Ace II

Signed up for a new phone!

Because I wanted to best benefit from my student status as much as possible before I graduate.

And have to pay like an adult later in my life.

What’s good bout this phone is that.

I can Whatsapp my Hyperion campers, also spam messages without having to care for my usage.

Just that with the local data bundle, can be a huge distraction for me.


Currently finding my three M1 numbers, QAD is the first 😀


I love M1, sunshine phone line!

Though it is not comparable to Singtel or Starhub in technical sense, M1 still won the race in being service oriented after all.

Good job!


The Xperia model which can defend against dust, dirt as well as being waterproof is just so attractive.

But I doubt I needed a phone with this features, I don’t live in a harsh environment?


School will be starting in a months time.

I will be sloughing hard on the fields, mugging most of the time, and having some great time doing activities, and lastly concentrating in lectures, and exam-focused.

Extremely intense but I love it! Hope I won’t stroke lapse from overly high adrenaline rushing.


Will be watching STEPUP3 and dinner at cineleisure this FRIDAY woohoo! With hyperion.

While I get my Facebook up. It’s been a hard time arranging things. And looking thru every single corner of my wall.

Trying to get a better presentation of myself, also motivate myself to keep an optimistic attitude in life.


Since they re no financial problems any more about my education, I should put in 101% into my studies, and chiong for my two critical years!

My mind must be cleared before I start school! My new year resolution is to stay geek for the entire Nutrition major.


And my wishes for Christmas shall be more friends in university, build up trust, faith, strength in my long-term relationship with the rest.

It is only mid Autumn moon festival and I’m so hyped up for everything else!

I want to go on a Holiday! But it’s soooo cold.. .brrrrrrrr


Yesterday I came back to BoonLay. I insist because no matter who is in the wrong, no matter what happens, even if my pap killed somebody or what. There is no way I will isolate him at BL. Times I find it hard for him to cope on his own and my kins are staying down Merah.

So I will initiate to come home and accompany my pap. I know my presence means something. And that I will definitely not regret, as I did my best, years down the road.


I went JP and outside Guardian, there’s a newspaper stand showing WAN BAO, and I read the front cover stating there is a women charged for stripping her student naked and humiliate her in front of her school. This is atrocious. And it reminds me of my mum, yes.

My mamee used to do that. It is a torture for me physically and mentally. I mean up till now I still remember how my neighbours looked at me with those pair of eyes. Then I remember telling Vivian (ex girlfriend) ‘s mummy during a dinner at her house, that I love my mummy no matter what she does.


And I did it! woohoo 2 cheers for myself hip-hip-hurray! 😀

I manage to forgo any hatred I have for her, to understand and love her because my mum, she may not be the best, but she is for me in the least. She had been a great mum taking care of my needs and such, my most powerful PA. So why would I neglect her?

I shook with fear, rooted to the ground beside the newspaper stand, memories play back. Then suddenly I was in the present. I am standing well and strong. I knew instantly I won the war. The battle between me and my past.

And my dad, who cares if he used to cane me like I’m a soft-toy, stepping onto my pride, and breaking my ego. Always screaming at me, hurling hurtful remarks and words when he’s drunk, he is still my pap after all.

As the eldest daughter in the family, what I can do is forgive, just like how they forgive me when I did things wrongly. For example sleeping in with my ex.

And I meant it literally, whatever happened that night still vividly stays on my mind. I am conscience-clear, and would rather not explain in details, though QAD knows everything 🙂

I am grateful for I am still human after all the adversities. I still crave for love and yearn for it. I still long for care and relationships. Isn’t that great? All the negative impact heals with time. And positive ones stays and fought my battle.

Being nostalgic is one thing, but being gracious and able to give whatever you take is the king. I don’t have to remember. I don’t have to forget. I just have to let go, give it all to God and let him take away my pain and sorrows. Give it all to him, let him open my heart. Cleanse me of my soul of evil acts and thoughts. I need freedom. Best way to free ourselves is actually to not become emotionally attached to Satan. Isn’t it?

