Not really

I was once again tricked into her clutches of The abandoned. why?!

Did u summoned me to sch, for the sake of printing the pyps, i am very grateful however even suggest me to stay back after to study whuch ended up i was put to spending miserable time alone in the library.

I have to stop asking why in fact, because firstly, u dont deserve my attention anymore. Just like how u post a million messages on facebook, also how u tell me ur habitual crying spirit revoking.

Secondly, ur attitude was bad. I wonder the friendships u have, are they real? And despite u really like laode, i will still have to distance myself. Its an official thing starting from now.

Initially, i thought it to be as simple as possible. Probably my dislike towards u is the cause of my outing with ur ex boyfriend. I did that out of care and according to ur wish. But my sacrifice, apparently what i did wasnt appreciated and definitely not wothwhile. These series of events caused resentment between me and u. Unresolved feelings involved is destroying, digesting on our supposedly ‘friendship’, the onltybond we have so far.

I am not going to bother even if u cry urself to death. I must not. U are just using me as ur venting pillow, crying device, and if u needed any help, i seem to become a target. At first, i am glad i am a reliable friend to u, but subsequently, i became dispensable! Moreover! U only tend to stick to me when u have troubles to clear, frustrations to release, stress bugging u, or ur exs. If not, i am useless and our bond is meaningless. How do u call thus a friendship?

She even called me bias, telling me off on the part i look uglier in her photos as compared to my christmas photos! Of course i do, because the longer time i stay with u, the uglier i become. I repel from u because i wasnt good enough to ur high expectations.

Me myself wouldnt stoop so low ur standard trying to care anymore. Any way, though Qad doesnt share the same view as me, she is able to understand the pain i ve went thru, coming down to pass me maple and chat with me! 😀

Everytime i talk bout Qad gets me excited weee
We re going to mbs countdowb this year! And everything will be fun and naise and beautiful! With my mama, laocheng & laopei just wouldnt bear to step out of the house! Grr

Laoyi’s sentosa countdown tickets couldnt fetch any buyers as well. Well, she can go with pap i guess. Since both are above 18 yrs old, pap is asbove 60! Haha

My going to be very old parents, please be well next year! Everything’s gonna be alright!
The chezels Qad left me is superb delicious! Yummy! Waiting for mama to drop by boonlay so she can pick me up.. .and give me fooooood yipeeee!

Thunderstorm in bl right now, feeling cooler. Thanks God for all he did to love me. I am grateful and happy. Despite the adversity, i am living well and good. And sincerely to ching, goodbye:)


Again and again

And again and again just like the song by 2pm.

I failed my module again. But lucky this time round is a 6%. Hence the pain is reduced, also, clarice offered to send me her work to help me better understand the topic. I am deeply touched and in comfort to know that my classmate and camp mate is willing to care.

A million thanks really. I have to buck up and work harder! Not sure if Qad would join me at mbs this countdown. Any way, tomorrow will be travelling down to school to print my pyps. Thanks ching for the help!

Now feeling better and less stuffy. Maybe will be more motivated tomorrow morning. Gambateh! 🙂


This is why I felt at ease when I am schooling, this is why I felt at peace and sincere when at least somebody cares, even if it’s from a librarian in school.. .


Christmas and New Year Reminder


Dear Student


You should have by now seen messages from Student Progress Service at the start of term in September and prior to Halloween to bring to your attention the guidance offered by the University to students living in the community.


I am very pleased to inform you that the majority of students living locally have been very considerate towards their neighbours and feedback on the guidance has been positive.  Unfortunately, as in previous years, a small minority of students have not been considerate and the University has received and dealt with a number of complaints and Police reports of witnessed noise involving students since September onwards.  These have included reports of loud music and parties, offensive and abusive language directed towards neighbours, constant taxis arriving and leaving streets with the added noise associated with this form of transport such as car doors banging, people talking and shouting and so on.  This is just a few of the issues raised by both student and non-student residents living in the local area, the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit (Council) and the Police about Newcastle University students.    Such complaints not only bring the University’s reputation into disrepute but spoil the good reputation of the majority through inconsiderate behaviour.  The Noise Nuisance Protocol has been followed to address the reports and complaints received.


