The couple land

When I first heard from QAD that her classmates are attempting to bring forth relationships in class out of match making sessions, I felt absurd. However, now I feel that the time is ripe. Because firstly, 10 pairs of couples suddenly just POP out of nowhere. I believed it’s the trip overseas making them drowsy or they just are desperate to find potential long term partners? University is always the place for most people to get the other half, isn’t it?

And if some people don’t, they go desperate, chasing after a few people at one go. Some, change targets every other day. Some, tries too hard to get someone, ended up being a walking fool. Some, one-sided and is still trying. Some gets heartbroken when their crush is taken. Some look elsewhere other than their own classmates.

They made me feel like I am in a match making session all the time during lessons. Eye contacts, lovey dovey moments, touching and crooning at each other.. . etc etc.
 Intimate photos on Facebook, cloudy grey posts, pink faces and red buttocks. It’s as if they’re sending messages around: I am ready to mate.

The diamond age of University students! 21 and above! It means freedom, so much more! But just today alone, made me felt like all they ever wanted was a lover. Look at her! She wants to make more friends (find a boyfriend exactly), she don’t mind giving out her phone number to be more sociable, what a change! I am highly motivated but nah, I’m just me *hides in a corner*

And Elsa told me A likes B likes C like A likes B likes C likes A, then suddenly, C likes B likes A. It’ll be funny if you draw it out on a piece of paper, it looks like a house to me. I remember the typical process of a human being. Laode told me before his ideal time of his life to get a girlfriend is when he is not out in the workforce yet. And for QAD, she would like to have somebody to love, in fact, somebody to love her when she’s still a student or beyond. While there is no right or wrong time to love, I’ve got a good news to share!


TADAAAAAH! Sylvia, WP’s chairman, got a boyfriend now! An ex-football star in Singapore Mister Quah. Representing Mr Quah and Ms Lim.. .


I love it, how good they look together! Not because she’s from WP. But because love makes the world go round! I mean look at her! Age 48, single, he is 61, a widower. Nothing is impossible!

Reminds me of the heavy topic I have to think and talk about. MY EX. Urgh, it looks horrible on my blog when I mentioned him as always. I mean do I really want a patch? Do I need it? Have been thinking about it since last month. QAD was with me all the way, encouraging me to think carefully and open my heart to accept what is only good for me. I have to admit I was once so heartbroken, I couldn’t love properly or learn to accept anybody that comes along and treat me like a princess.

But I always feel that I can only love just one person in my life. This is so complicated. But better than having multiple crushes or targets at one go. That is so time-consuming isn’t it? Enough of him. Let nature takes its course.

I almost broke down in the middle of the Tyne bridge today. I am scared of heights, I guess I inherited my father’s genes. I got a near nervous breakdown and I couldn’t walk. I was alone with no phone, no money, no map, only me and a water bottle and DSLR in the middle of Newcastle’s bridge. That is literally the highway of the city, buses, taxi and cars zooming past me. It happened once before when I went to the Henderson bridge with Siok Ching, I broke down in the middle of the bridge. So ever suddenly. Why am I behaving like this worst than before? When I was a kid, I used to jay-walk a lot because I hate to cross an overhead bridge. That is my high. (pun fully intended)

In overall, I am glad my direction-sense can make it. For I was always lost in Milan, Switzerland, Paris and Newcastle. But yet, I brought myself home each time after some wonderfully -lost session. *Happy kid*

Yesterday, I went to Edinburgh, Scotland. Previously, I went to Manchester. So.. . I took a tour around Manchester United Football Club and stadium. It’s awesome! I bought gifts. In Edinburgh, I had Elderflower wine with Fish&Chips, visited the castle, spotted the Loch Ness Monster, went to a museum FOC, been to the musical street and saw a wedding bus. The red iconic bus is superb GORGEOUS than the bride! I saw the Edinburgh castle, wanted to get a sexy Scottish skirt but nah, wanted to get a lambswool scarf but nah. Saw the hat that Laode was wearing, so what he wore a few occasions ago belongs to Scotties. MEEEHHHHHH~

I walked past the cafe where J.K.Rowling sat down and wrote her Harry Potter book. I finally got it why she traveled all the way from London to Scotland to write that book. Edinburgh is really the place of magic. It feels magical everywhere, from castle to Greenland to the streets and the telephone booths. Oh my.. .

I took a boat trip around North Sea, I almost saw Denmark. But I am not FINISH with EUROPE YET. I mean YES, I completed 2/3 of Switzerland in 8 days, Milan in 2 days, Paris in 2 days. I am left with London (2 days), and HORSE-RIDING I WAAAAANT!!

I hope I really did helped QAD in her assignment, and I want her to get FULL MARKS or at least an A in that 20% 😀 I love her sooooo much!! Only when I am staying with my girls (clique) and some classmates and some people out there. I realise my QAD is still the BEST! No matter how irritated or disgusted she felt with me, she’s still here. With me. I am getting along fine with my roommates. When I eaten their apple unknowingly, I pay them back. Some cried about boyfriends, some complained about meals, some stress about schoolwork. I chatted with them on a daily basis, one on one. Funny was that, when they get gifts for their boyfriends, they consult me. I don’t know what your boyfriends LIKE D:

I talked to Ching about her boyfriend though she told Laode not to tell me. Haha! Seems like I really got the ‘TELL ME MORE’ face. I got to know some secrets here and there too, about our mutual friends. This is why my secrets go to myself only, and some to QAD. I trust humans, but because when you really started to communicate, then you realise some people, they really DO HAVE loads of problems with their life. And you certainly don’t feel like troubling anyone with your own. But I love sharing QAD’s troubles. I find her’s interesting TEEHEE

The most interesting about her is still her BOYFRIEND. AWWWWW He’s such a sweet person. *Envious* Too good to be true happens once in a blue moon~~

Papa says my period will come when I am in UK, seems like I have to poke myself with a knife already ): There is nothing, I have nothing in me ): I’m an alien.

