Fiona’s Sun in Libra — bz’s Sun in Virgo

Libra is too lighthearted and shallow for Virgo’s taste. Libra enjoys spending money, going to parties, and being the center of attention. Virgo criticizes and makes Libra feel unloved. Libra may tap Virgo’s hidden sensuality but their personalities are altogether too different for real compatibility. Virgo will try to curb and dominate Libra’s fickle and outer-directed nature. Virgo is reserved and practical, and Libra views this as a personal rebuff. Libra will soon drift away in search of more fun-loving companions.

Trine fiona Sun / bz Mars – 01°50′ This energy filled combination is excellent for relationships of all kinds. Couples with this aspect in their chart are likely to be very supportive of each other. Both of you can depend on receiving a good dose of support when chasing your personal ambitions. A friendly competitive spirit is likely to push both of you to not only reach your goals, but exceed them. And if all of the above isn’t enough, this aspect indicates a strong sexual attraction in romantic relationships.

Square bz Sun / fiona Moon – 03°45′ This aspect is likely to cause serious personality clashes. The lack of harmony in this combination is tremendous. It’s likely that much energy will be wasted bickering and fighting over even the pettiest of choices. This aspect requires a number of positive aspects to counter its negative influences. It is definitely not a combination that promotes domestic harmony. Indeed, your ideas of how life should be lived are so at odds with one another that you might find yourself feeling like an alien in your own home.

Trine fiona Moon / bz Venus – 04°17′ This aspect has almost every influence that fosters successful romantic relationships. Sexual attraction should be strong and long lasting. You both love to share time together. Emotionally you are usually in sync which keeps your relationship well balanced and harmonious. You treat each other with respect and kind heartedness.

Trine fiona Moon / bz Saturn – 06°45′ While not an indicator of a great romance, the influences of this combination are ideal when addressing life’s day to day responsibilities. Knowing that you can rely on each other to get things done creates a healthy sense of security and stability. Overall this is an excellent aspect for long term relationships of any kind.

Sextile bz Sun / fiona Mercury – 01°40′ Good communication, the ability to face challenges as a team, and a sound understanding of one another’s goals and ambitions are the gifts this aspect brings to your union. When problems arise they are likely to be resolved easily. Domestic harmony and the security of knowing you always have an ally close at hand make this a marvelous aspect to have in your chart.

Square fiona Mercury / bz Saturn – 01°19′ This aspect can be an indicator of rockiness in all types of relationships. Some the challenges you are likely to face are negativity, jealousy, stodginess, resentment and excessive criticism. Effective communication will be difficult to establish. In fact it could be so bad that you often look at each other and wonder who they are. This is an aspect that requires other positive aspects to negate its negative influences.

Sextile fiona Mercury / bz Uranus – 02°23′ Development of a lively, long term friendship that could easily transform into a healthy romance is indicated by this aspect. The key forces behind this influence are creativity and excellent communication. Staying in sync as a couple is easy for you. The creative powers each of you brings to the relationship are enhanced by your union. This is an excellent aspect for long term relationships of all kinds.

Conjunction bz Moon / fiona Venus – 03°01′ This combination indicates a very powerful sexual and romantic connection. You seem to have an instinctive understanding of the other’s emotional self which creates a very harmonious domestic setting. Sharing with one another comes easily and there is a very strong desire to please one another. This is a marvelous combination for close relationships of any kind, and a true blessing for romances and marriages.

Square bz Mercury / fiona Venus – 03°26′ This aspect can be very challenging to a long term romantic relationship. A sound understanding of each other’s feelings is undermined by poor communication. While you may appear to be insensitive to each others feelings, the real difficulty is that often you don’t have any idea how the other is thinking or feeling.

Sextile fiona Venus / bz Jupiter – 03°04′ You are likely to have a strong spiritual connection that will go a long way in creating a harmonious, stable environment in which your relationship can grow. As a couple you may be moved to address social and spiritual issues. Enduring, fulfilling relationships can be built from this combination.

