Went Orchard with mama to cool her down, after her fight with pap!

The rest stayed at home to rot with their favourite anime characters or Korean stars :/

Whole family had our lunch at our frequent visited chicken rice stall at Merah.

Then me and mama proceed to 313 to enjoy ourselves:)


We managed to catch the NUS volunteer team performance along the way from 313 to Takashimaya!

Then we caught sight of an old man playing with his amazing hula-hoop while interacting actively with foreigners!

Followed by shopping around taka, and of course! 

Me and mama joined the food fest and try out as much as possible the samples including all the Japan food! It is ending in 15 July! 

I missed the previous food fest at taka as well, with Laode! 😀

I eat a hell lot of food, and I bought tons of titbits for QAD! :D:D


I’ve got a terrible sore-throat, the throbbing pain prevents me from trying out too much food ):

And I cannot even speak properly let alone eat argh!

Hope I get well soon!

Le me go eat noodles now.. .


Fairy tale?

My life is never a fairy tale.

It is so realistic, it contains many explicit, horror and gore contents.

Even my mummy can be too perplex at times. 

Saying things that scares the kids, causes us to breakdown when we feel too overwhelmed.

Extreme fear filled us, and we vomit our brains, bawling our eyes out, cry bloody tears.


It happens to laoyi today, which reminds me of what happened to QAD months ago.

Probably last year.

I need a strong heart, to deal with this myself.

Lucky she fell asleep after the ordeal, if not she may jump to her death out of the window.

Terrible night.

And I am tired, very exhausted trying to filter my mummy’s horror stories. Not taking them to heart, but have to be attentive. 

Tried using facebook as a distraction while listening to her narrate her tales. 


Not putting up a brave front, but it doesn’t matter if I believe her or not.

Because I’ve got no control as to what will happen in her life, though I thought of quitting my job and stay with her 24/7.

To reduce the co-occurrence of  her so called ghost possession encounters.

It takes so much of my calories to calm her down :/

But worth it before all my siblings turn crazy/cranky like Regina.



Hope she will be alright after a good night rest.

Must be her retribution for joking around in God’s name recently lol

Very bad girl, disrespectful -.-


Listening to all the Hindi and traditional Chinese songs to allow myself to relax under such circumstances. 

Had a huge plate of rice with 3 vegetables for dinner after work at home.

Budd came to boardwalk to chat with me before he send me off and meet his friends somewhere else.

I am glad we all need companion, friendship despite whatever happened to him..

It is better to have people turning to you, because they find you comfortable and reliable 🙂



 May be joining budd for his family belated Father’s Day dinner celebration with his village folks.

Well, he asked me if I feel uncomfortable if people regard us as couple.

I mentioned it is fine with me, because we know what is happening between us.

And his mum know the best 😀

I don’t even bother any more.

Work can be energy draining at times. I want to drown myself in a well, it’s that bad.

But thinking I’ll be meeting QAD for K for the very first time, so I must prepare my voice and drink more water to not sound that sexy. Hoarse voice deeper than a toad. I don’t wanna croak with a mike on that Friday!

Okay time to sleep. I’m turning in! Sweet dreams! Hope I dream of myself going on a tour to Disney or something. Can I request for it? HAHA


Auf Wiedersehen !


9 Months


爱他, 远远胜过爱自己。

几个月来,我努力工作, 麻痹自己的知觉,想尽办法逃避现实。

但我错了! 世界乱了。






如今给了真心, 我该如何把自己要回来?

好难受 :/

我真是个超级烂毛毛虫! 脚那么多, 只为了跑的快, 却永远也学不得深情拥抱大地。


当初的呵护让我开心的过每一天, 还有他的帮助和支持!

虽然喜欢你, 但会让时间冲淡感情。


到未来的未来, 你会得到最完美的爱!

到时, 我会真诚的祝福你!


It is time to believe in distance makes heart grow fonder. Time too.


Early Bird

Woke Up


As early as 5:30AM I woke up from my bed, sitting up straight and stretches myself, scratching head.

This is my first time waking up so early since I left school.

Because I fell asleep right after I got home last night 7PM.

Which is to say I slept for the entire night time for 10 hours! 

