AHHHHHHH *screams at the top of my voice*
I love this, I want to do it if I ever had a chance to.. . . . or psycho my friends to do it HAHA! FREAKING AMAZING!




I don’t prefer guys wearing suit or tie, but I LOVE guys who can dance in suit and tie! xD
This is all sooooo mesmerising *swoon*
Here s the description:
Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z / Suit & Tie / Choreography: Miha Matevzic

Choreography: Miha Matevzic
Dancers: Tomas Simon, Marko Stamenković, Miha Matevžič, John Graham, Kane Silver, Israel Donowa
Camera: Wolfgang Mwanje
Lighting and editing: Miha Matevžič

Info and contact: allthatweare954@gmail.com / mihamatevzic@me.com / info@kazina.si / http://www.kazina.si

Follow us on Twitter: @allthat954 @mihamatevzic

Allthat We Are / 954

This is just a sharing. No copyright infringement intended.

Crazy bout cars

My knowledge of cars is minimal. But still, I do love staring at beautiful and well-polished sports-car moving around on the road! I really hope one day I can learn how to drive. But firstly, I shall get a car before I learn. I feel better this way than having a license and no car ): Thought a car license is good in case of emergencies or for work purposes and etc
OHMY CARS *crazy* Rich people are really spoilt for choices .__.Image


洪晓蕾 – 手心《命运交响曲》片尾曲


拖了好久, 终就把戏看完了!女主角也太美丽了吧。 除了他们上粉太厚, 看起来超级白呃!不过这出戏不错, 只得再看!

这是从Dramawiki 上拿下的解释:
[Released] 2011 Mainland Series

Title: 命运交响曲 // Ming Yun Jiao Xiang Qu

English Title: Symphony of Fate


Yang Mi (杨幂) as Jian An Qi
Feng Shao Feng (冯绍峰) as Liu Chen Xi
Chi Shuai (迟帅) as Song Cheng Hao
Jenny Guo (郭珍霓) as Jian Anna
Gao Hao (高昊) as Hao Ming


Mainland’s adaptation of the Korean drama “Cinderella’s Sister”, the story focuses on two adopted sisters, An Qi and An Na, and their trials and tribulations in the fashion industry. An Qi is the older, nicer sister who is framed and returns after 5 years of wrongful imprisonment as a talented fashion designer seeking revenge, while her ambitious younger sister, An Na, becomes a super model.

Episodes: 30

Hotness level 300%

I am listening to the song Kiss Me by Sixpence None The Richer! Feeling so lovey dovey! Was blushing momentarily looking through his pictures on Google Image search. Why is he such a heartthrob? What a beautiful man, *purr* How can anyone be so handsome, I think it should be illegal gosh for goodness sake! He’s my fantasy already. I can really stare at him on my computer screen for the whole day literally!

Image Matt Bomer (starred in White Collar) and a LIBRA (October baby) xD


I watched his interviews with Rachel’s and Ellen’s show. He’s amazing! Got three sons with a husband, Simon Halls. YES I wrote HUSBAND. The family are superb happy together, or at least what it seems from the pictures on the media. Matt told them, his happy family made pancakes, one of the sons love eating broccoli and blahblah. Good news isn’t it? I am not against homosexuals and will never discriminate them even if I am straight (for now). As long as they’re happy why not? Back to the him, he’s just so breathtakingly pretty, those square jawlines, straight nose, his trademark: pair of steely-piercing blue eyes with a a a perfectly sculpted physique, AND his most charming smile! *smitten*

Apart from being attractive on the outside (well, it’s skin-deep), he’s a guy born with a good sense of humor! He ‘s another one who makes me feel proud being an October baby 🙂 I would like to say I have square jaws too xP

Image(PS &I sincerely hope he plays Christian Grey :x)

I can never get enough of him for now.

This man turns me on like no other *blush* I was STIRRED from the within! And I am once again hopeful for love & happiness like everyone else on this planet 🙂

Somebody please tell me, how can one resist leaning in for a kiss/peck with a loved one. I can’t remember when was the last time I kissed my parents, siblings, friends except my pillow (HAH). I must really motivate myself to do so soon! Alright next week it shall be!

It’s not Valentines yet, and still early for LOVE IS IN THE AIR messages. But it lingers~ in me~ burning slowly like flame on candles, this powerful desire of mine hardly dies out. I just have to keep giving, liking the things I do, the people I love, appreciating the finer things in life. One of them is breathing.