Trine bz Moon / fiona Mars – 05°02′ Under this influence sexual attraction is likely to be strong. It also favors sharing, harmony and a willingness to distribute tasks evenly. You should be able to work well together, and will provide each other with solid support for individual advancement. While this influence doesn’t promise a romantic connection, it certainly adds elements to your chart that will enhance any couples love life.

Sextile fiona Mars / bz Jupiter – 04°59′ This is an action oriented aspect that favors long term relationships. You share many of the same interests and are likely to be very interested in social and/or spiritual issues, which may lead to activism. You’re likely to be an adventurous couple who enjoy experiencing the world firsthand.

Opposition fiona Mars / bz Uranus – 02°33′ This aspect doesn’t favor relationships of any kind. Power struggles are likely to be a constant result of this influence and make cooperation impossible. The willingness to compromise may be nonexistent. This combination creates so much friction that marriages under its influence are often marked by an endless string of fights which end in divorce.

Conjunction bz Venus / fiona Jupiter – 01°07′ This aspect is not a strong indicator of a romantic connection, but it does suggest that a number of traits favorable to a fulfilling romance do exist. You enjoy each other’s company and share many of the same interests. Generally you respect one another and treat each other with kindness and consideration. Long term relationships of all kinds are favored by this aspect. As a couple you should be popular in your social crowd and prosper financially.

Trine bz Sun / fiona Uranus – 04°07′ This combination can put the spark in almost any relationship! A zest for life, playfulness and shared desire to explore and grow as individuals as well as a couple make this aspect a true gem. Since this aspect promotes creative thinking and the pursuit of new experiences your life together should rarely if ever suffer periods of stagnation. This combination is a true blessing to those in a long term romantic relationship.


Him II

Not frightened by the unknown, death. He has a peaceful and happy end. Natural and late death. Possible inheritance.Intensity is what you seek in your love relationships, so that casual encounters are not necessarily your game. You are easily bored with mechanical interactions between partners, and might prefer drama in your relationships to anything mundane or superficial. However, you also fear being vulnerable in love, and, in youth, you may control your emotions in love. Fears of being betrayed may be at the heart of your somewhat jealous and possessive nature in love. When you give yourself over to love, you love wholeheartedly and expect all-consuming, total devotion and attention in return. You find passion a healing force in your life. Your charm runs deep–just below the surface. You are attracted to all that is taboo, hidden, forbidden, and find beauty in the broken, disenchanted, obsessed, and passionate. In some cases, people with this position might make a business out of love, romance, and eroticism. There is an intensity about you that others pick up readily. Either they run or they are completely intrigued! 

Quick decisions, he has a lot of things on his plate and wants to climb the social ladder. He will succeed through phenomenal work-rate. Stormy family life, where his aggressiveness shows itself. He refuses to accept any guidance. He lacks forethought, acts impulsively and sometimes imprudently, which can cause problems. He wants everything yesterday and uses whatever means necessary to achieve his objectives, even if they are dishonest or not very commendable. His emotional life is fraught with quarrels and sometimes violent conflicts. He attracts the most good fortune when he is helpful, honest, orderly, and pays attention to details. The service industries, nutrition, and health are prosperous avenues. Practical and technical knowledge and skills are most valued. A real problem solver and others appreciate his help. Doesn’t always feel lucky or especially ambitious. Rather, hard work is valued. He makes a good marriage, with a useful partner who helps to bring success if only by her advice. He never goes outside the bounds of legality. He knows what’s going on at a glance. He thirsts after knowledge, and is a good organizer. He is very independent, likes his freedom of action, is a non-conformist. He is very agreeable company and is always in demand. He is very generous and altruistic, helping people in difficulty or sick people. He knows how to listen or, at least, how to give that impression. He is a dreamer, with lots of imagination: he likes the Arts. He likes to direct, is intelligent and is an organizer of the first order.