And how I define Satan is anything against God, and anything against me 🙂

Thoughts are really powerful, they can change lives. Depending on how do you use them exactly. As for me, I play videos in my brain. I let it run all day and shut it down at night. Do things systematically, and I got it! *tada*


The hardest transition in my life, in fact, is when I suggest changing my phone into a smart one.

The very first time I step into the Samsung store and I stare at all the models, feeling dizzy.

I felt like crocodiles in my stomach (pun fully intended)

YUCK was my reactioon every store I visit until I settle down in M1 retail store.

KNOW WHAT? THEY PROVIDE CHAIRS for me! (for their customers to be exact)

And I felt like I’m in heaven~

Okay no time to be exaggerating as if I own M1.


But I’m lovin it 🙂

-Hug my phone- x3x3










Haters gonna hate. Forgive and forget those who look down on my occupation or choice of education.

I always wanted to major in Food and Nutrition since I was young.

Now is time to focus, concentrate and work hard, work smart, work cool to do what I always loved.

And not to bother with whoever looked down on my dreams.


I know life is not going to be straightforward not as easy as it seems.

But I will try my very best, give in my all, put my 101% efforts into making things work.


I had an AWESOMEEE! TIME ever for mine Orientation camp during 21-23August 2012.

This is by far the best camping experience ever in my 20 years of life!

We had fun, joy, laughter, buffet meals (pastamania, fourseasons,stamford&so on), games, telematches between empires, Gangnam style dances, Wednesday ladies night, Running man episodes, beauty pageant contest, solving the crime scenes and ETC!

I believed it is such a wonderful experience and success because the co-team actually planned these 9 months ahead! Starting early this year. What great and respectable people they have in SIT 😀

Having an ambulance on standby for 3D2N, a big-hearted driver who wakes up early 4AM in the morning to deliver our breakfasts, the group of certified “Missys” whose willing to lend a support in case of emergencies. And many more!

Those who did not get to enjoy this camp are gonna regret it REGRET IT MAX!

What I really love MOST is my EMPIRE: Hades!

We won the best empire award in this entire camp. Gratitudes to everyone involved and CHEERS for other empires as well! Hurray!

I love my descendant groupie! : Hades 2

We have few girls a some boys together in a 14-ppl group.

Had a great time getting together, breaking the ice, knowing each other and playing jokes.

We bonded very well, though I’m the quiet freak for most of the time.

I prefer listening to them, they’re all fun a naise people!


Though we mix around for lunch straight after camp break at JP  LJS, however I missed the outing they had at night fest on Saturday :/

Was out with QAD&John for movie and dinner.

The Welcome ceremony was AWKWARD!

I was the only person dressed in black blouse and made to stand at the front of the stage because I was late by an hour!

Because I did not do my homework properly, and took the wrong bus to reach RP TRCC.

Ended up walking miles.

I almost got kicked out of the auditorium because they do not accept irresponsible students, especially scholars!


I am now residing at Merah, for I miss mummy’s cooking 😀

Now everything is over, I am waiting for my time-table.

As well as starting to plan for my well deserved holidays. It had been weeks since my work contract ended.


Food & Nutrition course is different from Nutrition & Dietetics degree!

I don’t prefer working in a hospital settings, maybe not as a Nutritionist.

I wanted to further my education if not settle down as a researcher.

But most importantly, I don’t pursue a degree just because I wanted to secure a degree.

What I wanted out of these two years are not experience.

But building blocks of  vision.

Being an idealist, I need a visionary POV.


And I have yet to regret taking FS as my main stream.

Don’t make me 😀

Reason for staying single

After reading what LWL, LKY’s youngest daughter wrote on the article,

dawns on me that it is also what kept me single all these while.

When I know what it takes to be a good mother and a wife,

but I just cannot trust myself, nor visualize what happens to me if I am married.