Guess I’m too excited for coming SUMMER season! Anticipating for love of I don’t-know-who-and-what-exactly-but-still-dangerously-wishing-for-it-to-happen kind of attitude. Browsing through lovely photos of kissing, such an simple act, a purest way to show someone cares and loves you. What a bliss!



I think kissing can be really addictive sometimes with the right person 😀 And I missed it so much (opening declaring one of my needs), and not ashamed of it!


I asked my mama if she was the first one who kissed me when I was born. And she said yesss. How touching 🙂 I know I kissed pap too when I was young, of course, often babies are most adored and kissed by their parents, or other kins. I used to plant big wet kiss on my brother’s cheek when he’s a baby, and a peck on his foot. 


I used to have a habit of kissing my knee (ankle) when I’m young, believing my legs could carry me further if I do so. I still do it occasionally now *smiles*


So sensual and heartwarming ❤


One of my exes kissed the corner of my lips before, it was very memorable. aha! This is how I manage to smile while kissing I think. I want to know how it feels like to kiss a dimple! 😡


Droning on like no one’s business and changing topics like changing clothes. But I cannot seem to stop spamming on my blog post with my feelings! Probably because I spent quite a lot of time kissing in my previous relationships, these photos simply remind me of the good old times. Thanks God for creating this mechanism in living beings on earth. I love it 🙂



ENFJ- Personality TEST

This is a rather objective personality test comparing to using astrology analysis. And, no matter how many times am I going to do this set of test in may different ways throughout my 21 years of life, the result never change!

I am an absolute ENFJ! It’s like in me for a while already. Here’s the description of me I ‘d find rather amusing.

Representing approximately 2 percent of all people, people with the ENFJ personality type tend to be very influential, often without making any conscious efforts to increase their influence. ENFJs are genuinely interested in other people and radiate authenticity, concern and altruism – not surprisingly, those who surround the ENFJ usually find them very inspiring and likeable.

ENFJs are usually very charismatic and eloquent, finding it natural and easy to communicate their ideas and opinions, especially in person. It does not really matter whether they are presenting cold facts or expressing raging emotions, the ENFJ will not be afraid to stand up and speak, regardless of the audience.

Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone. Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. Your glance can awaken joy. Your words can inspire freedom. Your every act can open hearts and minds.

David Deida

This is one of the reasons why ENFJs can be so convincing and mesmerizing when they speak – they instinctively know how to combine passion and rational arguments, drawing the audience’s attention and reaching every mind. People with this personality type can be great leaders – and they do not necessarily have to get into politics to make a difference. An ENFJ teacher or a coach can have a strong positive effect on many people’s lives as well.

ENFJ personalities are very intuitive. They find it easy to sense other people’s motives and find connections between seemingly unrelated events. ENFJs also tend to be quite good at analyzing their own feelings and questioning them if necessary.

On the other hand, such intuitiveness and sensitivity can also cause significant difficulties for people with this personality type – they may be too altruistic and empathic, getting too involved in other people’s problems, and then finding it difficult to detach and stop worrying. In extreme cases, this can even affect the ENFJs’ perception of themselves.

ENFJs are optimistic idealists, often trusting other people more than they should – although this usually turns out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. As already mentioned above, ENFJs can be very convincing and inspiring. People are drawn towards strong personalities and the ENFJ’s charisma can often be a uniting and motivating factor.

I know one example of this personality type is OBAMA. But A Libra-Gemini-ENFJ Woody Monkey would be different somehow right?

Now to the next tab describing my strength and weaknesses:

ENFJ strengths

  • Very charismatic. ENFJ personalities are charming and popular – they instinctively know how to attract and keep people’s attention, as well as communicate with them effectively.
  • Altruistic. ENFJs are warm and selfless, always willing to help other people. They are idealists, motivated by the idea of doing something good for the world.
  • Skilled imitators. ENFJs find it very easy to notice what drives, motivates and worries other people, and are instinctively able to adjust their own manners and arguments accordingly.
  • Natural leaders. ENFJ personalities do not seek to dominate or direct, but people are attracted to their charisma and eloquence – unsurprisingly, ENFJs usually end up being very popular and rarely have any difficulties getting to leadership positions.
  • Tolerant. People with this personality type tend to be open-minded and accepting, willing to consider competing ideas as long as they do not contradict their inner principles. ENFJs can easily get along with most other types.
  • Reliable. ENFJs work hard for causes they consider important – if their role excites and motivates them, an ENFJ can be very patient and reliable.

