Meet the real captive-bred white tiger

I hate going to the zoo just to see caged animals. No freedom, only used captive for breeding intentions by the money minded organizations. These fellows has no heart! I don’t want to play a part in encouraging this!! Unless the animals are well taken care of, best let out into the wild or fully protected.

Tipped Ear Clan

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Save tigers from extinction – act here

(Background info for the action: Daily Mail 20070312: The factory farm tigers being turned into wine)

Meet Kenny, a captive-bred aka “bred by incest” white tiger.

This is the real face of the captive-bred white tiger, one of those that survives the high mortality rate, and among the commonly deformed captive-bred whiter tiger that gets shunted aside in favour of the “normal looking” white tiger.

Who made Kenny? Who made the “Royal White Tiger” and claimed it is an endangered species when it is in fact a product not of Nature, but a man-made concept called captive-breeding and genetic manipulation?

Will the REAL “Royal White Tiger” species please stand up?

As discussed on our White Tiger…

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Few minutes ago, I was walking from school laboratory to the train station with YC. Both of us were holding and munching on red Fuhi apples and chatting happily.

I don’t know why that reminds me of J. Everything looks the same with YC. In fact, I ve always wanted to tell YC that he’s behaving like J and that creeps me out alot!

Everything is the same. It is still NYP. It is still in the evening, after FYP at the Q6 laboratory. It s still fruits we’re doing on. Same to do with apples except that with J, it’s green. It’s the same smile and sincerity. Same location, same route. We ate lunch together. Except that the guy is different, and our labcoats.

He is YC, not J. I cannot put them together as one. Whatsmore, I don’t feel for this guy, I used to really like J. So much I thought we’d be together if he doesn’t give me enough personal space and time to reject him. I almost became his. So close yet so far.

I guess it’s good anyway. Good for him. I doubt I am deserving of his love and efforts. He’s so perfect. A fine promising young guy. But I was crippled and ruined by my past relationships and so not ready to love again. He picked me up. I can’t put all my gratitude into words except give him a big thank you so much.

I learned about sacrificial love and God’s love for us. I ve got so much to tell him. I wanted him to know that I am doing very very well. He’s given me a lot to remember. I can’t deny that I do miss him for the past year. But I am genuinely happy with everything and everybody 🙂

The charm necklace I still have it with me in a hidden place. He gave it to me to encourage me to move on from my pain and struggles. I got a scholarship later and went to pursue a degree after my Diploma.

He moved on to complete his national service. We didn’t keep in contact untill now. And I don’t know much about his plans or future endeavours.

Hopefully he’s doing good, and better than me by a million folds. All the best, old friend 🙂

Seen me at my worst

When we first met (my boyfriend and I), I am literally in my old home shorts and blue tattered shirt. Not that I do not like or enjoy being pretty. I m just a lazy bug. So, my hair was undone , not brushed or combed at all because even if I did, it’ll still be messy.

He was shocked to see me in these for the very first date. I m not sure what’s got into me, but just felt comfortable enough in my own skin. At that time, I ought to feel odd dressing up like this but I didn’t! (PS: I dress best when I am with my second ex)

Therefore, I m extremely pleased that none of my exes and him (my one and only love currently) is not happy about my appearance. Though the latter may have some issues with my face D:

I certainly don’t mind since he’ going to be stuck with me for life! Hah! Poor guy 😀

S.E.A Aquarium

Apologies for dragging my Tuesdaaaaaaaay until now. I was suppose to blog on my trip on a Tuesday few weeks ago. So Here they are!!

I can only describe this outing to Sentosa with Laoyi (double-date) in 4 words: Beautiful, Fun, Crazy and absolutely AMAZING!! (Alrighty, 5 words now)

It’s as if I am a huge fatty fish living underwater 😀 The world’s largest aquarium holding a Guinness record!! Read yourself!The admission fee is cheaper than visiting Universal Studio Sentosa (USS) per person! (Approximately 30-35 SGdollars)

[Available at this link: Aquarium Sentosa ]


This photo in the middle costs a BOMB HAHAHA! Sorry for a few pictures uploaded only. I’ll upload more soon *-*


I adjusted the exposure and saturation for most photo (filtering) for each collage. AND did not Photoshop any of the FISHES in the TANK. So no worries. Fishes still look like themselves in these photos.


And I wonder if Media corp wants to hire my sister and her boyfriend as a FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL PAPARAZZI. Because they like to take photos secretly but not discreetly  (as can be seen above, taking photos behind our backs!)


Ahh.. . I left out the Jellyfishes! HEHEEE


(These photos in the collage are not filtered)

Spot the non-jellyfish in disguise 😀

School Library (NYP)


I love doing homework in the library because the working area is so spacious after most recent renovation! I can stretch my feet or cross it in my comfort velvet chair. I even saw many people sleeping in this library hah! First picture shows my working at level 4 and the rest of the pictures show settings of level 5.