He likes quiet and solitude above everything. He looks for work (or can work) alone, without being bothered. He hates chatting, outside noises. He is serious, sober, thoughtful, pays attention to detail. He likes to be with older people. A great battler. He has so much power, that one thinks nothing can defeat him. His mission in society, in the world means everything to him. His freedom is important to him, even with regard to friends. These are extravagant, original, intellectual. They are not from the same background and have a different up-bringing.

He is discerning, wise and sensible. Friendships are unselfish, and often wants to belong to a group of like-minded people. He uses all his energy to succeed professionally. He has a good sense of organization and authority. He imposes his will by force, violence. 

The arts can be a source of income. His faith in the universe to provide may be helpful or difficult, depending on the overall condition of the second house. When the condition of the second is favorable, easy success in professional life thanks to intelligence, ingeniousness and a few friends. Heis careful with money without being miserly, because he is generous.

Straightforward in speech. Lively intelligence. He is ambitious. He is always ready for any initiative requiring change or novelty. Sometimes, this position suggests an only child, or competitiveness amongst siblings. Makes a good father. Likes to be at home, with the little family for company. Appreciates comfort, peace and quiet, and simple but good food!. Takes care of what he possesses wisely. Likes to please: He can spend hours in the bathroom, preparing to go out, in the hope of meeting someone to dazzle. Likes interminable discussions with friends. Likes jobs in contact with the public. Weak point: the stomach.Marriage for love, based on confidence, honesty, sincerity.Small inheritances. Happy old age, natural death. Likes justice, honesty, loyalty. Make good lawyers. Likes professions that involve a certain risk. Those in the police field are recommended. He likes to investigate. He is curious by nature, takes risks and fights to succeed.Loves above all travel, adventure and friends are often from abroad.Disappointments are difficult to digest, the bitterness can last a long time before he is able to react positively.

Him I

Couldn’t believe my eyes, oh my goodness! Look at this! What is shown below describes my lover:

You take pride in your ability to negotiate, and to establish harmony in your relationships. It is important to you to have a partner, as you feel incomplete without one. You are motivated to become well-liked, and you are especially sensitive to rejection. One of the lessons in your life may be to avoid putting harmony and others’ opinions of you above your own needs. Use your social skills and seek out peaceful relations with others, but try not to over-identify with your partnerships and the way you are received by others. You may marry someone with a strong personality.

It is natural for you to question tradition. You are, above all things, an individualist. You naturally rebel against that which is established. It doesn’t mean that you consistently break all the rules, but you definitely do question some of the rules, especially those that simply don’t make much sense. You possess a huge distaste for routine. You work best when you have some say as to when and how you get things done. You possess much self-integrity. You avoid labeling people and are most offended when others attempt to label or stereotype you. You easily embrace new ways of doing things, you stick up for the underdog, and you express yourself in unique and inspiring ways. You don’t have to try to stand out as unique–you are original, creative, and progressive without trying. You are far from pretentious. You value honesty and truth, and you avoid putting on airs. You believe in the equality of people, and easily relate to people from all walks of life. You possess an unmistakable enthusiasm about life, and generally your life is interesting because you invite unusual or adventurous experiences into your life. You are generally appreciated by others because you are open-minded, fair, and not judgmental. Nothing really seems to faze you! You take things in stride, and are rarely shocked or taken aback by human behavior. 

There is an unmistakably dreamy, inspired, and sensitive side to you. A marked appreciation for music and the arts is present. The connection of Neptune with the Sun, which represents the ego and the will, certainly softens some of the hard edges that might be found elsewhere in the chart, adding a sensitive and spiritual dimension to your personality. You are naturally compassionate. It is so completely natural for you to accept that there is more to the world than what is before your eyes, that you tend to presume everyone must be spiritually-inclined. Of course, you come to realize that this is not the case at some early point in your life. Your attraction to spirituality and metaphysical subjects is usually marked. These aspects favor writers, artists, and musicians. You are sensitive to those who are suffering, although you are not usually taken advantage of. You are humanitarian and may have a special connection with animals. If other aspects and positions in the chart support it, you are not one to dominate others or assert yourself to the point of brashness. You have a fertile imagination, are full of inspiration, and very emotional – all qualities that you may use on the professional level. 