I would like to point out that it appears in most cases, excessive alcohol consumption has been a factor.  I therefore wish to take this opportunity to remind you to think carefully about your alcohol limit as you are expected to be in control of your actions; being too drunk will not be accepted as a valid excuse for misconduct.  Christmas is fast approaching and I’m sure you will have lots of plans to celebrate in Newcastle or at home.  I really hope that you enjoy your nights out but please do make sure that you look after yourselves and friends.  The University receives many reports of situations involving students where the Police were involved.  All of these incidents are likely to have had long term negative impact for these students and our message to you all is if

you are going out have a good time but be vigilant about your drink being spiked and don’t drink so much that you make yourself vulnerable to injury or being a victim of crime.  Keep yourself and your friends safe by limiting the amount you drink.  See the full Alcohol Message.  Note that there is now arrangements in place for an emergency taxi service.  If you have your student card with you ring 0191 2985050 and quote NEW02 – then give your card to the taxi driver as payment for your journey.  If you do not have your student card call 0191 222 6817 and quote your student number.  Your library account will be frozen until you receive an e-mail from the Students’ Union to (collect your card and) pay your taxi fare.  I suggest that you store this information in your mobile for future reference.  It is also recommended that you have an ‘in case of emergency’ person(s) programmed in your mobile – example: ICE – Adam (friend).


The University has received some concerns from members of the public that I also wish to highlight.  Firstly, broken beer bottles and glass dropped on pavements and roads in Jesmond over the last few months.  Carrying bottles and glasses poses not only a safety risk to yourselves but can also be dangerous to other people and animals and can damage vehicles; please be considerate and leave bottles and glasses at home or in the pub/club!  Second, the issue of students riding bicycles – the University has received reports regarding dangerous riding that represents a real danger and threat to other vehicles, pedestrians and themselves.  Be safe and considerate by following the helpful tips for safer cycling and reading the highway code for cyclists:


Tips for safer cycling:

The Highway Code: Rules for Cyclists:


Please remember that the examination period will soon be underway in January and you should all be studying hard to ensure good results.  Please note that younger students are also currently studying for mock examinations and I’m sure that most of you will remember how important and stressful this time can be.  For some of you, your exams may be completed within the first few days and you may make plans to celebrate.  I should be grateful if you would however, please remember that the exams will continue for other students and they will still need to concentrate and study hard.  Therefore, please be considerate to your fellow students by maintaining quiet during your journey home late at night and during the early hours of the morning.


I do hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.


With best wishes,



Mrs Dawn Gray

Case Officer
Student Progress Service

Student Services

King’s Gate

Newcastle University
United Kingdom




This email was mass sent to warn the students around my home school estate. This is really what I meant the warmest regards one can get from a concerned school. And this is what I want and expect from a decent reputable college. And this is what I got only from my university in the UK. Not locally. Why is this so?

Seems like Sg may not be as spoon-fed as we thought it is! Or maybe we are! But somehow, Newcastle just don’t seem much cold-blooded, and really thanks for sending this out to the students. Because you care, and how wonderful it is to have somebody caring!

Am excited to plan for my UK trip, not too early I guess. 7 months from now! Also, I love my Christmas outing pretty much better than last year! We got soooo much fun! Though it was damn crowded, we got to queue or wait for our turn at times. But I’m simply lovin it every second spent with my QAD and Laode! 🙂



What I like about wolves, is that they travel in packs.

And there is always this Alpha leading the pack in hunting and other activities. I love the teamwork, the fun, the hunger, the energy and warmth.

But what I not like about wolves now is  how people just turned all the wolves into humans and vice versa prior to lycanthropy.

Recently, I get to watch a romantically filmed Korean movie, seen by Park B.Y and Song J.K.

