Those who care

Thanks my Qad for keeping me company for the entire day! Hopefully I can really post on your wall as and when I like. Please take good care of my Qad when I’m away. She’s my one&only beloved girlfriend. While I can’t wait to get wonderfully lost in Europe, u can’t wait for me to come back. It’s my honour to be urs to demand and flirt with harmlessly.

Grateful to Laode for the 3am call and the really good sense of humour. To clone for the love of a friend and her selfless heart to share. Cheers to Zephy for the music sharing, i knw how much i ll be missed. And thanks for being such a possessive and care too much friend to me. I appreciate all of the attention given to me.

A big thank u to my clique for sending me off at the airport. I couldnt ask for more affection. And to Elsa, who is so ever inefficient in making plans for our trip and my dreams to come true. This dearie of mine is such a gem and a great traveling partner i bet..

Gratitudes to the support my family gives me. Laoyi, salute for being so over the top in love with me& liva& laocheng for being such an annoying at the same time precious baby brother to hold. My parents for being so worrisome and giving me most of my freedom still.

Salute to the people who taught me how to love myself more. This is to J, the guy who showed me how unconditional can love ever be. And to Ju, thanks for feeling guilty and wanting to make things up with me. I dont care what is ur ultimate intention, all i knw is that ure a fine fine friend to me. Thanks for the greetings. Shall give my korkor a surprise only when i come back from Europe.

I am meeting Zqing tomorrow. She’s such a great girl who taught me sacrificial love and life. God bless her. Many others i left out, will be sorry but happy to shout a loud thank you in their faces.

Lastly, to me ex, thanks for telling me how much i meant to u and tgat u could not forget me for the last 4 years. It reminds me how much i used to coax u to sleep, but the main point is that, people move on in their lives. And u deserve to be happy so much more than i do. Please be. U ll always be missed and thank u for the wonderful memories.

One more.. . This person is the most important person in my life. Thank you for being such a pretty and lovely lass, Fiona. Thank you for doing all tge things u do, saying all tge words u say so people loved u for who u are.

It means so much to me to appreciate the people i loved, and those who loved me back. Some were gone, far and not too far and some re still with me. Thanks God for everything and everyone 🙂

Serial Killer by Lana Del Ray


I rant to Qad on Facebook about trying to find a random stranger and elope. I needed a release of my frustrations but I don’t really mean it hah! I actually told her I would love to even if he’s a serial killer if he loves me too! Oh my. ..

So I went online Google it and see if people do find it normal to fall in love with yea. So Lana Del Rey got a song named ‘Serial Killer’.

Articles mentioned some women are really attracted to killers on some psychological basis. Although their motives for getting so passionately involved vary, they share in common a fierce sense of protection over the relationship. Okay I saw this Yahoo question posted on the net:

Can a serial killer/rapist fall in love?
I was having this debate with my friend. I argued that they couldn’t fall in love because they have no conscience. Do you think they have the ability to love after all they have done? Opinions and thoughts, please.

Best answer was:

It is not that they don’t have a conscience, they don’t value any life except their own. They are egomaniacs that have to exert power over a person to inflate their vaunted ego. With them it is all about power.

Reading all the articles talking about sociopaths and being in relationship with serial killers, got me thinking about what Laode told me years back about females native wiring that makes a great many of them susceptible to “bad boys.”

Women are hardly able to resist dominant, alluring alpha males, or man with wild hearts. For me, personally I have no preference for serial killers, but there is this condition : Hybristophilia where people are drawn to partners known to commit crimes such as rapes. A book to explain the phenomenon of why prison love letters are never dying out: Dream Lovers: Women Who Marry Men Behind Bars selling paperback copy on Amazon (PS: and is currently out of print!). So there after all the reading, I went on to research on Ted Bundy and some past serial killers to expose myself to these types of men and their backgrounds. I found myself not attracted to them 😀 Phew, thanks QAD for leading me onto this path, hopefully I can see you tomorrow and discuss more! 😡


Wear me out by Skylar Grey


It was believed that she wrote this song to her mother. Well, there must be some kind of conflict going on between them at that time when these lyrics came to her. Just like Angela Zhang, and many other singers all over the world. Sometimes, parents can be a source of motivation to children and also what kids want to run away from.

I just had a quarrel with my pap. He was in disagreement with me and my attitude to roam about in Europe. He asked me to spare a thought for my siblings. I am coming back, I am not depending on him financially on this trip, he will be saving all the electricity and house bills when I am away. I guess his only fears is for my safety. Of course I do understand! I am not that insensible okay?

And he actually suggest I move out because we couldn’t agree with each other nor communicate well. Glad I’ll be moving to UK soon and not come back until he’s appeased. Finally in that split second, I get it why my whole family moves out of his house leaving only me, his eldest daughter. Regina asked me many times how do I tolerate him, and the only reason I have with me is because I love him!

I don’t break up with people anyway, more over he’s my dad. I am so worn out from all the nonsense, I think it’s the age-gap. I’m too young to drink, too green to think, too frail. I am 21 years old. I need to see this world with my own eyes. I need to get out there! Shove my butt everywhere and learned from my mistakes!