Courageous, brave, independent, not a fearful nature. The type of man who is attracted to sensual erotic women.

Highly imaginative. Prolonged studies, is intuitive. Professionally successful abroad, or in import-export or as a diplomat. Contact with foreigners. Long journeys. Ability to learn foreign languages.This is a position that can indicate a deep longing for stimulation above and beyond the everyday, mundane routine. You are a philosophical sort, interested and curious about the world, other people, and perhaps different cultures. You can be extremely restless and discontented if you don’t have a definite goal in mind. You might find yourself longing to be somewhere else when you are unhappy, imagining that if you were to move or travel, you would be much happier. However, this attitude can only keep you from enjoying and improving upon the situation you are now in, only serving to make you feel more unhappy in the present and with your current circumstances. Trying to avoid the attitude that “the grass is greener on the other side” will be important, while attending to your needs to get away from time to time will help scratch the seemingly incurable itch for something more.

He is generally pleasantly composed, due to an inner sense of harmony and emotional balance. He is optimistic–and realistically so, most of the time–which contributes to his overall “luck”. He is able to get a real perspective on emotional matters that not only benefits his outlook, he is able to offer support to others when needed. Broad-mindedness is a wonderful characteristic. Quick to find humor in situations, he is generally warm and fun to be around. Deep down, he believes in the basic goodness of people and of life in general, and this basic and natural attitude helps him to attract positive circumstances and to make good connections. One of his best qualities is tolerance. Usually, he doesn’t take life too seriously in the sense that he believes in having a bit of fun. His hunches are more often than not bang-on.He is frank, honest, optimistic and generous. He likes good cooking, his comforts. His friendships are sincere. He is a worker and knows how to surround himself with the right people: He is appreciated at work.

He is unhappily influenced by the family. He is probably loved insufficiently by his parents, but looks for more love especially from his mother. He is susceptible, has superficial sensitivity and is sometimes irascible.

He has a sense of family, profound feelings and especially likes children. If there are changes in his professional life, they are for the better.

He wants to know the bottom line, and is good at scoping out a situation and finding answers to problems. In fact, he is a problem-solver, and will spend a lot of time helping others solve problems if need be. Very friendly and usually positive, he can be charming in a warm way. Enthusiastic speaker, speaks with authority and sincerity. Great sense of organization. Playful. Likes to take risks in jest and for amusement. Might sometimes come across too strongly or offend sensitive folk with a somewhat authoritative tone.

Hates being alone. He has lots of friends, likes to discuss and similarly has a lot of work friends. Likes to write.You have a great love of debate, if only to get closer to your own thoughts and opinions. Bouncing ideas off others helps you to make a decision, although coming to definite conclusions can be painfully difficult for you. You see the other side of the coin. You might often play devil’s advocate. Communication with a partner is craved, and you also love an audience for your own thoughts and opinions, but preferably a one-person audience, as you come alive verbally when it’s one-on-one. You can be quite skilled at keeping a partnership animated and alive with interesting tidbits, new ideas, and stimulating conversation. You can easily become bored in partnership if the lines of communication go down, even temporarily. You might also love to talk about and analyze relationships and marriage.

He may criticize and gossip, arguing frequently and ofen nervous. Without even realizing it, he might look for or instigate a verbal battle, and is provoking.Communication is very important to you, and your mind is sharper and more creative when you have a partner you can bounce your thoughts and ideas off of. You are an excellent conversationalist and can fascinate your partners with your sharp mind. You love to debate issues just for the mental exercise, even if you don’t feel strongly about the position you argue! You play devil’s advocate often, and your ideal partner understands that your debates are, in fact, mental exercises–certainly not attacks! You are also prone to exaggerate or stretch the truth when trying to make your point, especially when it comes to your own background or experience. In your close relationships, your partner serves as a mirror, reflecting your thoughts and ideas back to you from a different perspective. You are rather independent and will not allow anyone to restrict your freedom, but you love to talk things out before arriving at a decision. Truth is, you won’t always take others’ advice! However, you do enjoy looking at problems from all sorts of different perspectives. You may choose partners who are considerably younger than you, or who are not as academically smart as you. Conversations with you are always stimulating and lively. The ability to share your thoughts with a partner is vital to your sense of fulfillment in a close personal relationship.