I guess I’m just not self-sufficient, and very lacking in self-confidence, and having a low self-esteem.

Faith, I need faith.

Lord, I need you!

Heaven knows

It is the first time ever,

I spoke with mummy with no tears in our eyes.

You know you’re a grown up when you could actually start discussing things without feeling too emotional.

Without feeling too burden, just like some chitchat.


And you handle them all so well.

Nothing is too overwhelming.


I surrendered my soul to God.

I want to hand myself to him.

In exchange for peace, faith, love and grace.

To give him my all completely.

I belongs with him 🙂


Because I cannot do things all my myself.

I’m just too stubborn, not confining to fate nor anyone’s control.

But now I know.

I needed a Lord, someone who could tame me.

And that worthy almighty one would be my heavenly father.


I’m coming back home  🙂

Only him, can feel me up with love, up to the brim.

Only him can ever make me felt complete, and wonderful.

He is my all, my everything.

My pillar of strengths and faith.

I could depend on him, all I ever need to do is to surrender myself.

And live in peace forever.

Free from diseases, from worldly affairs or desires.

And attain true happiness and freedom.


In his name, I can do good.

I can soar.

I can be myself and he still loves me:)

I don’t turn to him just because I am troubled and leave him once I’m better.

But made him my lord thru-out my life.

Worship him, hold him above myself,

placing him number one and look upon him.

For he is worthy of my praises.


And all I have to do is to raise my head, and I will see him.

I will seek him, his words, his teachings, his love.


even now, after knowing all the deepest darkest secrets of my family,

even after my pap was diagnosed with severe case of diabetes such that he needed jabs every single day to sustain himself,

or my mam, very susceptible to diseases due to her high risk of stroke and her current condition of hypertension.


My life,

has never been really good.

But I am very contended and satisfied because he is with me 🙂

Since a very long time ago.

And I know he watches me.

God, I love you. Really I do.

For you love me first!


I’ve got difficult childhood, difficult growth, difficult life.

But it is not the worst.

And I strive, I grow stronger, because adversity made me a better person.

Just because the wind is not blowing in my direction doesn’t mean I cannot move on.

Even if my speed is so much slower, nothing is gonna stop me.


The best lesson learnt in my life so far,

is to learn how to love.

I am still loving, learning how to love, trying harder and smarter day by day.

Sincerely with all my heart, liver and love.

I want to become the person whom I want to be.



Just like the part in my spontaneous writing exercise booklet I wrote 7 years ago to my form teacher,

I would like to take on the food&nutrition course.

Just like de javu, whatever I wanted,

all came true.

My dreams came true.

My predictions,

I earned and gained everything with my own means.

I am proud of myself and proud of my lord.

Thanks God, praise e lord!




Officially Not Friends

Blame it on myself.

Maybe I want to be more than friends with you, or nothing with you at all. I don’t know.

But thanks for being there anyway.

Anywhere I needed you to be.

Appreciate and gratitudes to J for 

The days when 

-My lappy got stolen, you was there watching me cry

-My phone was lost, you retrieved it back for me.

-We had dinner at Burger King JP I forgot why

-We had dinner at Jurong Safra, JP, it is always Jap food

-We had green apples after every single meal

-I fell in love with soymilk drink because of you

-The day I planned your birthday at the Hortpark

– We planned Laode’s birthday together

-Our dinner at Sumo which gave goosebumps to the good man

-I said I will follow you wherever you go when the good man asked where is my next destination

-We spent all our 3 months of weekends together in labs

-You stop hating coconuts

-You touched my face, hold me and took care of me when I’m sick

-You watch me sleep on your bed& fed me porridge

– You don’t mind who am I or who I am

-You wanted to love the people around us with me

-You was worried if I got cut by test tubes, or the time I wore your old broken watch

-In the library you kept smiling though I was crying myself silly

– Our favourite meal is fish soup vermicelli with lots of chilli

– You say you will wheelchair me if I am not able to walk any more

-You lied to me

 – We had our last photo, though I am 101% not willing to.

