Stop being fussy about my hair length! My boyfriends nags me about cutting an inch or two of my hair few days ago. Oh please! I love shorter hair now, and I get to save hell loads of shampoo! 😀

My fringe is getting worst. I don’t even know if it’s bangs or what? And my bad hair day only make it seem worst. With my hair as dry as hay and sticking out of my head everywhere );

Thx for telling me my new hair looks nice on me or vice versa :p I miss my boyfriend a lot! Stop sleeping dude! Wake up&talk to me! *acting like a spoilt princess* Because I can now I’m with a prince *smirks*

I can do anything I want and not get judge! Even if he does.. .I ll not care 😡 He is mine already woohooo!!
I miss my Qad! Usually it s Qad day every TGIF, but herwhole class are busy max! I guess I just have to wait until she tells me if she’s free 😀

Today is thursday! &I am still on the train on my way to school though Im already late by an hour. ..


Amazing life with you :)


I sent this picture to my boyfriend a few days ago, to remind him that I am missing him all the time and I miss his hug the most. But apparently, he’s always the one who rejects me when I ask for a hug in the public. I understand your desire of not getting ‘stomp’ and trying to be as discreet as possible. But it hurts my feelings damn much. You care about your ‘face’ more than how I feel about you. Am I right to say so?

Anyway, I still love you very much and need your hug :<


I do understand my randomness. But I am amazing in my own way isn’t it? Look at how beautiful NYP library has turned into after a series of upgrading works. Now, it looks like a palace from the outside! Though interior of the library only became brighter and more sophisticated-like. Shall take more picture when I have the chance to!!


I must not skip this part. It means so much to me! Despite me and my boyfriend, we fought a lot about petty and minor stuff, we still love each other to the max. I often threaten him with breaking up as a form of punishment, and he’ll usually revenge on me with all sorts of his violent behaviour. This picture shows our trip to the EASTCOASTPARK! AWESOME! We decided to visit this place after we’re done with WESTCOASTPK. This place is so romantic for camping and fishing activities. Awwww~ What I love the most is that I get to see his sunshine smile under the sunning clear blue sky!! And please don’t carry me about again, I know you’re strong enough, you’ve proven that long ago .__. So I found out that my boyfriend has got phobia with bicycles too!! :D:D We’re match-made in heaven isn’t it? 😀 I’ve got sore-throat for the entire week, so he tried very hard to avoid treating me IIIIIIIIICE CREAAAAAM yums~ Too bad, I’m just irresistible :p After much pestering and acting affectionate.. . YAY I won, he gave in to my request :D:D I even took 1.20SGD from him to get myself a mango-flavoured chewy sticks.  We make out under the sun.. .on the beach.. .sandy sand.. . YES I WROTE MAKE OUT 😀    He taste damn fine 🙂 Then we get to walk around in the sea BUT LAST WARNING HOR!! Don’t even attempt to put me into the water you arsehole. After the beautiful sunset setting, He brought me to chompchomp in a taxi! AND pamper me with sumptuous mouth-watering FOODIES 😀 I love how mutton satay taste so good (Thanks to QAD for exposing me to mutton satay long ago) and him skipping beef satay just because of me  ❤  Omg, I hate the cockles very much, it’s so bloody. But I love the rest! Sharing food with him is bliss. Spending quality time together with him is bliss. Being with him is bliss :):) I manage to catch the last train home after that. We strolled around Serangoon gardens and it’s the first time I find that this place is kind of lively after the sun sets.


This supper happens around midnight at TCC (located at International Building) opposite the SHAW. I am with Regina& my BOYFRIEND 😀 He ordered himself a raspberry fizzy drink and I took it instead :p I hate my mocha flavour chocolate with floating chips >:  Ended up, I took several slices of salmon from Gina’s plate & my boyfriend gave all his to me 😦 Thanks so much! LOVE CHA *Cuddles*  After which, we had a wonderful dessert called the  IFORGOT GOSH ): But it’s made of chocolate with oozing lava and the texture tasted like spongy marble cake except that it’s so sweet I almost have a tooth ache.  We waited for a 7 minutes longer adding to the 15 minutes we waited due to the failed first attempt of serving a perfect dessert. Overall, the meal was so delicious& tasty 🙂 Thanks to my BAOBEI BOYFRIEND 🙂 Though Gina hated him for paying that 106SGD .__.


