But never a second I regret coming out with Laode to have Swensens and Subway 😀 Yummy!

NYP’s subway opened its first day today, and the queue was like longer than McDonald!

Awesome man!

AND LAODE IS ILL AGAIN! And still eating Ice-cream happily as a treat to himself for tomorrow’s run or something.

I saw Yvonne and Roger coming out from Adidas or which I can’t remember, I was shock so end up staring at her rooted to the ground.

She stared back and turn away walking faster than usual. Wow that is urhm.. .fast haha!

Not feeling indebted to her any more 🙂 Guess the problems she used to give me neutralize it all, plus at least I know they are still together braving through thick and thin, happy or not is up to them 😀

As long as the people I met today are still alive and kickin asses, why not be happy for them too? 🙂

Ouh, and Me& LD saw John too, at the bus interchange.

Guess it’s like meeting the class people session today HAHA!

Still the same old words,

happy to know people are doing really well, and still being happy 🙂

Lastly, thanks LD for sharing my woes, and the subway gift ANGbao,

I gave my pap instead, he say he need, almost go out and buy.


And can accompany me relax abit after my intense project meeting in school for the entire day today.

And also appreciate the support you gave, though yea, I may seem cruel, but you’re still able to empathize with my situation without being bias.





尴尬的笑容, 不能直话直说。
感觉很沉重。 现在的我好假, 好脆弱。 我比谁都清楚, 谁真的对我好, 我喜欢谁比较多。 我知道偏心是不对的, 万万不得。

其实真正来说, 你难过, 我也没有想象中快乐。 人为什么就那么自私, 像我这样, 进退两难。

A deleted FB post

还记得, 为了陪老的一起放学, 下课后不仅陪他吃午餐,聊的很开心。 等他参加课外活动时, 窝在图书馆看电影, 纪录片, 卡通片, 无聊到发呆, 还是愿意等他下完该下的琪。 然后一同回家, 有说有笑, 欢乐无比。 这样的日子, 或许不会再有了。 到底抱着怎样的心态来等待?

而我从什么时候开始, 不知不觉的等了四年, 再等开花结果吗? 应该是等老人家请我吃饭吧!有空记得花钱请我吃很多碗饭!!

Clench fist


Am listening to ‘I cannot forgive’, a song from a Korean drama. And ‘mean’ by Taylor Swift.

I don’t know why but I actually do not wish any of my friends to see this post, so maybe I am going to private this post or blog soon. Do not intend to defame anybody, yes, it is that serious, replying to my Qad. Though not a life and death issue, but after what happened today, I am 101% confirmed to make a good decision I will never regret.

Pardon me for my playful note of writing in this blog post. This is the only way to make myself feel better without breaking down. And adding a twist to my life, makes LIFE EASIER. IT DOES NOT MEAN I AM NOT SERIOUS OR TRUE TO WHAT I SAY OR FEEL. Because anything and everything only comes out of my mouth when I mean it. I am true to my heart, and accountable to heaven and earth, and hell for what I am doing all the time. Guess I don’t have to swear yea, whoever believes me believes me. Whoever don’t, just won’t. (Instead of saying period, shall replace it with) bloody period.

Do not wish to rant, maybe I should recount what has happened this afternoon. Which followed by my decision made starting tomorrow onwards. I am a happy, lovey dovey kid. When I don’t get angry easily, it only shows I have good self control. Does not necessary indicate that I do not own any temperament. A good friend is somebody who can be there physically or not even if the sky falls, A bad friend is a lifetime bad luck and disaster. Adding to that, a bad friend is more usually not a friend but a fiend.

The woman I am going to write about, is in fact already mentioned a trillion times in almost all my blog. I have been wasting my blog space for her. And apparently, it’s not worth it. Very not worth it. So this is the last time I am going to write about her. The very next time, if, if, if, if there is one, will be either on stomp website, or Google webpage.

My only motivation in life are love, peace and harmony. If any one of them is missing from my relationship or life, I will vanish in thin air. And I mean it. I will not succumb to your evil schemes. My friends may like you, your friends do but not me.

My money and time was spent on the wrong person. But lucky I had fun today because I didn’t really take you seriously before semester one. You were too ignorant and proud for me, I was very sure of that.

Alright, here I start, a summary of what has happened, because I am sick of wasting more time to recount on her great deeds.

PC invited me to enjoy over Playnation @scape today. As a gesture of goodwill to ‘celebrate’ this woman’s belated birthday as a group of clique, also to go on an outing when we can afford to for semester II. And myself feeling bad for not wishing you a happy birthday but no worries, because I won’t ever for the rest of my life! woohoo! Ended up, the woman read her book all the time, of course I can understand her love of reading. It is equivalent to I love my boyfriend, so every outing with whoever, I am going to bring my boyfriend along. Well, I can understand that if you are urgent in returning the book (because there is no such thing as renewing NLB books, pun fully intended) ,more willing to entertain your book that your friends, disrespect rather than not sociable. If I love your book so much, and am thick skin enough to say that you’d rather marry a book, than a man. Then please fuck a book and not fuck other people’s mind.