He has no specific aim in life. He frequently changes jobs, is unstable but likes change, which gives him the feeling of living intensely.

Our birth charts


Inter-planetary aspects

The following aspects between planets concern the possible relationships between two charts: especially the emotional and romantic relationship, but also aspects on social, intellectual and spiritual levels.

160 Sextile Sun – MercuryPositive aspect: They are able to solve problems when they put their heads together. Respect for each other’s intelligence. Good understanding between the two persons and intellectual interests in common. Similar or harmonious type of curiosity. 

135 Conjunction Venus – JupiterPositive aspect: This union is likely to be completely successful. A couple that is happy to be alive, and to live together, with a pleasant family and home, total confidence in each other (and with reason), intellectual understanding, similar tastes. There is a strong desire to make each other happy. You enjoy each other’s company immensely and you put each other in a happy mood. You make each other laugh and you feel very open, loose, and jovial around each other. Forgiveness and graciousness characterizes your partnership.

-122 Square Mercury – SaturnNegative aspect: Mercury will find it difficult to tolerate Saturn because Saturn seems to be critical of Mercury’s ideas. Mercury complains that Saturn is too practical and unimaginative.

119 Trine Sun – MarsPositive aspect: Pure sexual attraction can unite the couple. They feel as if they have an ideal partner. They will be energetic, full of life and can undertake things together on a professional level or travel together on adventurous, unpredictable journeys. They respect each other’s goals and drives, and don’t stand in the way of their attempts to achieve their goals. Their body rhythms match well, and they share a basic physical bond that is hard to break. Energizing.

65 Conjunction Venus – PlutoPositive aspect: Great passionate affair, very intense and transforming. They feel that the relationship forces them to grow.

-65 Opposition Mars – NeptuneDifficult aspect: It’s too easy for this relationship to end up becoming manipulative and frustrating. You may find that you have a hard time accomplishing much on a practical level when you are together, because you tend to enjoy spending leisure time together. A difficult union that can succeed, but could involve some distancing and dishonesty. Be very careful to be honest with each other, as deceptions have a way of coming to the light and great disappointments are possible as a result.

58 Sextile Jupiter – PlutoPositive aspect: A possible union. Your belief systems change and evolve as the result of your relationship. Look at the other aspects to interpret exactly.

57 Trine Sun – UranusPositive aspect: The Sun person will be enriched by this relationship with Uranus, which will lead to the discovery of a new world, original and full of change. They will go well together, but the Uranus person may resist marriage, at least on a formal level. In some cases, the relationship works better when the bond is not formalized, simply for the sake of the Uranus person’s sense of freedom.

-50 Opposition Mars – UranusNegative aspect: They make each other impatient and easily frustrate each other. The sexual attraction is unique and powerful at first, seeming to arise suddenly and unexpectedly. However, it is a temperamental attraction and can leave just as suddenly. Erratic responses to each other.

35 Trine Mars – PlutoPositive aspect: Enormous physical passion. The sexual attraction is intense and insistent. They want to be around each other as much as possible. Their sexual relationship evolves with time, instead of dissolves.


其实很多时候, 只要看你一眼 我就跟满足了。我知道我的任性和刁蛮让你很难受也很内疚。 就算你忙着工作,我也同样吵着要你陪,和我一起玩。 那是因为我真的很爱你。想要全天跟你粘在一起,不管怎么样赶我,我打死不会离开!誓死相守 😀


He ll never know he had such great capabilities to make me happy&loved in so many little ways, I think he ought to get an award for being such a wonderful boyfriend.