Glad there’re some leftovers and I can feed myself nicely after I finish with this post 🙂




I got my sunburnt skin (totally black), when I went kite flying (300m) at West Coast Park with Budd last Sunday.I swear it was red initially, then when it starts to shed like snake skin, it turned black :/

It was awfully painful okay?! Still, I enjoy scaring people in my office with my first, too bad, my boss took a week off. And wasn’t able to see my art piece.

It was great to go flying with budd because he’s got a sailor brother sailing at the sea end of west coast, and sailors do know when the wind comes blowing strong.

He can see our kite in the air! Because we reeled out 300metres of string, and times it get stuck to the trees, we’ll roll our eyes at the kite >.<

Then we started to talk to the kite I don’t understand why guess it’s natural instincts. HAHA

Then we climbed the sand playground pyramid together, cause we missed it the previous time we came, it was still renovating and when we came back last Sunday, it’s new.

We’re totally surprised and freak out by the additional feature, the SLIDES! Look at this!


We climbed up there and get BBQ-ed instantly. I didn’t manage to try out the new feature because I hate friction. If I did, maybe I will go home skinless exactly!

Had a wonderful dinner at budd’s house with his parents. His mummy is pretty when she smiles! 🙂 And I think budd looks like his pap!

4 of us, excluding his JIE and JIEFU, sailor bro, only me, budd and his parents eating. The food’s nice, ouhyar! Budd brought Maxwell taohuay for me when we went WCP! It was nice! He wanted to dabao for me again ytd night after work, but I went to sleep immediately so next time perhaps!

Budd’s really a good friend. And I am certainly glad I friend zoned him and he friend zoned me 🙂 Because I avoided the mistake with what I had between MY and me with budd.

And I’m so happy my efforts are paid off! It is all worthwhile to build trust and love in a relationship! 3 years is not long, plus when budd is with his ex, I did not really bother him. at least we’re on the right track now! It always takes two hands to clap properly!

And God, I know you played a part in everything:) The next big thing I’m so surprised was the book he bought. I;m starting to believe in miracles 😀  God is a miracle! 😀

Thanks for bringing budd back in one piece after his broken relationship and also mend his heart with your words of wisdom! Praise e Lord! And though he is no Christian but still, your love is so ever powerful to bring the dead to life and I have faith in keeping that faith in us:)

Not all friend zones are bad. It always depends on how you maintained it. And how do you define friendships and BG relationships.

I wish budd all the best in his school! Because no matter he like it or not, he chose his own course, and Lord, you’ll see him till the end, isn’t it? 🙂

Besides having such a great friend back to my side, I am also very determined to do well in my work. Everyone around me supports me in getting a nutrition degree. Now I can understand why in the first place, I could not get my stand well, and I struggle to make a decision, to major in which degree? And what is my career path and where do I go?

But after I chose Nutrition, I’m still not certain if I made the right choice. Though Nutrition is an interesting and broad subject, the degree I took: Food and HUMAN Nutrition is quite a subjective topic. Which makes it harder to score, know some seniors are struggling already.

For now, I am an ardent believer in myself and my choice because of the support my family and friends gave me over the years.  People see me and tell me I can be a good dietician and I can do it, I shall do it and make it all happen 😀

Thanks everyone who made me feel alright about my major:)



And some time I wonder if my company is too big? Because there is cake everyday, there are birthdays everyday over the entire year! I am starting to hate the flavour of cakes :/

Also, I receive lesser and lesser stares or giggles, or any rumours at my workplace. We’re all used to the same environment and workload increased, So things got more pleasant and I am quieter, everything turns out better:) Guess patience work wonders, and silence is the strongest fight I put up against evil beings.

Lastly before I end off, just wanna tell myself and my friends, we deserve the best! Don’t ever settle for anything lesser:)  






On Friday so that I can keep track and count my estimated calories.

1. Chicken Dumpling x1

2. A bowl of salad x2serving 

3. BANANA x1

4. Piece of chocolate cake 10cmx7cm

5. Sardine Curry puff x2

6. Tomato soup x1

7. Potato salad x1serving

8. Broccoli x1 serving

9. Pineapple fried rice x1serv

10. Fatty white fish x1

11. Potato stir fried x1serv

12. Pork floss egg roll x5piece 


SEE! How to lose weight like that :/


I lost my voice, am still trying to sing a proper song for an hour.

No sore throat, just can’t seem to talk any more.