I absolutely love the song performed by the female lead holding a guitar!

werewolf boy OST

It is titled as ‘My Prince’.

Lyrics as follows:

All night, I wait for the sun to rise out the window
Because when morning comes, I can meet that person
Thank you for holding my hand, thank you for looking into my eyes
Thank you, my prince that I’ve dreamed of, for appearing before me

All day, I wait for the moon to rise in the sky
Because when night comes, I can talk to you
Don’t forget our promise, don’t forget our secrets
Don’t forget how my heart raced when you looked at me

[Spoiler ahead!]
The male lead was a lycantropy research subject caged in a cottage near some country side of south Korea.  The owner/researcher died of heart attack one particular night after releasing the beast from the enclosure with the intention to feed it with a bucket of raw meat. Heard growls and groans, then a darkly figured hairy monster was kneeling inside with a pair of sharply reflected eyes.
This was later seen by a girl, 19 who is an awkward introvert teenager. Her father passed away and mother worked as a typewriter to sustain the lives of the family of 3. This girl has a younger sister living with her. They managed to move into an isolated terrace beside the abandoned cottage which is also when the girl and her mother discover the existence of the human wolf character.
Later on they lived together, despite many attempts to send him away to an orphanage failed. The girl managed to train the guy using a dog training manual. And they got together well, eventually falling in love with each other. But of course, most of the time, they were playing around, drawing, writing, playing guitar, chasing games, sports, with the neighboring kids.
What really upsets me is the sacrifice both female and male lead has to made to gain world peace. So that both of them stays alive. While the edited ending is cool. They gotten themselves a chance to meet, because 47 years down the road, she migrated to the U.S setting up a family of her own. The sale of the house for upgrading works got the old girl now, to travel back to the country side with her grand-daughter. Then and there, she met the silly ‘wolf’ who waited for her half past a century. He waited because of her note before she moved out of the house.
The note indicates that she will be back, requesting him to wait for her.
But of course! the last ending part is the most heart-warming scene, when they got each other a farewell hug and story-telling time in bed. After the sun-rise, the grandmother went home, decided not to sell the house. But of course, she left her last words, this time round, telling him not to wait any more. I am glad she lived the life she wanted, when young, she always wanted a diploma so that she can move to U.S. And her wish was granted because of her efforts and hard work put in. And that the love shared between both is certainly touching to the core.
Before the scene fades, he was lastly seen standing on top of a snow-covered hill watching her drive away. Everything was like a dream. But given a serious thought, life is all but a dream, isn’t it?
This is a fairy-tale, and indeed, a fairy-tale love story will not have a happy ever after ending always. So much for paying to get myself to go through this heart-wrenching love story for a total of 2 hours!!
But still, thanks for the experience and naise plot any way! 🙂
Very beautiful and tough actress and beastly actor. Good acting skills!
I used to cry like mad, sobbing my heart out when it comes to watching a sad, touching romance movie. But for this one, I didn’t’. Most probably because I can sense it, feel it deep-down my soul, that this is bliss. And even if they did not manage to meet in the end like how it is supposed to be originally, I will be glad.  This is a better story than twilight 😡 Not as bloody haha
This movie also taught me to cherish whatever, whoever I have with me . Because somethings, some scenes, some feelings, some emotions, some love only happens once in a lifetime, once in a century for me.
So all in all, lycantrophy is not so bad after all, if if it is made with good intentions, instead of recording how bloody or cruel these monster can be, this is much more gentle, and peaceful. Thanks also, for changing my perception with the use of lycantropy in movies. And please, I hope no more mutations going on, all trouble begins from here, from mad scientists.
I must not become one of them in the future. Never!
Werewolves 🙂 Nono, no worries, I will not go cranky and go Facebook posting I want to marry a werewolf like blahblahblah. No way. hahahaha!

Temple of time

As holy as it sounds, its a soundtrack from maple story. So beautiful, peaceful, and full of grace. Whenever i felt aloof, when i wanted a space of my own, this song just works like a key.