My beloved daddy, just let me have a life of my own. I’ll come back as grown up please. I cannot expect you to stop your worrying, but I will be fine and safe.

PSI 172

Nooooooo! Have mercy on me my good heavens. I’m so scorched and barbequed in this weather like a smoked fish. Despite the ever increasing pollutant index, I’m happy that Laode got his tacky problem solved. Congrats! It’s really a toll last night. But I fell asleep to soon to talk more, one needs sleep after these much drama.

I hope he’s not sick of me because since the “farewell” dinner last Sunday, I ve been seeing laode until tday which is Wednesday! Thanks God everybody is fine and happy! My dearie Qad must be having a great time enjoying her classmates companion to the cinema! Elsa and I finished our plans on Paris and am.mobing on to London tomorrow! Nice to know her boyfriend, Dan, a very caring and easily bored capricorn. We re really talented planners, we only used 3hours to brush up on our itinerary! I cant wait like seriously!

As for Clone, I guess I can meet her this saturday 22nd after hanging out with my junior, zQ. I’m so honoured to have my clique to send me off at the airport next Monday! I love u all too *send flying kisses*

Teddy &my heart-shaped ring is coming with me to Europe! Sorry to JU, Zephy and some other ppl I cant meet before I fly. Sorry for making Zephy worried for me. How can u not know how much I needed u to be free and cheerful, ure the most charming guy i ve ever seen. Dont u ever feel useless without me, and i am not like her, the one girl who forgotten u long ago. Be rest assured I have a wonderful good memory *pats chest*

And my ex sec sch fantasy, please stop flirting with me. I knw how great it is to reconcile after a good 7 yesrs break. But idw to see u any sooner yet. Don’t feel guilty for not trying harder in the past. We re really young back then like u mentioned. Let history be history.

And here comes the new chapter of my life! If this blog is a written diary, I shall stop here and start a nee book! Heee



I am so blessed to have beloved friends who love me for who i am. Feeling really grateful for the cute teddy bear as a lucky charm! She will keep me safe and sound in Europe, keeping me company.

I enjoyed the exotic Sushi dishes at City Hall today. I am a very lucky girl to have them by my side.


I can never forget these people, their love and faith in me. I am so touched by their efforts to give me these assurance, a token of our friendship. I am very honoured to be their friend. I love my Qad (I told her how much I love her just now), Clone (for being so lovely and selfless) and Laode (for doing his best all the time).

I am too happy to be this happy until tomorrow. Thanks a trillion, this means so much more to me 😀

Discovering myself

Yea, I’m always doing this to try knowing myself more, and it’s fascinating to know more and more and more!

These are very funny! All paragraphs below are adapted from the very same website above 🙂 I didn’t know I love hugging people that much, but apparently people around me knows more about me than myself .__.

Know the Four ENFJ Death Hugs

ENFJs recognize four styles of death hugging: the Bear, the Octopus, the Limpet, and the deadly Anaconda. Although few have observed these Huggalan rites (and fewer still have lived to tell about them), what little information is known can help you recognize and defend against the ENFJ’s deadliest weapon: the hug.

The Bear

Favored by larger ENFJs, this powerful, rib-clamping hug is a sure killer. The ENFJ surrounds the victim with both arms, pinioning their arms to their sides. The “Squeeze” commences. If the victim attempts to struggle or pull away, the ENFJ will lift their feet off the ground and spin them around in circles to disorient them. The ENFJ’s joyful squeals serve to drown out the victim’s cries for help.

The Octopus

Lightly built, nimble ENFJs prefer the Octopus. When the ENFJ sets eyes upon their victim, they will run towards them and lunge in a tiger-like leap, then clamp both arms and legs around the victim’s torso. This usually knocks the wind out of the victim and invariably upsets their balance, knocking them over and leaving them easy prey for the Octopus to finish off by suffocation. The most important thing to remember when fending off the Octopus is to never, ever go down. Once you’re down, it’s all over.

The Limpet

The Limpet is the longest of all hugs; only the most clingy of ENFJs can successfully pull off this exceptionally long and strenuous maneuver. The Limpet is usually initiated with a deceptive one-armed hug which lulls the victim into a false sense of security. Just when the one-armed hug has reached full closure, the ENFJ will whip their other arm around the victim in a lightning move and clamp fast. They then hang onto their prey, limpet-like, until the struggles cease and the victim goes limp. (This may take several hours depending upon the victim’s stamina, hence the strenuous nature of this hug.) Beware the limpets; they are most friendly of all ENFJs.

The Anaconda

The deadliest of all the hugs, the Anaconda is taught only to the most dedicated Huggalan cultists. Due to the secrecy surrounding this technique, its exact nature is something of a mystery, but the results are, alas, all too well documented. Along with a fish-like breathing pattern, victims display popped out eyeballs, cracked ribs, deflated lungs, and purple skin color. In addition, oxygen deprivation to the brain produces hallucinations, and the victims often suffer delusions of having been wrapped up in the coils of a giant snake–hence the name of this terrible hug. Curiously, victims almost all report a sense of euphoria; this is most likely related to the afforementioned state of oxygen deprivation.