It is not that I want to friend zone you :/

But the Budd I once knew was gone.

Just because your girlfriend ran away with another guy, does not imply I am single and available for you.

Just because you once gave up a chance to be with me, and chose to woo another girl,

does not make you inclined to compensate me.

Just because you fucked an innocent girl, and you cannot even spell her name right, that is why she left you, just because, does not mean you can come back and want me.

To be with me or to own me.

You’re just like Ju.

Just like MY.

It is no wonder MY called me in the past, and I mistook he’s you. So I talked on the phone with “you” for hours.

On a part of earth, there’re just some guys who belongs to the group name Desperation.

They can do anything and everything in order to gain a girl’s favour, and to win them over naked.

But not me.

Please do not target me:)

I am not hurt. Because it shows that my taste is very fine.

I only love those who deserve my attention and heart.

Yes, you did so much things for me to mention.

Cooked a tub of fish mee-sua on my birthday,

used to come over to my house when I’m sick, and wash my plates for me.

Watch TV together.

Talked on the phone for hours.

And I believed by far,

LaoDe is still the best guy I ever seen in terms of honour-ability.

I certainly do not wish to compare, because if I do, nobody will survive the test.

I don’t like to judge people.

So far, LD is the one and only guy I’ve met for years,

who don’t ever ever get infatuated with me like how the guys out there did.

He doesn’t take friends for granted. You can be his favourite without having to stead him.

He treats his friends good, fairness and square. He will treat his girlfriend/wife better.

You hardly see any guy who’s like this any more.

The Mr Nice guy 😀

Cannot even see any girl who is this nice either.

Girls are really into their boyfriends and stop caring about the world at all.

Think it takes time, for sense to settle, when maturity process starts.

Some things that used to be important, may deem useless at a later stage of life.


I don’t need a boyfriend.

I don’t want one either.

So I am single and not available.

Please respect my wish:)

-Back at Work-

I ate a pack of canned tomata dipped tuna fish, cooked Kailan vegetables with salted fish bits, stir-fried long green beans with carrots for lunch. My CHO are a bowl of white grainy rice, then fried-rice (typical with the three type mixed-vege and egg) and tomato based fusilli spag. Another bowl of thousand island fruit bowl salad, a bowl of water-cress soup, and lastly cup of warm barley drink. All for free ^-^

YUMMY! I skipped the fruit, cos there’re no BANANAS :/ Just green apples every day :/

I missed out the muffins, because there’re gone in seconds. chocolate muffins with fillins are nice~! Then I heard the Durian season is happening in RWS! Because they’re importing tons into the office just for the  price of …I forgot. Well, the dumpling season too 😀

They’re providing it starting from…! I forgot. Because if I remember, I will get heavier and heavier ):

I am now 58kg already, because I moved in with mameee and moved into RWS.

If I go back to BL  after all this eating season (three months),

My face and my buttocks will go back to the VU shape like before! :/

And my weight would decrease to 48KG D:

Then it will be a bit more normal than my current BMI of 22 D:

Out of beauty range, haha!

Taken from the BMI website:

If your BMI is between 20 and 22:
This indicates the ideal, healthy amount of body fat, which is associated with living longest, and the lowest incidence of serious illness. Coincidentally, it seems this ratio is what many individuals perceive to be the most aesthetically attractive.

But I wanna have a BMI of 18 🙂

If your BMI is below 20:
This indicates a lean BMI, which means you have a low amount of body fat. If you are an athlete, this can be desirable. If you are not an athlete, a lean BMI can indicate that your weight may be too low which may lower your immunity. If your BMI and body weight are low, you should consider gaining weight through good diet and exercise habits, to increase your muscle mass.

So, if I go back to 48, I must everyday work-out hahahahaha! *o*

But the food are sooooo nice at my working place >.>

I must walk around more often!

And do many OTs starting from now!

Even PAP says my body look grossly fattened, 肥到吓死人.

Laoyi says, to PAP it is a miracle for somebody to grow so fat in a short amount of time, because he has yet to see one grrrrrr


Fat lion no growl 😀

also, at times I wonder what happen to Xin.

i don’t call her Sunshine any more I guess.

Name her “Raines” will be more suitable for the time being.

I know I cry like her, she cries like me.

We both shown empathy in our conversation.