The moment its played on my samsung, the platform immediately appear in front of me. Angels playing tunes and dancing in heaven. All i have to do is sit there, on the widely spaced stairs, smiling, staring into the dream scene.

With my lala land materializing in front of me, all i have to do is breatheee, and be amazed by the stunning image. I realised, everytime i felt tired, my writing skills improved, though i dont speak verbally anymore, i write.

The most basic pen to paper style. Sat down on my desk, switch on my desk lamp, started scribbling magic.

If im not a scientist or nutritionist, most probably i would be doing music related work. Write songs perhaps! Appreciating the art and nature around me. What a gorgeous and wonderful world im living in right now.
Am blessed with wealth.

Received my one year allowance 7k for being a scholar. Blessed with classmates! Loads of em i can turn to in times of need. Friends, some really took the initiative to talk to me annually. Heartfelt gratitude unspoken. But i sincerely appreciate the good thought. And oh lord, bless everyone living on earth this coming christmas!

All the best, human beings! Had a pretty crazy birthday party at melvin s house few minutes ago! I am seeing flowers blooming everywhere, let the lovers love.

Let the rain wash away the pain of this year, let us rejoice, welcoming christmas with open arms.

Listen! Lord is calling out for me. Celebrate jesus birth this xmas. Thanks lord for the love and salvation! My deepest gratitude.

Hope i can survive tomorrow! And most importantly, today. My dearest father, goodnight. I am forever ur most favourite child am i not?

The god of love, is my god.

Feely bittly

Happy for Qad! Getting good grades for her exams!
Excited and anticipating coming xmas!
Glad and relieved i am getting back on track for my school work hehe
But feeling upset for myself at times. Recently, sc asked me about Qad’s progress in sch. I found out they were nt keeping in contact nowadays. Why didn’t she asked about her life or happiness, but rather about work. Very realistic indeed.

Iam really starting to doubt myself as time goes. I have to admit I was indeed too blur and careless for university. Because of my sickness, I was not able to complete my work in time. Not only that, I failed many components of my modules despite the low percentage. Though am picking up coping better now. However, I still do have lousy incomplete work handed in. Very disappointed in myself.

Also, to be Frank and honest with my soul, I am not living well with my classmates yet. Some of them gave me too much stress.. don’t feel like mentioning names. At least I am glad some didn’t rush me, most probably not having high expectations from me. But her again. Sigh. Really don’t wish to talk about her anymore. I know I have to be appreciative and nice. But I have my limits too.

Stop giving me attitude. I am only but a student.  Stop hitting me  and say I influenced u to slack, one can choose what u want to do and how u live ur life. We are not blood related in any way, I am so damn certain there is no possibility of genetic inheritance. I may appear lazy to u! But that’s how I work effectively! Taking breaks in between, enjoying bits and pieces of my precious life.

U may be proud all u like as long as u don’t step on to my shoe thanks so much. And only my parents and friends who love me can hit me. U have no rights to do so. Not sure when it begun, I felt that u are gender biased. U are gentle and cheerful in front of man as compared to the real u. Enough of ur story, whatever u do, just leave me alone. I did my best serving u.

All u ever did is scold me for being lazy, I watch drama u also not happy. I want to live my life! Never yours.

Piece of good news, I am going to receive scholarship allowance this wonderful Friday! 
Neutral news is that I have coming test, assignments, reports, birthday parties, Christmas party and many more!
Bad news is that I was too blur and lost my appendix materials and nobody was there to help me. Also, I got reprimanded by sit for not being professional as a university student.

Busy yet happy, contended yet sad, sweet at times yet stressed. Mama once told me to stay away from this girl. I did not heed her advice because I wanted to have my stand, listening to my heart. Now I have learnt my lessons dearly and painfully.

If staying together with a person, be it friend or anybody, makes u unhappy too often. It can only show one important message,which is u not suited, not fated to be with him or her.