Additional Warnings:

  • Some ENFJs will add inconspicuous strips of velcro to their clothing in order to trap the huggee in an inseparable embrace.
  • Gregarious extraverts by nature, ENFJs have been known to hunt in packs. If you find yourself followed by ENFJs, perform the following procedure: Begin to limp, cover your mouth with your shirt collar, pretend to cough uncontrollably, and shout, “Unclean, unclean!”
  • DO NOT raise your arms over your head in an attempt to look bigger. This provides the perfect opening for a hug, and will prompt an immediate charge. Your best bet is to hold your arms out, away from your sides with fists clenched to protect the fingers.
  • Avoid tree-huggers. They are likely Anaconda practitioners exercising their muscles by attempting to kill full-grown trees by strangulation.

ENFJs may reveal themselves by the movies they like.  Remember these ENFJ favorites and survive:

  • “Hugged to Death” – Police track down a psychopath who suffocates his victims with a bizarre “strangehug.”  Rated R.
  • “Hugged to Death II” – (the modern remake)  “The suspense thriller that will leave you BREATHLESS!”  “First he smothered them with affection, phone calls, love notes and gifts.  Then he smothered them for real.”  For mature audiences only.


The only exercises I did in 21 years of my life

ImageI did this a lot 10 years ago. It’s either me bent on a chair or bed. I love stretching my tummy for no reason at all! Sometimes, I go overboard and stretch my backside while lying on a stool .__.



I was in the Brigades for 4 years in my secondary school life. Marching,warming up and running around the place was part of the daily routine. Not to mention playing catching (my favourite past time)


Other than doing star jumps for my happy jump shot with friends almost at anywhere hitting the rooftop, punishment in GB are jumping jacks. We could easily do 20-50 if required which is superb tough for me because I fall asleep while doing them .__.


Splitting! My all-time favourite in primary school in the library 😡 I did that to errr impress this charming boy I like in class so I took up the challenge with two other girlfriends and I did it! Well, he gave me a rose and a teddy bear for that, in return, I gave him my book, a very old book of turning tables and magical chairs. I never do it again after I left my school.



Ah, I still do this nowadays *grins*  I really love hula-hoops I don’t know why. I love the tightening effect it has on me, my waist, everywhere! It made me feel better than receiving hugs from people :>



I started skipping when I was in kindergarden. I skipped home from nursery. When I first got admitted into a primary school, before my school transfer, I used to skip a lot near the staircase in the canteen. I do step jumps too on the stairs! I can hop about everywhere, on bed, sofa, tables, outdoors, anywhere I love because I am that excited about life when I’m young and pretty cute. haha!


Yeap, I do this from a standing position until my palms touch the floor. The very last time I did this was 5 years ago. I love blood rushing to my head, so sometimes I would sit with my legs facing up and head lolling at the side of my mattress. Then look at the world upside down. 


I do this every morning straight after I woke up from a good night rest! Usually, I go further wriggle and pushing my body against my bed so I can stretch fully then I measure myself to see if I grow ‘longer’ on the bed. Not ashamed of what my body can do and makes me feel good about myself all the more! 😀



I like to climb as many stairs as I could. I love the feeling of travelling higher up to a new never-land. So I’m basically attracted to staircase, especially the spiral ones, you cannot see where it’s heading to if it’s really high. It’s the anticipation and curiosity that keeps me going. And the fervor to discover more. MOREEEE give me MOREEE *grabs air*


Normally, I put my legs against the wall. My bed faces the wall so I can do it with ease all the time while I’m reading my book or scrolling my not so smart phone. Instead of having hands in the air during parties, I love legs up in the air better .__. Often, I just rest my legs on a bar stool at home while watching television programmes and drink hot tea.




YES! I have my physical education lessons weekly throughout my 10 years of schooling. And these includes ball games, warm ups, Napfa (standing broad jump, sit-ups,shuttle-run and sit-N-reach), running for our lives or imagining dog chasing after us. If not, I am just a lazy couch ball curled up in some corner of my apartment. 

Even now, I chose brisk walking over jogging. Sweating and toning just so I can relax after that. I could probably train my muscles to be more flexible and myself to be agile. BUT I am so motivated to work out at Newcastle because of the weather! Singapore is so damn hot and humid, Newcastle is so fine and pleasant. I want my buttocks and calves to look like how it’s suppose to look like, not totally pumped up and hard-rock. *eeww* And I want to be healthily training my back, spine, heels, toes, neck and probably chest. To be able to fine-tune all the tiny muscles in my body, I’ve got to do more than what I am doing now! JEEZ

Just like what Elsa said, she wanted to look like Victoria-Secret next top Model, haha great luck with that! I’d love to help! But I just want to look like myself, in the best form and with self confidence 😀 

I may have to start with my neck exercises by looking out to more hunks on the streets.. .and my many eye muscles, I don’t want my eyes to be too tired from the straining everyday! The only exercise I am proud of up to now, is by working out my fingers on the keyboard for a freaking long good sexy 20 years of my life! (I assume I start typing at the age of 1 year old)



FINALLY! The most important aspect of staying fit and healthy, work out of mouth and cheek muscles FIRST *winks*