It s gonna be his 21st this coming Monday. Instead of making me busy by requesting for many grand birthday celebrations, he simply wants to invite Elsa&Dan for a joyous double date! &promised to treat us all at the gardens by the bay place. I guess his money drop drop drop from the sky!

But all he ever said was to show his gratitude to Elsa for taking good care of me and the treat might be once in a lifetime chance, he felt that the money would be well-spent. I know generosity is a virtue. However, food in MBS is too pricey for us low income people to enjoy. I was so stressed out by his thought of spending money I cried out loud over the phone.

Seriously, I myself spend money on my family&friends sometimes  feeling happier than ever. Why would I stop him from being nice to my friends? Because he never treat my Qad D: He knows her since 4 years ago! I am super angry when people don’t acknowledge my Qad I wonder if she’s coping now.. .I miss her so much! My holiday spent in mommy’s resort makes it hard for me to drop by Qad’s home sweet home any moment I wish to.

I have to give Qad another appraisal but the list would be never ending. Because she was the one who spent her life with me, experiencing all the good&bad of our relationship and yet. ..tadaaah, still here ON MY SIDE 😀 I am more than grateful! As if she is my life saviour! Loooves*

*Extremely liking to the extent I cant live without her

You re the Gem

Not me. Thanks for telling me: 我是你在人群中找到的宝,值得你等待:D

Today I had a bad misunderstanding with my coolest boyfriend in a shopping mall. I thought he abandoned me for work, I had way too negative thoughts, in fact, I am a spoilt brat. I am too possessive and demanding, moody and picky, with the worst temper ever. Why am I like that? D:

And yet,my boyfriend is patient and tolerant towards me. Though I had second thoughts on us, &sometimes I prefer to be alone&bottle things up. He knws when I am frustrated or angry, he always knows I needed to talk to feel well again. He’s my soulmate and a devil I so ever love. That is the difference between him and J. Not that I enjoy comparing, but I have to tell myself I do love my boyfriend and he doesnt have to be like the ever gentle & thoughtful J who used to be an Angel to me. The devil I am with now is a guardian and a protector. He seals me with promises of love&eternity. I need him&him&him only, not any other guys even if they re of better personalities.

I must not be a spoilt princess ;/ Thanks to Brandon anyway, for telling my boyfriend that I’m the prettiest girl he had ever seen &so many others who told me I am beautiful in my own way. At least this way, I wouldnt feel ugly and have low self esteem, making myself miserable.

A big thank u to my beloved BF for being understanding&so in love with me 😀

My outing to iFly was so fun! Elsa’s uncle is so cute! He s going to Germany to try parachuting next week! He’s my inspiration! And this afternoon I gave him a treat, he s so happy, he purrs thankkkkeeeww Fiona to me in a kitty voice hah!

Lastly, only my boyfriend say such things to me.. .so adorable!


1. 你耍自閉就是在打擊我

2. 不要在發動機車前有感而發:妳好像變重了!?

3. 不要常常天亮才睡,然後睡到傍晚再起來。

4. 我不吃冰的東西不全代表MC來了

5. 可以不要經常說:妳到底會什麼?

6. 吃東西太快的時候,不要一副被嚇到的樣子。

7. 吃東西太慢的時候,不要很不耐煩

8. 不要付錢很大方,回家只吃泡麵(現在男女平等,你不需要幫我出錢)。

9. 可以去參加聯誼,但是不要以為我什麼都不知道。

10. 能不能在夜歸時打電話跟我報個平安。

11. 下雨天騎車盡量穿雨衣,走路盡量撐傘。

12. 不要因為你的理想和目標而拋下我。

13. 煙酒可以盡量避免嗎?

14. 別把心事都悶在心裡不說出來讓我知道。

15. 問什麼都說:沒事啦,妳不要亂想。

16. 不一定什麼東西都要加辣吧。

17. 我會在意你的穿著,是因為關心,不是因為好面子。

18. 對兄弟哥倆拔刀相助時,能不能偶爾想到我。

19. 可以不要在加班或是熬夜時就六親不認嗎?

