Be original, do not be unique.

Unique may be one of the reason why you’re single, why you’re friendless, and why you’re always the odd one out.

Of course! You can still be creative and outstanding even if you’re not unique.

Unique can also be a word replacement for ugly, or extra calefare. (Heard it elsewhere)


And when many people say: Everyone is unique!

Isn’t it all the same?

If everyone is unique, then everybody is unique. Then what purpose does the word “unique” serves as?

So let’s just admit we’re all the same. We’re humans.

The difference only lies in our thinking and perspective of life.


Know what? I am unique. 



Times when I listened to my parents, I felt happy 🙂

某年某月的这个时候, 是我最快乐的日子。



What happens to me today at work was during lunch time, my colleagues were awed by the way I had my lunch.

I managed to finish up my plate full of food, and leave it at the bin tray area without wasting any extra.

Then I saw the rubbish bin containing all the fresh varieties, half eaten apples, leftover meat, some bones, and mostly vegetables.

It looks way like a fridge to me. This is so devastating to see people of good dining etiquette doing this, throwing unwanted food away and take more than what you need (our lunch are provided by the company).


From what my FS experience taught me by far, is that food wastage > food consumption.

It is so undesirable in developed countries especially when food are wasted through consumption as compared to low-income countries where loss occurs in production stage.

People are choosy, they skip certain foods( can be due to food allergies), take food for granted, not appreciative of the choices we have here. May be due to many reasons altogether, however this is a very serious case.

There must be something I can do, or any body can, to help save, conserve food, so that we can benefit the poorer and less developed countries.

Just like what my colleague said, she hardly see any teens or adults of my age who is not choosy and particular about their diet. Everybody has to eat, it is so important to eat well, one has to start learning how to not waste food before you decide what is best for you.

You may be skipping or throwing away all the nutrients you need for your precious body system to work fine!

Don’t understand kids nowadays -.-


One more thing to note:

When a kid eats well is always making his Mother happy, because what satisfies a mam most, is to watch her beloved child finished up all her cooking.



I am very much in love with GN.A 🙂

Don’t know why, I am hardly interested with boy bands other than Big Bang.

But her their debut recently has found its way to my head.


Mam’s story:


I finally understand why Mam always felt guilty and apologetic towards me and my siblings.

I am slowly learning how to appreciate the finer things in life, especially when me and Mam sat down and chat through the night.

Thought the reason why she hated herself for being such a failure was because she couldn’t provide for us. But no. It’s because she didn’t give us a complete family.

And that she had a happy childhood, and she thinks we don’t have enough for ourselves as we grow up.

I can understand how it feels to for a mother to wish the best for her children. And what it takes to be a very brave and cool MOM.

Like how she can actually step on a cockroach bare-footed to protect us. Am I exaggerating again?

She did step on it, but is to defend her kitchen. hahaha!


I love it when she talks about her ‘animal farm’ back in Kuching and Miri Malaysia.

Her home town where she stayed under the roof of long houses, big backyards and chicken cages.

She used to own a monkey, a sausage bitch, two Toms, a mouse-deer, hundreds of fishes, a baby white-head owl and many more.

How cool it is that she gets to have so much fun, climbing sour-sop trees, and playing with quick sand over the hills.


But still, I told her to not feel bad because even if she is able to get us kids into a bungalow in Singapore, I still believe none of these can happen to us. It is just different.

We’re at a different era, unless you export us to some country side away from Singapore.

I am still a proud Singaporean even if so much changes taken place here, which adjust our working and living lifestyle, our attitudes.

Hopefully things will get better!


I shan’t worry for QAD that much, not to make her feel miserable.

But who don’t wish for her to get well soon?

Just that there is nothing much I can do except be there for her when she needs me.

Give me a call or anything.

So I will try not to make myself fall sick or paranoid when nothing happens yet.

Precaution is good, but I trust herself and her Fam are taking good care of her:)

Take care my dearest QAD  😀


Watched many Youtube videos and came upon some psychotic Maury’s Show episodes.

Totally not worth my time!

Off to Mam’s side now



Will give me things to eat.


Will stay up cook me meeeeee


Not afraid of kaaachuaaaaak.



Bless her

Not getting any better,

how can my so dearest QAD got into such a situation ever?

Hope she get well soon!


Nobody to take care of her when she MC two days.. . :/

I am so going to take leave from my boss.

Just that when I go back work on Wednesday,

I will be doing 5 days amount of work !! D:



This is so suddening and crazy.

The condition kept her revisiting the doctor, spending so much on the consultation fees and medicines!


I am suppose to keep her condition as a secret :/

Even worst. I am so going to burst.

Burst in tears.

Worst than constipation! Not really, imagine the built up of toxins.. .

I am currently trying to find out more about measles and if possible other possible conditions.




健康是万分的可贵,不能拿来开玩笑 ):


Please get well soon!

With love!



I’ve been trying to upload my cover photo on facebook for like two hours!!

Hate it, how laggy it is with the new timeline feature.


I knew it!

It’s gonna be a misunderstanding HAHA

No worries. Things are fine as it is!

I am so random, changing mood all the time, one time happy, next moment angry.

Well, blame it on my hormones.



Such a wonderful dinner with QAD, Clone, LD and GH.

Though the service at the place was a little below expectation, but still, nobody can spoil my day like this 😀

Please all take care! Love ya always!


Yesterday got teased by the renter at NYP after returning my graduation robe.