I am missing my Qad terribly. I can finally understand why do people say the largest distance apart is the heart, never the actual metres. Every time I felt like visiting her now and then is becoming very difficult.

What have I become? And Boon pin, I read your thank you post on Facebook. Thanks for being understanding too! 
I know you are having a hard time in camp, trying to redefine ur life. 加油! 你可以的!

As for me, will just do things at my own pace. Life is more important than slogging ur guts out making millions of sacrifices I will regret in the future!

And I sincerely hope she will keep her attitude to herself because I am not giving her any more attention unless necessary.

Last piece of advice, if u really love too drink soup so much, and keep pestering Boon to bring u, please go ahead without me because u initiated it. Stop saying things like u are not going without me. I hate to drink soup!

Christmas !

Last year, me my Qad& laode enjoyed our cable car ride with popcorns and soft drinks. These memories never fail to bring a smile on my wide dimpled face.

The brightly lit tree ecorated with ornaments, ringing bells, santa red hat and laughters.

How bout this year? After carolling, singing and lighting up candles back in methodist church, gift exchanging with my girl brigaders , to dinner with my attachment company, until a christmas celebration with my university. Fish and chips for dinner? Sweet!

Watching this beautiful sunset in front of me onboard mrt, i only wish to reminise good memories. Nostalgia much.

But today in class i became sensitive. Once in a while is fine, however if it makes me upset, only spells disaster.

I shall not talk about ching. Though we stick thru tgther a lot, i felt a solid seperation between us, built up by me. I like being with her. And i appreciate all the help and thats all 🙂 seldom i discredit people, but there is a difference between love and like.

And after hearing what elsa told me. I could not stay ignorant and insensitive to my surroundings anymore. There’s a weak enmity in class. Some sort of bitter resentment, a very slight dislike and little bit of anger.

I dont like the unfair treatment. On the contrary, this world is never fair to start with. Justice only plays a minor part in solutions. Love is the key. In some countries, rapers get closed behind bars less than 10years and others scot free.

Some murderers not punished. Where is the love? Why is this world such a cold cold place. Where can i find warmt. Oh lord, you do exist in our hearts.

Im awaiting, seeking for the overfilled love and faith. Stop arguments, conflicts, hatred, satan and evil spirits. 

I want to have the happiest christmas this year. Because i survive another year! Woooooooh!



哈哈哈! 圣诞节快到了。

怎么办嘛。。 。该怎样庆祝呢?

大病一场后, 惊觉自己应该活得更自在, 更快乐。 或许是压力过大, 累坏了身子。

那也未免太逊了吧! 动不动就累坏。 好像是给一大堆借口一样!

不过说真的, 我总是难免会给同学一种很憋的表情,好像全世界的事都是本大娘管似的。

不忙坏自己才怪。 生病的时候 , 朋友的 whatsapp 都纷纷叫我要好好休息。 太过操劳才会病惨, 但是! 老妈吩咐我要留在家吃药, 不可以上学, 还真让我闷坏。

不过到了学校也好好玩。 其实啊, 说她不关心我是太小看自己了! MC 的这段日子, 她每天都要发我一大堆简讯。说什么病好了就请我吃苹果!


挺窝心的! 这就是我生命里最大的推动力, 不是吗? 朋友的关怀,和支持不就是我要的吗?

这样才是所谓的爱情, 友情吧! 哇哈哈哈哈!

班上那位热情的同学吖, 谢谢您的好心好意, 想帮我诊断一下病情, 可老娘没有相思病! 相你的头 -.-

除了咳不停以外, 其余的, 应该别无大碍吧。

我呀, 福大命大! 不会那么容易挂掉的哈哈!


常常突然病发, 导致老爸觉得我不会照顾自己。

本来身体就不好嘛! 不知到是不是不喜欢剪指甲, 才会那么容易生病!


纳闷! 不知所措。

现在虽然过的很开心, 但一想到毕业后,就要离开那么爱的学校, 真的万分不舍 ):



到了工作的年龄, 遇到的人就不一样了。