Which I think is not possible in many ways!

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.

-Elbert Hubbard


So spiritual?

Came school early  for “Breakfast”, alright late breakfast at Mcdonalds. Yes I must admit, the password for my this blog has something got to do with the love for God. Is this why? All the incidents that happened to me today triggered me to sign into this blog and remind myself of why am still alive?


On my way to NYP, one group of youngsters, two girls and a guy approached me for a mini survey on the understanding of God. Okay, challenge accepted. Quickly circled a few choices and randomly ticked the rest, include my number and my name, told them I am not very interested in finding out more, even if it’s only for a few seconds, was rushing for lecture, gonna be late blahblahblah when in fact, I was just avoiding. They were understanding, though one of them lied, saying it will only be a few seconds to speak with me on the context. I’ve been exposed to too many of their kind, the enthusiast, the evangelist. But out of goodwill and being grateful, knowing his existence, i gladly accepted their kind offer to text me the location of their church. Whether I would turn up that day or not, is entirely up to me.

Just when I thought I have shurgged off this awkward situation in a very cool manner, after my lunch, I went to library and sat down at one of my favourite desktop typing away for my practical lesson later at 2PM.

What shocked me was that this young lady beside me started to chat loudly, okay maybe I have big ears. But she really did sound loud enough for me to eavesdrop. She started talking about her love for God. And different type of love :/ I am feelign more of a a a a eh eh eh eh maybe touched by how his love can influene people and so true, people turned to him for relieve. Then as  she turn to focus on healthy relationships and encouraging the person at the other end of the line, I felt spiritual.

HOWEVER, she totally spoil my mood when she mention how much she dislike a girl from wherever, whoever, everything and chants on her emotions. I felt irritated, thought they werent suppose to judge? To speak of the devil, and have greedy, awful thoughts about other people despite anything?

Yes, I am childish and crazy and ignosrant. I have yet to fully understand how and why and what God is about. But still, simply things like love, benovelence, peace, loyalty, patience and hope. I still do  know some from my past experiences. To put it simply, human beings are still homosapiens. We are sinned, and no matter how much salvation is done, we’re still the same. I am so sinful, I turned away from the pure and holy heaven. I am in DEEP SHIT.

But that is because I’m only one ignorant, dirty, and sinful human being. I don’t ACT like I can really be a sage, I don’t ahve that holy spirit, I am not a kind soul. I don’t do charity, I am not helpful, I don’t donate, I am… .

hahaha, she talked too loudly, the person behind me, left right and everywhere stared at her, “shhh” her to shut up. And some smiled at me. Alright this time round, really gonna eb late for class.

This is a confession to my fellow homosapiens. Homosapiens are we. 

Changi Airport and City Point Mall


It is free and awesome! At terminal I forgot, in Changi Airport.


I have yet to try, but I would want to next time 😀


Really caught my attention, I’d really love to bring one of these on my UK OIP trip 😀


This is cool, what they are doing to help our environment is well appreciated.


See that control tower?


After me and mama watched different air planes landing, and taking off at some resting place, we went over to the angry bird CNY deco, and this nice place!


Changi Point Mall actually offers free feet massaging equipment for shoppers!


Mama says its good! Bagus!


Indonesian BBQ platter YUMMY! The chicken and sotong was well-done. Fragrant rice and curry. *sniffs*


The oasis ak.a mini garden and rooftop playground for kids. What a nice new shopping centre catered to tourists and locals. There’s a CAPRI hotel behind this mall.


Nice deco made of thin light plastic, hanged on strings to give a waterfall effect.


And true true, the mall is bigger than JP. (Jurong Point)


There is this pet shop at level 1 or is it B1? Nevermind. Notice the water fountain is just above our heads.


This is similar to the one found in Suntec City I would say.


Entrance of the mall.


Before I left for Changi with mama, I strayed in school to wait for Elsa and her pens. I forgot to bring my pencil box.


I didn’t know NYP is this beautiful. So I met peiching at the printing shop!


We went for lunch at KOUFU, while chatting happily on the coming trip, and its plan, also felt disappointed by our released results.

So.. .

Can be clearly seen from these pictures i took today, I went out for a stroll. What a long and fruitful day 🙂

Alright, my initial intention was to go airport and see for myself, what are the available airlines.

Because I am almost done with my planning with Elsa, and probably few classmates would be joining us.

When I got the time, shall post it up here in my blog once I am done with planning.

And I wanted to get myself a good quality luggage bag perhaps, so I did some “primary research” with mama.

Mama was glad I did passed all modules in semester 1. Despite my most lousy score.

Will be urm.. .alright let me do it now.. ..

2136 21122146 21562138

I received loads of feedback from my lecturers on my exams papers, assignments and such. Was very grateful for the help. Because to me, it is a motivation and a form of encouragement. I am going to try harder for this semester. Never gonna give up even if it rains. Literally.