Yeap, I am not offended at the least. Because I love books too. I even shit on books, use book as a plate for my meals, make love to a book, and talk to a book, spend the rest of my life with a book and well, I guess maybe book gives birth to me too 🙂

I am able to eat happily, because I love SABA fish yummy 🙂 Told cha! I’m a happy kid, even if the FACT IS THAT I was hurt, but still nothing beats walking around naked with books. So I’m glad, I ONLY FELT HURT 🙂 Also, Umisushi is indeed delicious even if it’s over at 313! Not to mention I had a sumptuous dinner with EL too ! Seafood noodles and cold-served seaweed:D *bliss*

Then as we proceed, walking from 313 to scape. Everything was alright until, before I went into Playnation. You stood beside me at the front glass door, using that piercing laser eye, even stronger intensity as compared to Qad’s. Okay I must admit, this is certainly something better from you than Qad, in my heart, if not nothing else. And you suddenly open your huge freaking scary mouth, with that wide front tooth and a heaviest accent filled with hatred, blowing hot smelly air in my way. I barely heard you, but it sounds like “I FELT CHEATED”

A question please, did I cheat your money? Did I cheat your father’s money? Did I cheat your mother’s money? Did I cheat your sister’s money? Did I even cheat your grandparents’ money? Or maybe your dog’s money. Ouh, I knew it. Maybe I did. Cheat on your pet spider’s money. Cheat the beloved creepy crawly eight-legged hairy spider as big as my palm of yours of it’s feelings and $$. This, I have to apologise 🙂

Yes, I’d admit I did told you, that the Playnation is only 2 bucks per person. But I BELIEVE I also did tell you I ve never been there before. And that I thought EL booked at most 2 hours of fun and enjoyment, because time is precious. SO END UP, YOU ONLY brought $18 dollars to spend. IT IS FINE ABSOLUTELY! (no pun intended) Because the whole clique intend to pay for all your expenses today. It is just that you don’t know.

But you’ve just spread your disease around this afternoon affecting the whole clique’s mood because of your bloody inconsiderate temper and smelly mouth. Instead of playing wii with us, you sat at the corner of the soft fluffy sofa with your hot buttocks and read your book like a bookworm. It is fine, because I am a bookshit. I use to wonder why you have no real true happy friends surrounding you, now truth finally reveal itself. Because you simply do not deserve it.

I guess if a innocent cute young vampire go out with you also will vomit blood. Because she will see you reading your sucky vampire fucking each other story on a couch in playnation without even glancing at the wii TV nor console. And while all the others are eating, you’re still into the sucking period blood of vampires storybook. Never mind, vampires don’t have periods. Bloody period.

You are the one with the least budget, and could not afford to eat @a restaurant, but refuse to speak up, only immersed in the butt crack of a vampire story dripping shit. Ended up eating subway. If you told us earlier, wouldn’t it be fine? Attitude written all over your face. (cannot sarcastic your face, later thunder strike me)

Actually I do find that you’re very suitable to become an artiste. Actress to be exact. You can act as villain. Nah, should be you’re a villain yourself. It’s natural!! You’ve got great potential, fucking attitude, especially fucking art of dao-ing, fucking mouth full of poison, and a fucking brain full of evil thoughts. You know what? I have yet to tell anybody about some of your ‘good’ almighty acts, not until you sign a contract with media corp and people can see it for themselves 🙂

You purposely attitude me during our lunch time, not only did you not spoil my mood, I ate happily instead, so you switch to your scheme II, to knock me off my feet, make me feeling like I’m nothing. Your scheme II, is to tell me I cheat your feelings, so that I will feel down thru-out the gaming session with my beloved friends and wanting me to back out. Isn’t it? If you’re just plain jealous, I can understand. It’s human nature. But now, what you have is devil nature. I am suspecting if you’re a real homosapien. GOSH ):

Too bad, you failed both, because not only did I not leave, I sat down and play my guitar, sing loudly, and dance until I perspire! WOOHOO xD Someday I will be big enough so that nobody can hurt me, and all you ever gonna be is MEAN! Ended up, you left earlier. Well, though it really pains my pocket to pay for your game. But is okay to spend this money buying myself a lesson learn.