We share the same in-born characteristics of being emotional.

Very emotionally attached to our surroundings, the people and the deeds.

Therefore our moods are easily influenced by others more than ourselves.

Think the cup of precipitation needs some stirrer.

The flood needs a capable draining system to carry it through.

I’ll have to meet her one day soon. She don’t have to turn to me, I shall turn to her instead.

Maybe bring her to some dance party to cheer her up? :p

Le me research what are some of the best place for Libras to hang out.. .

And leaving the widest space to share with my QAD:

Dearest QAD,

I know it is a tough battle with you and your colleagues. I saw the posts. While I am having some problem with my temps at RWS, it didn’t seem so bad, nor agitated. They too was from another department though the 3 girls and 1 guy sat surrounding me in at my workplace. I was sitting in the middle. The very first day was hard.. . they giggle a lot, because by making noise heard, they felt satisfied. Conformity occurs in groups. I do understand that. I grew up fighting in groups, not a female gangster haha especially all girl cliques. Girls’ are in fact too sensitive to keep themselves hidden. These kind of bitches needs hell loads of attention and help.

I am not sure why I chose to ignore the kids sitting round me. Day by day..  things get better. I am not tolerating, but I just seem to be able to ignore. Of course, I would not suggest you to ignore those creepy crawlies hogging on your twitter page.

But don’t getting yourself too upset. They don’t deserve your attention, nor the right to waste your time:)

Whatever they’re saying is not you. Words don’t hurt, if you make sure they don’t go into your organs. I meant heart or brain. stay clear of twitter for the time being, or maybe don’t exchange words or glances with them at workplace. I believe if things goes on with this pace, there might be a fight. Don’t call yourself keyboard warrior 😀

Because they’re the ones. You can ask if justice is there when a potential lawyer student is making such a fuss. I can tell you, most successful people out there have distorted personalities. Pity their parents, their upbringing and the society and themselves. Shame on them to bring forth such attitude and the portrayed image. Save your time and pamper your soul:)

I shall treat you to something nice someday! and will still love you no matter what! Hope this can be a form of encouragement to you. I am one crazy anti-bully activists. Haters gonna hate.

Let love fill you, and peace surround you. Summon the courage to defend, justice will proof its existence one fine day. And that day will come.

To my beloved QAD x3 some photos for you!



Remember, close your eyes..  and I will be at your back, always supporting you!


I promise, we’re go around places during August, wherever you want to go, I will be there with you:)


Do all the things you like to do but never got a chance to.


Will be the world’s softest hug-gable bear for you when time comes! (still building up fats)


Make good use of blog and social websites for the beautiful things you wanna keep thru-out the rest of your life:)

And this Jap video (R3) no worries >o<


God, I hand her to you. May you blessed her, for she’s a wonderful child.

With love,

Your faithful child 🙂

To Heaven

To my Father above,

God, I prayed for my QAD.

Whom I loved for years, and one of your favourite child.

That she gets into the degree programme she desires..


Bless her and love her:)


Thanks God,

for sending Brandon to me today.

It’s been long since I met him, last year when he just started dating a young Malaysian girl who took his heart

And the following year, broke his, left him heartbroken to me.


On his way back,

he went past a bookstore, where he came upon a book titled: Divorce proof Guide by a famous author

Inside, there was content of love,

quotes from the bible.

And the knowledge of marriage by your words.

In Jesus name.


Lord, you sent him to care for me, though I can see it in his eyes. He needs comfort I cannot give.

However You sent him who carries the message to me, when I’m absent from you.

Saying one must forgive to meet longevity in marriage.

And that one must love, to love.


Thanks Lord 🙂

With love,

In precious Jesus name !





Am checking this out right now.

Reminds me there was once I went to my GF’s condo.

Her’s was the penthouse at Regend Heights. 

She was living with her another 4 siblings.. Back then, I was thinking what a big family 😀

Now I realise how rich they were. 

What am I thinking back in those days?

Playing everyday. silly dumb me :/

I could have used all my time for something more useful! 


like doing more research!

Since I run like chicken all the time. Should have visit more places while I can!!

Now if I wanna do a house visit, I would need a proper dressing attire.

back in those silly days,

I would wear a piece of T-shirt, or my school’s PE shirt anywhere, everywhere!

Without anybody looking down on you!