ENFJ weaknesses

  • Sometimes too selfless. ENFJs may often take on too much work or get deeply involved in other people’s problems, trying too hard to not offend or disappoint anybody.
  • Very idealistic. People with this personality type can often be too idealistic or even naïve, believing that everyone is good natured and cares about principles that are important to the ENFJ.
  • Often too sensitive. Deep down, ENFJs are sensitive and emotional individuals who can get hurt and disappointed very easily. They may also worry too much about other people’s feelings and well-being.
  • Vulnerable to criticism. ENFJ personalities have a strong inner core of principles and values, and they can get very hurt if someone criticizes them. ENFJs may also have difficulties reacting calmly to general criticism and negativity.
  • May find it difficult to make tough decisions. Due to their altruism and sensitivity, ENFJs are likely to struggle with decisions involving hard choices – they may waver between different options, unable to stop thinking about all the possible consequences.
  • Highly fluctuating self-esteem. ENFJs’ self-esteem depends on whether they are able to live up to their ideals and fulfill their goals, while at the same time making sure that everyone around them is happy. If the ENFJ’s ideas are being constantly criticized or they are unable to help people close to them, their self-confidence is likely to plummet.

I do agree with ALL. But doesn’t this happens to most people too? Hmms.. .

My personality at workplace.. .

People with the ENFJ personality type are warm, charismatic and very social individuals. They tend to do very well in many diverse roles, regardless of seniority. Furthermore, ENFJs seem to be able to get people to like them wherever they go – this is usually one of the main reasons behind the ENFJs’ success.

ENFJ colleagues

  • Cooperative, always eager to assist
  • Very tolerant and open-minded
  • Sensitive and intuitive
  • Willing to express their opinion
  • Find it easy to relate to other colleagues
  • Seek win-win situations
  • May be prone to taking on their colleagues’ problems

ENFJ managers

  • Very charismatic
  • Pay a lot of attention to their subordinates’ needs
  • Great communicators
  • Able to easily inspire other people
  • Good at recognizing other people’s motives
  • May be manipulative in some situations

ENFJ subordinates

  • May get overworked if they receive too many requests for assistance
  • Can cope with multiple tasks and responsibilities
  • May underestimate their own capabilities
  • Very reliable, loyal and hard-working
  • Quick learners
  • Vulnerable to conflicts and criticism at work

Cool! Shall see what careers suits my this personality type!

Most typical ENFJ careers have share one key attribute – they focus on making other people happy. ENFJs are usually very warm, sociable and altruistic and they have many viable choices when it comes to choosing the career that is best for them. We will list some of the most common roles below, but please feel free to drop us a message if you have any comments or ideas.

Let us start examining ENFJ career choices by stating the somewhat-obvious fact that ENFJs are sincerely interested in other people and try to do their best to help them. On top of this, people with the ENFJ personality type tend to have extraordinary social and networking skills – it is quite common for an ENFJ to be “that person who knows everybody”. ENFJs truly shine in customer-facing careers or roles where they need to be dealing with other people on a daily basis – they can be brilliant sales representatives, consultants or HR administrators.

Next, ENFJs are usually quite sensitive and even somewhat idealistic. This is a double-edged sword, as the same sensitivity draws ENFJs towards careers that reward high emotional intelligence; on the other hand, ENFJs are very vulnerable to criticism and should stay away from stressful careers. Some of the ENFJ careers to avoid – finance (especially stock trading), police, corporate management, emergency personnel, medicine or military.

People with this personality type are also really creative, organized and honest – this makes them excellent psychologists, event coordinators or politicians (there are some honest politicians in the world!). Also, one of the best ENFJ careers can be found in writing – but ENFJs tend to approach this from a journalistic rather than book-writing perspective as such a career allows them to leverage their people skills.

Finally, ENFJs love new challenges and the thrill they get from helping other people. Consequently, many ENFJs are found in “altruistic” careers, e.g. social or religious work, teaching or counselling. However, it should also be noted that ENFJs need constant approval from other people in order to feel satisfied and happy – if this is not forthcoming, the ENFJ may burn out very quickly and move to another career path or project.

