows! One thing for sure is that she cares! Some mothers don’t.

And back to the main point, the few people who helped her were so relieved, I can hear them letting out a sigh. *phew* *sweats*

And now, I ve got a preference already. I prefer to love a person who’s willing to use himself to protect others, be at service to the people in needs. This made it sound like I would like to marry a priest. Definitely not! I can pat my chest, dare to say that I ve come across a few religious man, some adores God and reads the bible daily, some even swore they wanted a wife to be of a virtuous personality, very religious as well and sincere, lovely .. .the list goes on.

It’s alright. Nobody is perfect. God is. But some of these guys don’t just have high expectations for their ideal partner, they re not even practicing their vows and what they learn in the bible. Of course, I’m not expecting everyone to attend Sunday school.

They expect to find a perfect wife when they love to gossip, criticize, be mean, looking down on others and sarcastic, engage in cyber bullying, flaunt riches and etcetc.

Hold on, I am not criticising the disciples of God, just mentioning that people come from diverse cultural background and that we should embrace the fact that we re different. It is okay if one does not reach the standards of another. But I find the lack of compassion in people nowadays.

Yes!! Thats it. I want a man who is willing to rush to the middle of the road to save a lost child from passing cars. No, not only a lost child, anyone from any age groups can be vulnerable at times.

Who will be kind from the bottom of his heart. I don’t mind if he doesn’t pray to the holy, as long as he is not evil by heart. I virtually hate people who abuses their rights and inflict fear or pain on others by all means e.g. big bully D:

And I say virtually because these people are everywhere. There is a small probability I can ever avoid meeting a few in any settings. What is more, I have to socialize, not isolate myself due to the nature of my future career, I guess.

Have to make myself a -How to DEAL with Jerks guide-

At the same time, I ll learn to appreciate all the wonderful people we have in this world. People who are sacrificial and love the rest, not discriminate others because we (humans) are 99.9% the same.

Still, just like how I love my boyfriend for helping this little girl to reach for the basin to wash her hands at ECP, pick up things for kids and all.

I miss him :/ though I saw him last night ._.

Anyways, I am sooo happy, today is APPLE DAY! Hah! FYP FTW!!

Never ending

Love. Hahaha! I’m a happy kid! &I love my boyfriend so much! Though he gets annoying at times, but I ll forgive him on the account I am more of a spoilt brat than him 😑


We went to Jem last Sunday and have been meeting up daily ever since! How I love him&his gift for our phones. Sometimes I wonder.Β  ..am I too harsh on him?

Maybe I did. ..there re times I shout at him over the phone and he still talks to me patiently. But one thing for sure is that, he’s childish as hell and mature at the same time, it’s so driving me crazy. He jokes on anything and everything where he attempts to lighten up the mood abit, however failed badly and ended up spoiling my day. Sometimes things just dont work, sarcastic remarks simply don’t work for me. I get frustrating and insulted, I ll kill whoever I set eyes on D:

Anyway, i love him 😑