I made these at home (BL) for my very own consumption. It is of mango flavoured and not decorated with any fruit toppings. I love it the way it is, naturally sweet and carrageenan is cooling for my tummy 🙂 I chew on them day and night while hogging on my cell chit-chatting with my yummy boyfriend 😀


Today, straight after my meeting with my FYP Supervisor, I am superb happy due to his encouraging comments. And I remember the courage and suppork my boyfriend gave me, telling me I am his most clever BAOBEI ever *blush* So I went over to his workplace to surprise him, only to find him sitting on a stool in his cramped shop, cradling his head in his palms for comfort due to extreme stress from work. Sighhhh.. .my pooooooooor boy :< So I requested for a hug which later got rejected T.T In order to please me again, he got me drinks and my favourite cheena spicy vegetable dishes as my dinner 😀 Other than me always trying to get outside the shop and roam about for a few moments.. .Then we sat in the shop and enjoy a few pieces of roasted duck it seems with gloves on. Sexy isn’t he? Look at his slim, long, sturdy fingers.. . *mesmerised* OKAYOKAY *slaps myself* We took turn to bite into each other’s food, sharing skin and bones, gnawing on all the remains until there’s nothing left. So sorry if I made it sounded like as if we’re the seventh month hungry ghost, but I just can’t digest the fact that he loves chewing on bones too, just like meee~ *crazily in love* Around close to 10pm, we left the shop and set down to some ulu place along Chinatown road after shopping around the nearby streets to have our supper. He ordered a plate of HORFUN (MY FAV because he asked me what I wanna eat), always so considerate and lovely to me ~ 😀


This boyfriend of mine is very into me. I can feel it -.- -.- -.- Sometimes, it gets so obvious and intense, my hair on my arms will stand on it’s end. We’re so close physically, I don’t think there’s anything privacy left between us. What I meant was.. .He noticed pimples (pus filled growing bumps at the back of my knee) glowing red and about to bursting before I sat down to ‘enjoy’ my HORFUN (I was too full then). And he volunteered to help me squeeze it without my consent -.-    We got the tissue from this poor old man selling tissue around our eating place. I was staring wide-eyed at his direction while he’s begging for money in exchange for his tissues.  People surrounding us ignored him. I felt a pinch of pity, sadness IDK but I see my future in him. What will become of me when I grow old? Then my boyfriend tugs a 2 dollar note in my palm and so I stand and went up to him, stuffing the note in his hand. My boyfriend is so kind :< But the old man is so.. . PITIFUL ):


Anyway, long story short, he attempted to squeeze my pimples at the back of my knee in the public without caring that I am screaming and pushing him away with all my available strength. IT HURTS LIKE HELL.  AS IF I AM GIVING BIRTH TO PIMPLES FROM MY KNEES. BECAUSE I DOUBT HE IS SQUEEZING MY PIMPLES. HE IS PINCHING MY PIMPLES YEEEEOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! I almost died from all that instant excruciating sharp pain ): TWICE!! BECAUSE THE PIMPLES DECIDES TO BECOME TWINS ):

And the most ‘encouraging’ and ‘romantic’ sentence he told me while squeezing my pimples was:

1) No use struggling or screaming , if the pus is not out, you’re not going home tonight

2) It ll be gone as fast as a lightning, errr approximately one minute I guess << FUCK one minute is 60 HOLY SECONDS FUCK!!!

3)  If you don’t get rid of it now, you’ll have to amputate your legs in the future (I CAN SEE HIM trying to HIDE HIS SIDE GRIN)

4) All the more you move about, I’ll only end up pinching all your delicate flesh and not THE PIMPLE (FUCK!! I don’t even want you to touch me!!! Let alone my FLESH)

5) Those are not pimples!! Those are congregated mass of solid DIRT under your SKIN because you didn’t BATHE!! (FUCK HIM OKAY, I bathe daily!!)

Blahblahblah, I got so angry because the pain felt like he tore off a few strands of my blood vessels from my thighs ): I got on off cramps and was limping already by the time  we leave the supper place. We didn’t even try DURIAN ): I never had durians since years ago ): He carried all my jacket and school bag for me .. .and act hero wishing he can piggyback me too. WISHFUL THINKING! I am not disabled. Don’t you ever take me for a weakling for a single second! Though he said I’m a sisssy for being afraid of squeezing pimples from a sensitive spot on me. HEY!! ITS NOT FAIR!! HIS STRENGTH IS MORE LIKE PINCHING SALT okay! pinching salt on my inflamation pimple wound ): Enough!! Since he apologized. Apology accepted because I love him 😀

Ended up I skipped home with one leg up like a flamingo ALONE. :/ My poor boyfriend only slept 3 hours last night because he accompanied me until I am half done with my FYP proposal! As of now,. I am officially not slping for more than 30 hours.. .*hallucinations*

Whats more, he’s just acting like as if he’s my husband already -.- Treating me like his wife, no privacy at all. URGH!! My toes and knees are my triple sensitive spots. STAY AWAY! *plant -keep out- sign* all over the place!!!