Sometimes, I can’t help feeling that my personality type and my horoscope just CLICK! haha

How bout my relationships and dating? lovees¬

ENFJ personalities take dating and relationships very seriously – their dedication and passion are really admirable. This shows even in early dating phases – people with this type are prepared to put a lot of time and effort into fostering their romantic relationships. First of all, ENFJs pay a lot of attention to their partners’ needs and desires. Second, they do not shy away from commitments or obligations, doing their best to connect with their partners. Finally, ENFJs do everything they can to feel the pulse of the relationship – they will occasionally ask their partner if everything is fine, whether they need anything else etc. If there are any concerns at all, the ENFJ will rush to resolve the potential issue as soon as possible.

ENFJs take their obligations very seriously and are likely to do everything to create and maintain a solid relationship. Unfortunately, this is also one of the main ENFJ weaknesses – due to their extraordinary emotional investment in dating and romantic relationships in general, ENFJs are likely to feel a huge sense of guilt and betrayal if the relationship (even if they were still dating) fails. However, this is unlikely to crush the ENFJ.

From the standpoint of sexual intimacy, ENFJs tend to be very passionate and dedicated lovers, doing their best to make sure that their partner is feeling happy. That being said, their J trait is likely to introduce a bit of routine and predictability (which may actually be a stabilizing factor) into their sexual life.

ENFJ personalities loathe conflicts and criticism, especially when it comes to dating and romantic relationships. They will do everything to escape tense situations, including sacrificing their own principles – this can easily lead to resentment and difficulties later on, once both partners realize that the problem has not gone anywhere.

ENFJs should also learn to pay more attention to their own needs and express them clearly, especially while they are still dating. People with this personality type do not need much to feel happy – however, it is crucial that the ENFJ receives some praise and visible affection as well. Otherwise, such a situation can easily disrupt the balance in the relationship or be seen as insecurity by their dating partners.


ENFJ friends are known for their warmth and kindness. People with this personality type enjoy connecting with others and getting to know them well – most ENFJs find it easy to communicate even with individuals who do not share any of their traits or ideas. That being said, ENFJ personalities can be quite selective when it comes to picking their closest friends – they value authenticity and sincerity, and do not open up to each and every one of their acquaintances.

Despite belonging to the Feeling (F) group, ENFJ friends are also able to dish out criticism where necessary. This is not something that ENFJs enjoy, but they can be quite decisive and judgmental if the situation demands. Generally, though, ENFJ personalities tend to be very tactful and kind, even to the point of being too sweet. It is difficult not to enjoy being with an ENFJ friend – they may be a bit too inflexible sometimes, but their energy and sincerity are very disarming.

ENFJs are likely to be somewhat idealistic when it comes to making friends – they want to be the best friends imaginable. Such an approach is certainly commendable, but people with the ENFJ personality type need to make sure that their enthusiasm is not stifling the other person. ENFJ friends tend to be very supportive, cheerful and passionate – but not every personality type can cope with this. ENFJs should not take this personally.

ENFJ personalities are both able and willing to work on their friendships, placing them very high on their priority list. ENFJs take pleasure in helping people discover their strengths and passions, and then supporting them along the way. This is not entirely altruistic as the ENFJ will also likely expect their friend to return the favor when an opportunity presents itself – however, ENFJ friends will definitely be highly valued and respected.

ENFJs are most likely to surround themselves with friends who share their NF traits as this gives them an excellent opportunity to discuss ideas that other personality types may deem too idealistic. However, ENFJs tend to be quite open-minded in this respect and will rarely have major difficulties relating to different types, as long as the other person does not criticize their principles.

THIS IS THE FREAKING PART I AGREE ON WITH ALL MY FAITH 🙂 It’s so DAMN TRUE!! I have to accept myself, who I am! My fluctuating self-esteem please? ❤

Fifty Shades of Grey. Chopin. Op 28 Prelude No. 4 (Suffocation)


This piece of music was featured in the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E L James. We must be eternally grateful to Miss James for introducing millions of readers to the beautiful music of Chopin. This piece was also featured in the movie “The Notebook” (2004), a romantic drama film directed by Nick Cassavetes, based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks.

What a world we’re living in.. .where great artist’s musical piece are less known compared to an erotic story book. I must say advertising is really a powerful marketing tool. This music was played by Christian Grey, the male character of FSOG in the middle of the night when he can’t sleep, and was haunted by his childhood trauma. I hope if there really an adaptation of this book into a movie, that this piece of music could be featured as well. I am so ashame of myself, I must learn how to appreciate such beautiful music pieces!