Right now, he must be sleeping soundly. He’s dealing with his own business now. Selling IT gadgets in his own shop, but quit recently because the shop is losing money… . then he’s working in his friend’s shop now doing the same thing. ___.

If he made me his boss, probably I can do better 😡 Selling IT gadgets don’t sound too bad, I tried a bit before, so I got an idea of how it is like. BUT ITS FUN BOOHOO T.T

As my 21st is nearing, I am getting more and more depressed. He kept his promise. Waited for 4 years until I am 21. He did kept his promise after all. And he still loves me, can I doubt that? Miraculously creepy. What is love?

Look at all the messages he left for me. He has never ever raise his voice at me. It’s always ME. He treated me like a princess, but I acted like a bug queen. *buzz-buzz* I don’t know anymore. We’re both at fault.

But the last thing I am worried about is that.. .I will be married at the age of 24 to somebody else and not him. Is this true? *Blow bubbles*






Days left :12

One week plus left to roam about in Newcastle! I am not done with fun yet and my last presentation falls on next week!

Many times, I really felt that I m the luckiest person on earth. When I can’t finish my work on time(rarely that case though), the deadline extended. When I am late to board the bus and I m the last one still stuck in a cheese cafe waiting for my order, the bus broke down. Things happens, and helped me stall for time when I needed it the most. It felt like there s an angel somewhere watching me& carrying me across all my obstacles. This cafe is so serene and beautiful!



Northumberland cheese farm is so cooling and actually smells nice! I like their english accent a lot! My name sounds more melodic when they call me. Thank you sounds more sincere! When they say sorry, it ends with a sweetheart or darling. Excuse me with a smile.

Yeap not all people here are so nice and welcoming, but most of them are pretty adorable.


Sitting in this cottage house makesme feel soooo blissful!


I tried more cheese! Those I have in Switzerland is still the best!


Im loving this place more!while waiting for the next school bus to arrive, allow myself to breathe in the floral fragrance of the greenery surroundings!



Look at what rara bought! Looks so tasty to me now!


Cherry and Almond biscuit it is!

Ching says shopping time later! But i feel like going back dorm, to reply my Qad facebook message ..


Hehe.. .

Last piece of thing to note:


Blue Day

I am feeling so down after school today. Does the problem lies in me wearing blue pair of shoes or me having a cone of blue moon Toney Mark ice cream?


I think it s got to do with my classmates, my clique and me. I dont wish to show everyone my frowning and sad face anymore. Whilst they re preparing our dinner, let me go out and take a breather. I need space to relax and calm down though Im feeling so blue inside.. .

30Minutes later-

Instead of going out for a walk, I took a shower and sat dow on my bed typing this post. I have to identify what caused me to feel moody, so that I can get out of the misery faster. Probably after my dinner, I can go walk around outside, watch a sunset or sometging. Newcastle is so beautiful! 🙂

1) One of my classmates blurted out that I was a ‘act blur’ kind of person. I didnt blow my top off because it s not the first time anyone described me this way but it was very unexpected of her during a skit making group discussion.

2) One of my clique members thought I was lying about my amenorrhea and chides me about it.

3) Because staying together with them is not easy, our fruits finished fast inside the fridge. I do admit i ate more cherries and strawberries while watching my tv programs. But that doesnt mean they have to gobble up what is left and I haven had any banana and other fruits left for me. I paid for those too.

4)Though everyone appears to be happy with each other, that only applies to phototaking sessions and no where else. Sometimes its so obvious that my question was ignored.

5)I didnt offer to wash or cook our dinner is because I did once and got rejected. SC says she loves cooking herself. She likes to own the kitchen. There she goes, another day, unhappy because she has to cook for everyone and challenged us to cook without her as if we will die in hunger.

6) I am finally glad I have my own space and privacy in my locked bedroom. If not I would have burst into tears only in the enclosed bathroom corner.

I also noticed that these days when I said HI to my classmates, people sort of exchanged sinister stares or smiles with each other. They look creepier each day as if I am the joke of the day.

I tried very hard to be happy today but I just cant do it. When I ordered my ice cream cone at the counter, the assistant heard me wrongly, I wanted a bubble gum flavour to make my day better. She gave me a blue cone with a straight face. Think blue colour matches me well. I love blue. But too much blue, can be so blue.. .

3rd Day in Newcastle

Before i have the time to fully describe how wonderful and amazing my Europe trips to Switzerland, Milan& Paris trips are, i already felt sadness on the third day of my summer term in Newcastle(UK). I so miss my Qad! How many Fridays have I missed? I felt worn out and sick.

I am always envious of girls staying in a clique and having long lasting relationships. Because I can never do that without feeling miserable at times. Or is it because some girls just cannot stop bitching? Am i taking jokes too seriously or me just me being over sensitive towards them?

One of the reason why I still prefer my Qad over a million girls Ive met, the bond we had was made of tender, loving, care and lots of patience and understanding.

Actually thinking how rare and cool it is to be my Qad’s Qad is sufficient to make me happy and feel special. Im so blessed! The rest are secondary, really.

I am on a trip in Europe and UK

This explains why my blog will be dead for now until August. I will be updating real soon. Anyway my destinations for this summer 2013 are Switzerland, Milano, Paris, London and Newcastle. Amsterdam and Scotland not confirmed. I am still in Switzerland now, just came back from a 3hour train ride from Milan. Everything is so amazing at a very fast pace. Update I shall when I am free during July perhaps!