And I MISS MY QAD!! *wails*


Hope can see her ASAP! like NOW :/

Flooded with emotions

Just because it is raining. I couldnt control my feelings. Usually one shouldnt expect much from another fellow human being. Results to singaporeans are simply too important. Grades are equally as impt. So much for kepping grades confidential. Because she would rather tell me how many guys she went to bed with, he would rather disclose his passwords to me, rathan telling me just how much they get for a particular module.

Simply put, grades are everything. It concerns life and death. Some people love it more than their spouseor family, some treat grades as friends, indispensable. Some because of poor grades, ould not eat or sleep well. Some fell sick, sime grumbles, some take it easy, some bochup. And minor group seek death.

For me, i dwell in it for a long long time until i find release. Tmr, and fri are my only no sch day. Im glad the results were released earlier. though i ve got classmates gg for a retake. I hope they pass. I really do.

I think maybe if mama knws my grade, i can feel better. Gotta tell her. Maybe if pap dont come home drunk last night. I would have felt better. I tried my best. No regrets for the grades.

Just that i have cravings for french fries recently, what is it lack in me, forms an insatietable appetite towards fried potatoes?

I am freaking emo. Ultimately, blame it on my emo centre hub located near my kidneys. Guess i should drink more water before i reach the stage of apathy.

And thanks for telling me whatsapp to taiwan is possible and free 🙂 the only thing i can be happy about for the moment . . .

Really expected

I knew it. His tone wasnt right! His stare was so intense like a striking beam, whatever he said just sounds like siren to me. What a way of warning students of their calibre. Very sarcastic remarks. Totally a contrast of his pair of blue eyes. Used to look like fish to me, now shark. Yes, he s like a shark. Loan shark extorting energy and happiness from me.

Alright just dont dwell in disappointment. It is true for my senior to say a fIrst class is hard to get. Beyond reach i say. though i like how the system is set, for 70&above to be in the FC.

But it seems so faaaar away. Provisional results out on ness while i’m still slping my way to hell. Then i just fell instantly when i saw such bad results.

What i am relieved is that, results to me is not all. Explains why i am still alive right now typing this. secondly, did not fail any module because the passing mark is 40. And was glad i still made it through to the second stage.

This year result will count toqards 25% of my entire degree. Yes 25 is minimal. This is the time allowance to make mistakes and learn and self-motivate and pick up skills then score. Because when sem 3 starts, no resitting for exam papers is allowed.

By then… .i would be mati. Drained! These results actually add to my stress list. Le me go destress in my bed. *snores*

Good stress on last day of CNY!

Alright, so now I am stressed.

Have to admit life is all packed and stressed. It is of so much stress, I am so damn excited, I could not contain my stress. And I feel like stressing other people. And these kind of stress push me to an edge of ecstasy, drowning me in 3 seconds. And look at the things I have yet to finish. *Inhale deeply* *stress*

*gulps 3 cups of coca-cola, bathe 5 times, and travel back and forth to expo hall*

Very very very stress. So highly stress, I can vomit all my lunch and eat again and vomit and eat and vomit and pengsan. Such high frequency of headache, I heard drums in my ear, ballad dancer in my eyeball, stars above my head. So stress, so happily stressed. Am I alright? Even have to ask myself.


1) Food Microbiology report not started. Yes, it is only plate count and plate count. Morphology and under the microscopic, teeny-weeny living things. BUT this report is not minor. I have to do calculations and read tons of journals to get the principles right.


2) I have yet to pay my phone bills. Yes, seven-eleven is just some distance away from my living room. BUT I am stuck to my chair literally. Stuck, typing on my stress and feeling stressful about my life.I will be fined if I drag this payment further!


3) I only manage to get a glimpse and estimation of my travel budget. Because Natas were so crowded and I am so unsure of what gets me when I get there to Switzerland. When everything is not confirmed, my Thailand trip was cancelled because mama worries I do not have enough to sustain my OIP trip, ouh please!! Million catalogs to read and where is the time?


4) or 5)? I was so stressed up and anxious, maybe too excited and going cranky. I eat ten meals per day. Many of which includes SALMON. YES my immunity did improve, because when everyone was found sick, I was not at all feeling unwell. So stress keeps me alive eh? So sacrificing salmon helps indeed. Poor salmon T.T Getting fat= getting stress!



6) STRESS because the school tore down the only mini forestry we have in NYP. This is so traumatizing. There goes the beautiful garden of no use, because it is not popular among the polytechnic students. BUT how can they deforest the ground, and reduce it to .. .urm building? SIT building with no laboratory facilities, just an office. For us to report to when we need assistance regardless. Thanks or no thanks?