Soooo, I guess I left out a very big part of my story, but it doesn’t matter any more. Because I am never never never ever ever ever going to forgive you as long as I live. So no goodbyes, just a sucky farewell. Take today as a farewell party. Congratulations on myself to regain freedom woohoo 🙂 Even though I did shed tears on my way home tonight, because I simply tolerate so much smelly shit from you. But never again I promise 😀

From tomorrow onwards, I will sit at the back of the class. And not with you. NEVER. After our project work and presentation next Monday, I will officially delete you from Facebook. Not going to UK with you, I’d rather die than to do that. If I have to, I will quit school. I mean it. It is because of you, I dreaded school. You expect too much, bitch. You wanted this and that. Even Qad or LD don’t really force me to do things I dislike.

Seriously, I’d rather I solo and got no one to talk to in class, and is 1000 TIMES HAPPIER BECAUSE I CAN SELF ENTERTAIN, than to allow you to bring me down again and again. Drowning me in agony and sorrows. You once said I am pitiful because I have to tahan your bloody vampire period PMS in year 2012. So I thought it is over. But nah, the new bloody vampire period have just started.

Yes, I’ve been going to school recently daily with PC. But that does not mean anything bad. Just a company. Two’s a company. Had a chat with EL, rather to think EL is a horrible kid, she is one gentle loving kid too, because she fell in love with target HAHA

Glad to know there is actually LOVE on earth. SOMETHING I NEED more than water, air and food. LOVE feeds the soul. I have that, and that is WHY I gave up on you. You don’t appreciate your clique trying to please you, because you’d prefer bloody vampire cleavage over talking to them. You don’t appreciate the sensitivity I given you after your smelly mouth complains, you’d rather hurt me with you poison words and dart sharp glances at me at times. You don’t appreciate the attention and love we gave you, you don’t deserve it. Because you’d rather read the bloody two vampires making love book. You love fiction, and I belongs to the non-fiction. You don’t appreciate so many of us, 5 of us, spent our hungry and tired Wednesday afternoon to make you feel happy and blessed, because you’d rather want to spend time with yourself and your imaginary bloody period vampire boyfriend. I guess by this time, everybody will know what book are you reading already 🙂

I don’t mind my QAD or LD think otherwise, because your attitude is obviously against me only. So even i they love you soooo much, I am never gonna feel or do the same. Because I -hums- think I kind of hate vampires having period and making love on trees. HAH! You are only picking out on me because you thought I was the weaker woman. NAH, though my butt-crack not as attractive as a vampire, my clenching butt cheeks is STRONGER! Can kiap kiap make NOISE and deafen you 😀

I promised myself to never ever forgive you not because I am not benevolent or kind. But because I deserve to be happy just like now. Anything sad, will be over. There is no rain that will last, even if it’s a long day gloomy rain, the rainbow will come. *clench fist* *clench booty*

So tata! Short and sweet!

Comparing Flights

Am staying up late 😡 not forgetting tomorrow there’s a poster presentation, but I am so damn excited, I compared between Jetstar and Air Asia, also Tiger Airways.

Assuming I am getting to Taiwan from SG on 5/ 6th March to around 18, 19, 20 of March.

The cost is as such as 4 adults not taking into account on meals, duration of flights, and time of flight:


SGD 1, 208

Air Asia

SGD 2,296

Tiger (Don’t like their service)


Fly Scoot


Hmms, each paying about SGD300 is cheap for traveling to TP. But is so much above my budget ):



I would like to fly with you

I know I know. I am getting excited too!

Firstly, my project group mates couldn’t reach me this Morning and decided to give an urgent all to SC, that’s when QAD told her I might be sleeping and word leaks. Guess the whole class knows I am famous Amos for running away from projects due to Anthropophobia HAHA

Nevermind me, I was at fault for staying up late and in an totally extremely hyped state about the Punggol By-election. And ended up have to do power poster update in ten seconds time. Effective aye?!

Because I was soooo needed by my group mates (pun intended), I got 10 miss calls and many many whatsapp messages. When I am finally able to respond, I jumped out of my chair and do the work straight away. I just saved my life hahaha


But glad we all put in effort and complete the work in time. Woohoo! Three cheers to myself and my mates. Also, next week Wednesday, PC say a few of my classmates and me and SC will be invited to the playnation party to have fun 🙂 Also celebrating a belated. Hope she enjoys it!

‘Ve been traveling to school and fro with Pc for the past few days. She seems to be pissed by some encounters with another classmate. Me too. But now I’m in peace 🙂 Sweet peace with the people around me especially all my classmates. Because distance may not be a bad thing after all! It only means, solo is king 😀

And floating around in class, participate in as much activities as possible, as long as I do my work, and I pass my test, I chat with some people, hanging around duing lunch or dinner, finish my task on time, meet deadlines and such. University days are still enjoyable, isn’t it?