– You spent time listening to me talk at my CC

– Our 111111111111 hour was spent chatting at my playground

– You gave me the apple shirt.

-We went Bugis to get presents for my beloved clique

-You reluctantly ride a double bike with me

– We quarrel while laughing at each other

-You brought me to salad bar in our home clothes in town

-You told me crying is my way to release stress

-You say only strong people cry

– We chanced upon each other outside the school gate just when we’re missing each other like crazy

– You calm me down because I was freaking worried about that overseas trip.

-You helped me fold cranes for Laode’;s birthday during the midnight

-We shared a tub of durian Ice cream and a box of chocolate

– I received your necklace with my name printed wrongly 

but I really love it.

– We made mistakes and we both admit it.

-You tolerated the wilful and attention seeker- me

– You’re willing to dream the impossible with me

-You say you love me


Of course, there’re many more I might forget, but whatever it is. You’re a very special person to me. I will have you hidden well in my heart forever. Just that I could not fake, fake the fact that we’re not friends at all. And we’re strangers from a long time ago. I cannot fake things you can.


I only have to account to myself. So I left no messages for you. The last message I gave you was to ask when does your NS starts. Just so that I know you’re still alive. But nevermind. I don’t deserve to know a thing since I hurt you in the past. But thanks anyway, because I am very very happy and glad. I was over all the shit I used to complain about. 

I moved on. No longer stuck in that heartbroken state over many useless memories. Now I have better things to hold on to. Precious and dear people whom I want to hold them in my heart. 

Thanks for teaching me everything I needed to know about love. It is the biggest lesson learnt. And thanks for your kindest sacrifice. Just like you once told me, there’re two types of sacrifice. Just hope you know in the end, your sacrifice is good. 

Lastly, I wish to offer my heartfelt gratitude to all my beloved friends&family 😀 for supporting me all these while. Including you, my once very good friend. Goodbye!


Shortest bus ride ever

He reminds me of Laode in every way.

The way he dresses, his features, his height, his language, the way he carry himself. And his big head -.-

On the bus today, was the first time we had a chat otw to vivo city in my 3 months working at RWS.

He was the one who gave me a lot of information regarding NS activities just like LD or Zephy.


Just when we were about to go thru a roundabout, he told me he has a packet of pork gelatine gummy pigs in his bag. And no offence he sneakily grab it and pass to me.

Before anyone notice, I swallow greedily at the gummy pig face, stuffing it hard down my throat.

He bought it at MarksSpencers.

Well, one thing that shocks me was.. .

He says: ” Wouldn’t it be tiring if there is nothing to eat during work?”

This is exactly what Laode told me every single year.

See! So alike! And make me miss Laode even more! Though I am too sure they’re not the same person.


Well, not exactly.

I don’t really miss Laode. trololololol!

He can call me from that kongkong island just because he is bored& his internet connection is slow!

Or when he could not get thru to KH.

Just a few minutes phonecall is enough to show how deprived are NS guys of gaming, and social activities.

This is good training psychologically. HAHA

Unless they got a girlfriend. . .


I felt like inviting Laode to my SIt welcome ceremony because I got a guardian ticket and my parents don’t own formal attire.

Since Laode is my guardian angel -.- 

So I might as well let him join me right? I am going on stage for the scholarship photo taking!


Back to the short bus rude which took me less than 10 minutes.. .

He received a call while he was talking to me excitedly about USS.

Then he answer it& hang up in a rush, planning to call back later.

I know I know right?


And according to what I feel and see,

He teases me a lot though he is sociable with the other temps.

I am glad at least people bothers about me:)



And the new temp who replaces me!

Thanks God as I wished, he’s a guy.

So that he can carry heavy items!

And just so today he proves it to me, he can carry over 100kg of boxes of paperwork!

Gosh! >.<


He is such a tall. huge build giant, I think probably the highest among my colleagues in this department.