20. 生病看醫生不是丟臉的事情,病假不只是用來消曠課

21. 穿新衣服的時候不要說我怎麼又去逛街!

22. 常常穿同一件衣服請不要說:怎麼又穿這一件?

23. 看美女我可以理解,但是不要太熱切跟我討論。

24. 我會每秒鐘都想著你,你要接受這個事實。

25. 你不說話的話,我會直覺你是在生氣。

26. 不要太直言直語,縱然你的個性就是這樣。

27. 為什麼你會害怕讓你生活裡的人知道我是你女朋友?

28. 可以每天洗澡、換上乾淨的衣服嗎?

29. 不要總是一個人悶著頭去完成一件事情。

30. 我也會有男性朋友。

31. 別常常做出令人不安的事情。

32. 要適時的表達感覺,否則我會以為你不愛我了。

33. 運動完不要用袖口擦汗。

34. 不要覺得搭公車是很俗的行為。

35. 交通不是永遠那麼糟糕,下次遲到的話可以換個理由嗎?

36. 不要對我包包或手機上的掛飾感到幼稚。

37. 走路比你慢的時候,不要轉過頭來很煩躁的要我走快一點

38. 我說想減肥,不要直覺回答:那是不可能的。


40. 依賴是因為信任你,溫柔是只有對你。

41. 沒事卻打電話給你,是因為我在想你。


43. 多用語言表達自己的想法和感受,我們會相處得更好。

44. 我不是愛聽花言巧語,但是你也不要太一針見血。

45. 不要嫌我矮。

46. 可以不要過度排斥認識我的朋友們嗎?

47. 想知道你前女友是怎樣的人,是因為我希望更了解你。

48. 我會想到未來的事情,不是因為我愛作夢。

49. 請你好好照顧自己的健康。

50. 我愛你。

Pure Enjoyment

I’m sorry friends if none could contact me on my phone because my battery died on me this afternoon. But I am just being back myself for spending myself time at mommy’s house 😀

Took a nap in the evening, woke up with another nightmare. This time round, I traveled to unknown dark places on my own and fell into a well. Argh, if it happens for real, just let me die, I don’t want to stuck in a well for days, hungry and helpless. It’s a torture dreaming it too. 

So I ve decided to give myself a treat! Myself finished a big bowl of bittergourd with chicken drumsticks (Mommy’s dish for dinner) followed by choco chips ice cream~ Then I watched Elysium with liva&baby brother until I fell asleep. Again, I woke up at 10pm. Feeling so sheepish and dizzy from my napping, I grab a Vit C whitening mask (Odbo), place it on my face, lied down on my kitchen floor& took a melon flavoured popsicle from the fridge. 

Kewl! I used to love doing this in one of my ex gf’s house. I remember she’ll use a toner on my face before putting blushers on me, telling me I look ‘kawaii’. Her obsession with make ups .__. Then we’ll watch the TV with facial mask on xD Sigh.. .Which year is it now?

I’m so going to iFly tomorrow morning 😀 *SUPER EXCITED* &Laoyi is coming back to Singapore at around 8PM. I am so looking forward to gifts made in China 😡 And hopefully she’ll be happy I got her a LUSH bubblegum lip scrub from the UK. Scrub until she cry *evil grin*

I am so sloppy, loook at my disheveled hair ): I didn’t shower nor bathe for the whole day. I got freaked out when Laocheng was talking to me he watched conjuring for 4 times at home, and laopei banged loudly on my front door because she forgot her keys today. ARGH  My mommy shifted from behind the newspaper she’s reading and my heart skipped many beats D: Why am I becoming so timid as I grow older -.-

Probably I’m very guilty for many things I guess. I MISS MY boyfriend T.T and his sweet smelling body scent D: I miss his sulking face, laughter&his BIG SINCERE SMILE!! I loved it even when he put his finger on his lips, why does his every little action or gestures just makes me so smitten and lost in his world. DAMMIT. I must be crazy. I finally understood what is the meaning of getting truly, madly, deeply and crazily in love with that special someone. *feeling lightheaded*