Also, my Uni, consists of only 700 days plus. That is like so freaking short term for me to actually learn EVERYTHING! I understand the rush. I look at it positively, because I save more money! Imagine if I’d be studying for 4 years, it only doubles my school fees. Yes, it’s hell load of stress. But if 51 of us is dying together, I don’t mind actually. I will try my best, and work hardest 🙂

Secondly, today’s family day was awesome! After some you tube watching and twitter following until the wee hours of 3AM, I woke Livana up and manage to chat with her abit, which in turn wake Regina up. We were the butt of jokers man! Thanks Laoyi for the yummy suuuuushi 😀

Though I ‘ve eaten like 400grams of raw salmon on Friday because mummy and I decided to have YuSheng at home prepared ourselves. COOL! once in 20years. Simply love it xD

Lastly, which is what I’ve been waiting to say since the start of year two or three in NYP, I so so looking forward to getting a chance to fly with my beloved QAD 😀

It’s been a long time since we enjoyed ourselves, plus the accumulating workload, school projects, homework, and the people, surrounding, negative build ups, surging emotions, family, friends and blahblahblah. So bothered by the world correct?

There isn’t any getaway like traveling to other places, because we walked around in Singapore for like a quarter of our lives. We’ve been to hundred of shopping centres, selling all the high-end and common goods. Imagine walking in Daiso again, or movie perhaps? Except for Wild Wild Wet, which I’m not int he least interested in, we almost combed the entire SG for fun, joy and laughter, experience maybe.

I know of course, there are places such as hotels, motels, high-class dining, very expensive games, branded bags shopping, expensive bungee-rides etc maybe don’t suit me. The furthest place I’ve been to should be Sarawak, my mummy’s hometown. Not losing to Singapore’s scenery! Because it is so upgraded, the place looks like mini England! Whatsmore, I will be visiting Newcastle-upon-Tyne like on 8th July 2013.

Maybe or maybe not, I will be touring around Paris, Italy, London, Perth, Germany, Manchester xD If I got the chance!

I still cannot forget my Kuantan trip, Genting  and such. I wish I can go to more places, before I am unable to walk, *staring at my knee*

Qad will not be free until CNY, or her exams I guess. Hopefully she got her well-deserve holidays 😀 And will most probably be sending Laode off to Taiwan, because because he says maybe he will get married there, so must send him off right 😀 *pulls Qad* Accompany me go airport experience the joy of sending laode off 😡 And watch planes taking flight, see if there is any flight to anywhere near, walk around, decide where to go, relax also fine 🙂

I actually decided to leave Malaysia out, for Cameron Highlands, Penang, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan, Ipoh, some islands or Johor. These places favors food, and natural produce, plantations, traditional places, caves, waterfalls, high-end shopping centers, somehow similar to Singapore, unless Legoland? Or bubble gums? hah

Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Macau, Hongkong, South Korea, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Laos, Myanmar? If too foreign, not only will we find difficult conversing, to walk about, let alone enjoy the trip isn’t it? Especially Macau for rich people, I know yummy egg tarts, but thinking of the high population density and amount of casinos makes me dizzy. Night life in Thailand are more vibrant, pubs and dancing, clubs and eating exotic meals, yes vegetables turns me on, but not fake goods. Yep, cheap shopping. Unless shopping can help me relieve stress, if not, don’t bother.

Think this getaway should not be too exhausting, not only must we get back feeling refreshed to concentrate in our studies, also must take note on our budget. Why not, instead of deciding on the destination. Just go with our guts and instinct while seeking out deals with air flight companies? xD

I agree with Qad saying, 2 girls traveling is kinda dangerous, to me, like overseas matchmaking hahaha If our mummies come with us would be great 😀 I bet my pap won’t be coming :p

*Le me take a look at Airasia emails*

My budget would be less than 300SGD for both me and mummy. Including expenses! Hope is sufficient >.<

Usually booking period is about 2-3 months before traveling for budget tickets. So I will meet up with Qad ASAP when she feels like going abroad 🙂 And use our lappy to search for fun, exciting places to go 😀

Instead of attempting to watch sunset or sunrise in SG, we can try in other places! woohoo 😀 Maybe can bring Mama go outside gaigai before she gets old 🙂

Qad, please be well, and happy. Eat healthily, stay cheerful. You can do it de! I’ll be supporting you mentally! We must work hard, so we can afford to spare time relax ourselves before we get into the society. Because I believe working means 365 days. Even if take leave, also can take no pay leave. If frequently take leave = sacked, provided working performance not good. And getting attached or married only means, honeymoon ONCE, work hard every night to have babies, and to set up a family and finance empire, save save save, work work work, slogging our lives to survive this cruel world.

Settling down just seems scary and sounds horrible to me, maybe one day maybe, somebody will just make me feel blissful and fortunate to get married. And when that day comes, alright, then let it come. TROLL xP Because no matter how I wish I can avoid it, I cannot deny my destiny.

Enjoy singlehood first, love myself and love Qad and my family 😀 Be self sufficient before I can love others 😀

I am still damn elated and looking forward to FLY, SOAR with Qad to many wonderland!!