And he’s from SIM!

He doesn’t know Sang anyway 😡 Cause SIM is too big a population of students.

Glad he is responsible and capable to undertake such a tedious job.

Though I am pretty worried for his big hands.


From my experience, those born with huge palms are people more inclined to drawing, and kind of clumsy *gulp*

Hope he can do well after I left the place :D:D


Tomorrow is Laopei’s birthday, 

I am once again the old hagged planner.

I have to start now before it’s too late! D:



Back to the ending of the bus ride. …

I will forever remember what he said.

“”Today is your last day right?””

Repeating three thousand times a day LOL



会在你狠狠地拒绝他的感情以后, 还愿意做你的朋友,


什么也不知道, 傻傻的祝福你生日快乐。



可他什么也不知道, 你逍遥快活的不需要他。

守着的人输了。 输给了争取的人。





My only one way

I am going to SIT welcome ceremony earlier for rehearsals as a scholar 🙂 yipee!!

I sincerely wish my beloved QAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀

Hope today is her happiest day, out with boyfriend, or at home with her family 🙂

I was wondering these few days if I should have a birthday surprise for her planned with her family since she hardly celebrate her birthdays with her parents. Why not let me kick start things.. .however mummy advise me not to. She says QAD may like to celebrate with her bf and I will become a mega huge light bulb and shine onto the whole world ):


It’s that bad ya know? My LAOS were very very disappointed with mamee. They say I should just go ahead.

But never-mind:) Because I know she will have a great time anyway! 


And I am starting to live life without missing him that bad 😀

Still I have to thanks him, for bringing the best out of me.

And wash me of my pain and hurt.

Now I am able to face love all over again!

My heart has space once again, not like once scarred and bleeding.

Thanks for the healing:)

Thought we’re not fated, 

I can happily say for the next guy,

I will accept him for whoever he is.


Even if I don’t know him yet.

Or even if he’s a monster in the end.

I will try.

To love again:)



Went to the barrage and garden bay today.

Extremely exhausted after that.

My Sunday family day was greatest! 🙂

The late dinner is so yummy!

It is only 10PM and I felt like it already is 3 in the morning.

Think I am totally beat out, K.O.


Shall turn in soon after I shower.

Laopei is still rushing her homework while Laoyi&Laocheng both helping her.

Last minute work grr.

I used up all my battery, shouting across the barrage all the time in the dark.

I cannot figure out the bunch of rude youngsters’ face.

It’s too dark. But forget it 🙂

Since I know they’re a bunch of incorrigible idiots. Then let it be. Rotten apples :/

Posing for a photo by shouting out their gang code.

Seriously? Nowadays youngsters ):



Pity them.


I have last week fo work left before I plan and enjoy my holidays.

1 month of holidays 🙂

Then start school. God bless! 😀


723 days left

Thanks Laode for the SOS call hahaha!

We had a strange chat after we bathed -.-

Poor him, Laoyi is too mischievous about xiaomei’s incident! xD

Anyways, it will be good if somebody can help you scrub your back after a long run during shower right? hems 😀


Seems like he’s enjoying!

And I wonder guys are just soooo energetic in NS, not like what I expect it to be.

Seriously, the background noise I heard on the phone is incredible.

Simply noisier than a market, than a company of girls!


Saw QAD with her mummy at JP today!

Though she doesn’t want to come out due to the pouring cats and dogs :p

Guess she’s just too tired.

Even my mummy told me she look extremely shag, as if she had many workouts in a week ):

I will pray for her to recover from the shock because of that confusing email.

And I pray for her eternal happiness:)


I am still counting down!

I hope I can see Laode after few months because he is STUCK on Tekong literally!

Though furnished enough to become a villa, provided the sea view is.. .


Well, hope he wake up tomorrow with a big smile on his face!

Because 4:30 is just too early -.-

At least he’s having fun.

Makes me happy too! 😀


I miss Sang.. . *randomness*