They got a mini cabinet for people to store bags or additional files 😀 The conference rooms are well-furnished, very Atas and cool! The lighting is so much better! But why is the place only getting better after I am in my graduating year? D:

I am so going to come to library everyday from now on until 9PM (closing time) and rush down to my boyfriend’s working place to have supper with him 😀


Witty Mischievous

To describe his personality to the fullest extent! Both my mommy and I were often told off by pap that we’re bad in communication. I totally hate it because that did not encourage me but pulled me down and drown me in a tub of salty vinegar juice D:

Don’t try too hard to imagine how that taste or feel like! Only people in my plight will get a taste of this, worse than bitter it is):


Then my boyfriend did that to me few days ago. We had a row because I poured excess zippo liquid on his favourite (more important than me) iPhone screen. And the liquid seep beneath the LCD and into the back of the phone causing a permanent stain. I did it purposely to test out the evaporation rate of the liquid.

Though he didn’t blow up or shout at me as expected, he DEMANDED me to make a trip down to the service centre at Paragon to make a replacement under warranty. The person behind the counter charge me a hefty sum of repair fee believing it to be tampered (around 395 bucks). So my boyfriend wanted me to reject the offer.

I went back to him feeling utterly upset and guilty. And suggest the liquid might dry off within a few days or so. Also, persuaded him to promise me not to discard or trade the phone away. I am already emotionally attached to the phone by then.

Never did I expect him to trade a new one at the exact same service centre few days later”!!! Just because he doesn’t like the small patch of shading (perfectionist) at the back of the screen D:

And I reprimand him about it due to me finding it a waste as the small patch is not an issue with me, also not interrupting the functionality of the iPhone5. I do know that he’s the user and he hates anything that doesn’t look nice under his perfect scrutiny.

The most annoying thing was that he retaliated immediately (I call it heart got ghost) saying because I suck at trying to communicate to the phone provider about the condition of the phone. And that he was better in this.

BETTER MY FOOT, BETTER HIS HEAD!! WHENEVER I thought of how he made that insult/hurting statement so casually simply makes my blood boil!!

*blood boiling*

I do appreciate his patience and thankful for him not angry with me because he loves me (taking it for granted though) but I hate it when he claim that I was clumsy, silly and reckless as an individual who is acquiring a degree(Hons) at the moment. He never fails to make me feel stupid!

He knows how to operate ice cream machines and drink dispenser, do repairing work for most of my body accessories (me too! Except I m a tad bit slower) Just because he got his technical section (hands-on) of his brain working well doesn’t mean I ll lose out!! D:

I want to win!! (Spoilt-brat mode turned on) I don’t care. *holds knife in hand*

-Awaiting chance-

2nd Part:

Earlier in the afternoon, I was told that I used the wrong verb in this post. I shall totally ignore that! Because I write what I like! D:




Pap wore my favourite flowery (from UK) slippers out often and I spoilt it thereafter my boyfried stepped on the back of my slippers many times.

Ended up, he bought me a new pair in Johor 😀 I chose the colour myself because I love blue! He doesn’t like it. He wants me to take the pink one. Hellooooo? It is me wearing not u 😡


I love it so much, I’m wearing it ever since. .

Am so excited to buying and wearing the same coloured contacts with my boyfriend soon! *cheesy*
Hmms, actually was thinking if we should just wear contrasting colours because I want Aqua bluue!
There wouldn’t be much chance left to wear multiple coloured contact lenses if I am 27 and beyond.

Firstly, my eyes would be more vulnerable to the side effects of wearing lenses. Secondly, it would be harder to persuade my man to wear pink contacts at the age of 27 unless he’s some dancer/model (even if so I doubt he ll be willing), thirdly, I will be in the professional working field where wearing cosmetic contacts are not encouraged. Lastly, I have an never ending to-do list to complete, so I have a deadline or timeline for almost every task/wish.

Pleasee my beloved guy, just wear pink. It will suit his pair of hazel brown eyes 😀 *loves*

Jar of Stars

My boyfriend broke my glass jar containing stars made by both of us. So he got me another one to compensate my loss.


He added more paper stars and a little note.


How sweet can he be? 😀
I requested it to be only half filled because partly it looks nicer, also, I want to fill it up myself 🙂


He made this during his working hours. ..awww  I miss u too! Heee
If only he knows how to make D.I.Y stuff. ..so that instead of buying meexpensive stuff,  Id rather we make our photo albums together. Make our own glasswares and ceramics, jewelleries with beads, probably he can teach me how to sew 😀


I love this jar so much! *-*