8) I am going berserk! My hair very messy, brain very confused, heart pumping very irregular, I am dying, and so out of breath. This anti-stress plant of mine, especially growing sideways, because I am out of track! Just like the roots of my hair.. . And as I am turning whiter, both my hair and face, not teeth. This plant is getting hay wired. Whats more, Regina just plucked some leaves from my beloved plant a few minutes ago and stuff it in her bag for the scent. ARGH * pulls hair*


11) NYP’s computers are designed catered to students perfectly. BECAUSE I am currently using 3 thumb drives of different capacity to meet my needs in schoolwork. And instead of only using google doc, I even used skydrive, dropbox, all sorts of silly software for my assignments. I feel like a pro. Stressed pro, with millions of tabs in my internet browser, Firefox, and thousand of tabs on my desktop. Adds on to my STRESS.



50) Year of 2013, the snake year is a travel year for my whole family. Regina is going to Shenzhen for her internship (5 months), Livana and Hongcheng is going for a camp and volunteering in rural area CIP trip, or CCA trip? Forgotten. And me, is intending to stay overseas until the end of the year. My spirit is there already.. .So we’re real busy and packed and squeezed, and stress. Even if planning to visit Legoland as a family, also very stresss. 4 person for SGD300 bucks, 2D1N is really cheap. Sigh.. .no fate arr, my dearest Legoland tix. *build up stress*


No hands also very stress, not enough hands also will stress, too many hands also STRESS. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Lastly, GONGXIFACAI, and HUAT AHHHH because my fingers are getting numbed, from counting my money to typing on the keyboards for hours, and counting the microbes on a pinhead. This is getting frustrating and soothing at the same time. This is getting STRESSFUL. *stressed*









I still do not understand why is this getting sooo ridiculous haha.

Just woke up from a strange dream encounter.  So tired *yawns*

Every scene in my was muted and i could rmb vaguely how it goes. I dreamt of Qad and MY again in the same school compound. This time round, the school appears larger and of more high social class.

I believe thisis a gathering or dining hall. Was sitting in a huge dinner table with Qad and a random female classmate. She was bored. I was angry with Qad for something that happened in my bedroom. A flood that expose my project title. Alright, to put it simple, my dorm was flooded while im doing the routined cleaning or sth and some pipe broke, so there was this wetted piece of paper which is suppose to be confidential to students, appear on my floor tiles. Not understand why on the list, Qad is under vermin. The list covered three person, all girls i am sure. Ouh no! The other girl is Elsa!

I ended up furious after i found out Qad knew beforehand the results. Not sure why i stood up and flip the table feeling extremely angry. We started quarelling and emded up crying.

Thats when things gets weird. MY came inside the high class ballroom canteen with a group of male students and sat down. He didnt notice me, or in fact, he seems to be a stranger in my dream.

Is this my past life or sth? Haha

Just when i thought everything is going to be disastrous and dread comes in.. .i was SUDDENLY playing happily and laughing with Qad at the corner of the canteen. We were joking bout sth.. .i cannot recall.

Until my dad walked in the canteen in an elegant and big suit, was shocked! Ouh i rmbed!i showed Qad that my dad had written journals for his engineering career before! Yeap, she was smiling but i thought she felt suspicious. Coming to think of it now, is indeed funny.

Just as we were giggling in our highest pitch, i waved at pap and call out to him before turning back to Qad. not sure if pap found his seat or not, elsa came and i told her about her results.

Strange enough, a guy from MY group, i dont know him in real but in my dreams yes. His features too distinctive i forgot how he look like hahahaha

He was kneeling beside me talking, meantime i was fooling ard, joking with Qad at the vorner of the canteen.. why? Then he flew into rage, asking me why am i not listening to him.

This is the part!!
I held his hand in mine! Okay so who is he exactly? And smiled! Think im crazy alrdy :/ and told him! In a soft, calm, demure voice telling him i would listen to him in a while. Worst is i felt the warmt of his opened palm.

Then naise ending, i woke up. Tada! What is this -.-

还有我们 star vista!


No matter what happened, we re forever behind you. Laode jiayou&baozhong. Hope u can learn how to enjoy the trip! &to let u know i am still counting down! No way u can leave us here. So rmb to come back in one piece! Naise having dinner with us tgther always&forever! I love the jap green tea sushi& the roasted egg corn! Itacho damn nice! The hongkong cuisine also very yummy! With fried fritters cheong fun& superb crispy eggtarts.. .i want try again next time! Also, from now on everytime laode ask us out, i shall eat very little! How can i 吃霸王餐! Sumptuous meal verrry full and highly satisfied with the fooood, i love the octopus!! Thanks Qad for the movie! We watched journey to the west by stephen chow. So hilarious &tear jerking! We laughed &cry at the same time finding it hard to control my laughter at times. Truetrue. No love is great or small. For love is noble of all. I like how he picture that. I wish Qad&Laode a very prosperous new year& beautiful valentines day! Thanks God i have u both:) Forget about trying too hard to find time meeting. As long as we got each other at heart! QAD 万岁 还有加油↖(^ω^)↗ We all can do it! For our loved ones! *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* Zzz.. .zzz. …zzzzzz