Another piece is the Spem in Alium by Thomas Tallis. I wonder how they could make love to this song because all I want to do while listening is to keep calm and sleep.
More as follows:
1)The Flower Duet (Lakmé)

2)Bach Concerto for solo keyboard No.3 in D minor, BWV974 after A. Marcello

3)Pachelbel Canon & Gigue in D major, T.337

4)Enigma- The Principles Of Lust/ Sadness (1990)

5)Amy Studt – Misfit (OHGAWD, ANA dances in Christian’s kitchen playing this song on her ipod!!)

6)Snow Patrol – The Lightning Strike (Parts I-III) (This song was used in the movie EPIC as well!!)

7)Kings Of Leon – Sex on Fire

8)Frank Sinatra – Witchcraft

9)Verdi : La Traviata – Prelude to Act 1

10)Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter (this song is really beautiful, Damien song is really underrated)

11)Chopin: 24 Preludes, op. 28 (1/4)

12)Ella Fitzgerald – What Is This Thing Called Love?

13)Corinne Bailey Rae – Like A Star

14)Jeff Buckley- Lover, You Should’ve Come Over

15)Sarah McLachlan – Possession

There is up to 40 songs and I’m not going to list all! Such exhaustive list ):


This book sets as a record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time, surpassing the Harry Potter series! Thats it. Fifty shades of Grey trilogy. I am a huge Harry-Potter series FAN! And I am still enticed to try reading this series on ebook.There are so many reviews written all over the internet since its release. So I don’t find any need to elaborate further on the contents except how I feel after reading it.

Despite the controversy of criticism with regards to the ‘badly’ written literary, this series is goddamn popular among women! Because the contents of the series revolves around the topics of dominants/submissive and bondage/discipline, not many bookstores decided to remove the books from its shelves. I bet people who really wants to read the books will by all means read it after-all. 

To me, I finished the trilogy in two days. And Christian Grey/Anastasia Steele shares a lovely and complicated relationship together, it is just so typical of a relationship (arguments, fights, hugs, kisses), the only way to bring out this romance story is to create the ‘norm’ in the background. Of course, the ‘norm’ in this case, refers to the dominant male character who is USED TO not getting touched, trying to be in deep control, loves punishing girls who disobey him, drown in his own negative, depressive mind. So dark, low, and dangerous. The female character is everything his opposite. Opposites attract, I do agree. Then TADAAAH! To simplify the story, girl meets guy, fell in love, something happened which tears them apart, they got together in the end, happily ever after. Just like TWILIGHT series! (I finished the series as well) It is still a typical love story to me, nothing too shocking, ARAAGH theres kids, family bonding, the mystic and incorrigible bastard at the start, guy went missing, girl worries, get married and a loving father-husband-lover-angel in the end. Even the sexual parts of the story seems cool and very expected. So what if bondage/toys are used (only props&more props)? The lovemaking session is so repetitive throughout the entire series. Am I immune to romance books already? Who cares? I choose to filter out the au naturel part of romance book and focus on the parts I love to keep myself interested! Yeap, this series I read is not entirely badly written, I love the part when they email to each other all the time! It is the involvement in the relationship people goes after. And in fact, what I feel is that the female character is taking control form the start of the book to the end. She don’t seem to be a submissive person at all, she’s a strong and admirable woman. Isn’t that what most girls/women aims to be like (or at least want to)? I can’t say for the others, but at least it does magic for me, when I read about how strong-willed and happy Ana can be in a relationship with a fucked-up troll is such a blessing! This book adds to my ‘unconditional love’ category, where one can love the other even when both are 1) not bloody related (love is thicker than blood), 2) don’t quite understand each other, 3) quarrel and fight all the time (consistently mad), 4) NOT PERFECT. Love itself is perfect 🙂

And one more thing, I find the style of writing in this series very familiar, ohhh! TOO SIMILAR to the books written by Nora Roberts. I wanted to TRY read the book ‘A walk to remember/ Travelers wife’ I am not sure if I should just READ IT or skip and watch the movie instead. How bout The hunger games? I missed out so much on books these two years! Why I never find enough time to sit down and read and be absorbed and relax? My psychology paper is on Monday, after my last paper ends next week Thursday, I decided to start reading like a bookworm&catch up reading again!

PS: Thanks MeiYen for reminding me to indulge in books really 🙂


OHMY, I still got two papers left next week. BUCK-UP! Shall have my egg&carrot brunch now. What a wonderful combination 😛