This is my phone background photo. I love hugging him like that. Since I am just nice the height slightly above his shoulders. The most comfortable spot on earth and in heaven to rest on :D:D I just love hugging him like that!! MY cell password is his LAST NAME :p

And my lovely birthday present!! I AM STILL WEARING IT EVERYDAY!


Let me sleep first… ..


I am so overwhelmingly happy 🙂 My meeting with my supervisor was a success! He complimeted me alot on my edited draft of protocol:D though I still lack of information here&there, got the assay wrongly, but I was able to understand his requirements& Dr Lina’s idea about this FYP. Yaaaay, totally worth my effort for staying up the whole night! I may not be the best student around. .curently am holding a borderline second upper hons. But I must not slack. This sem’s timetable is cool! I only get to attend lecture 3 days a week until january! But this also means that more independent study, 80% examinations, data-collection for FYP& reduced partoh time with my beloved boyfriend&Qad! However, I still believe I can make time for my loved ones, they dont know how much themselves meant to me. *stretch out open arms wide* I looove all of my loved ones deeply! Now I shall take this time to accompany my boyfriend while he’s working 😡  Who knows? Probably I know how to do it in the future! &today, I met Jiehua, my new tutor to temporary replace Dr meiyen! Sighh, I miss her so much! But Jiehua is awesome! She told me a lot of things abt networking with NUS people to get a job. It’s the real world just as Laode described 😀 &she’s sweet&charming! Just like MY! She smiles alot! &she don’t look like a stressful phd student! She’ll be graduating soon after she submitted her thesis next Monday. She was the one who taught me to stay cheerful about school. Her supervisor told her that it is our own choice to take on this challenging course! I must face it no matter what! No more avoiding man! Yaaaay, my lovee! Here I am! Tadaaah! *muacks* Going to surprise him again at his workplace!


This is it. I can forget but I’ll never forgive. I hate him more and more each day. Many secrets remain hidden.  I’ve got no energy left to explore that dark side of his. I cannot say I don’t mind his past.  I am not really bothered by his past if it does not concern my future. Definitely,  I’ll not press him for details if he’s not very comfortable to tell me. BUT I’LL NEVER accept BETRAYAL at all. No matter when it happened or if it’ll affect me in anyway. Of course it does! AFFECT me forever emotionally! 

Sometimes talking to him makes me feel like I’m just nothing. I don’t mean anything to him. He is just too mysterious for me to understand. Too dark, too intense. His behaviour can be peculiar to me. I don’t get it if he’s too shy, or too quiet, or just thinking of something. Our communication break down at times. I cannot deny that I am easily distracted, frustrated or annoyed most of the time. His attitude turns me off to the max. We don’t suit. I tried my best. I dare not say that I treat him the best (He may have more lovers treating him better).

I am so sick of driving myself up the wall. Coming to a dead end eventually. What is the future I am anticipating? Where is the happiness I sought for since long ago. What went wrong? The sun hasn’t died. As long as I still have my last breath, I’ll never allow myself to be silly and ignorant. I must take good care of myself emotionally. Blowing up my top because of something I don’t know doesn’t make sense. So it’s either I go find out what is it about to calm my soul. Or I’ll just forget everything including him.  


I look down on myself. I am becoming like my mommy. 真的不想再跟他伸手要钱了. Why am I so greedy& not independent? My boyfriend has no responsibility for my finance. I should stop making it a habit to ask for money be it a few bucks or a few hundreds. I am the worst person on earth!


Except for the bitter gourd soup (I cooked it), the rest are from my mommy to me!! With loves! I love it when people cook for me, I love being pampered 😡 Just like the people who cooked for me before: Elsa, Ching, Budd& Mommy!! (Tell me if I left u out)


And I was browsing my 3000+ childhood photos yesterday& found out I was indeed more adorable when I’m younger. I grow up to become an uglier person 😦 To be fair enough, my boyfriend’s childhood photo is up here too *winks*