Followed by a busy day today, oh my Monday is coming! ):

I am very worried for my QAD’s condition now ):



Hope tomorrow after her visit to the doctor would be fine.


Praying for her to be alright.

And I know what exactly is happening to LD already.

He is one silly fellow. lol


Well, glad that all are still smiling and striving hard!

Be it single or not, live for yourself, and live life to the fullest!

Best wishes for my ex-classmates, schoolmates.

And everybody who’s graduating this year!




Graduation Day 2012

Today is awesome 🙂

Thanks Clone for the beautiful sunflower bouquet 🙂

Had a great time with the rest graduands. (Taking photos and receiving gifts)


























































































I am extremely emotional after this.

Why are they so happy.

Why am I not happy at all?


HAHA to QAD when she says she hopes the flower is from her boyfriend (if she have any)


cute! 🙂

Thanks Laode and Xin, and the rest for all the wonderful gifts.


I would not turn up for anything on the 28th.


This is so heart breaking invitation to the last one.

As if I would die after that or what, is it the end of our friendship?


Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I used to have no doubts about all our relationships.

Till now.


When mam gets back home,

she told me everything she saw about the people today.

Good judgement indeed, like my pap.

But kind of irritating.

Because I hate to judge.

But well, she was spot on.

Who cares.



Uploading the photos and videos.

And trying to turn down my facebook page later on.


Am so not prepared for anything to end.

Even J says lets take our last photo.

Mam still says I am very cold hearted towards him.


I am hostile to everybody who wish to bring things to an end just because of the GRADUATION DAY.


Weren’t friendship suppose to last?

So I forsake any friends who do not give respect to their own relationships.

This is horrible ):

To actually see that a graduation day may just be the last day of our companionship.

It is as if they express it by their facial expressions,

HEY! Lets just not meet again, NEVER gonna see you on streets someday.

And please forget to say hi!

We’re strangers back again!




Maybe I’m too tired therefore I seem to misread everybody’s reaction or words.

But please, the atmosphere.

I hate departures or endings.

No matter they are happily ever after, or hardly ever after.

I definitely do not wish things to come to and end,


Yes, some people say, it is just the beginning of something else when something ends.


 Only Xin,

her letter says, 

keep in contact!

Just call me any time you want and feel like it!



That is sooooooooooooo sweet 🙂


So upset now.



一切都只是梦, 一场终究会醒来的梦。

仅面对现实以后, 又是一个怎么样的人生。


尽心尽力的后果, 就是伤心难过为结果。


因为, 目前的状况会一直重蹈.




Ytd, the bus driver crack a joke on me, he “booked” a seat for me after work on the bus.

So I gave a smile, but still, I felt funny.

Then today, I didn’t realise I was wearing the ultimate not cotton covered toe, and feet cannot breathe nylon made shoe.

Then I was airing my feet,

She wrote a note and stick it on my desk in the afternoon,

requesting me to wear my shoe back for she have difficulty in breathing.

It was hilarious! :/

My face turned red, before  I reply her, then apologising.


My bad, my bad.

Got to remind myself not to wear this shoe ever again!

It’s breaking apart soon anyway.


Had lunch with the norm people.

This is my life :/

Just finished my pile of paperwork.

Resting now! Taking breakssss






Time management is important. I miss writing on paper. Typing too much just destroy the art of scribbling with ink on paper.


Still love her and her songs after few years!

This shoes that though I am not relaly into KPOP, but still,

I love korean songs afterall 🙂


Dyed my hair purplish colour yesterday, D.IY by Mam 🙂

My burgundy coloured hair looks awesome! 🙂

With my black.

I used to have pink brown hair after bleaching to a blonde.

I must try out more hairstyles, and more hair colours before I become somebody’s girlfriend, wife or mother.

If not I will be a cranky mother :/



Trying to find any suitable contact lens for myself on grad day.

If can’t find, then shall wear glasses this Thursday!

Because other than short sightedness, I’ve got astigmatism.

It is hard for people who do not own a focused ray eyeball to wear contacts.

If not lights will be all so scattering that night and I will not be able to see where exactly is my stage HAHA

Monday is cool!

My first Monday doing everything by myself.

Thanks colleagues for being patient with my mistakes.

Starting from tomorrow I should snack in between my lunch and dinner!

If not my stomach kept calling me, growling so loudly ):



Finding toric lens now.. .

So excited to see QAD on Grad Day! And the rest!

Hope everybody is well, don’t fall sick on this Thursday NO WAY D:





Closed Diary

I’ve printed out QAD’s arm infection picture for memo! Sounds sooo romantic 😀

Glad she’s doing well! hehe! I am so into movie marathon today, I finished watching The dragon’s Inn and Rango, also Its love. 

With my siblings and beloved Mam!

So looking forward to a busy Monday!

Must be sure I reach the office before 8AM.

And have a very full breakfast.


Have roti prata now~~

I am such a big eater.


Tomorrow is gonna be a tiring and hectic day.

May the force be with me!

Bless those around me! 

For those who’re dealing with Monday blues as well, and my colleagues.


Lastly, a big hug to myself before I bathe!

Am trying to plan a Genting getaway with QAD and the others.

I should ask her first before planning if not she doesn’t want to go :/

Now my blog is back!

Just a misunderstanding about what I posted yesterday.

Somebody thought it’s a spam. HAHA


Alright, important first, I went to the rally yesterday at Hougang.

I knew Hougang was a constituency where they supported the Workers Party for more than 20 years.

They were faithful to an extent I can call them stubborn.

But still, it is touching to see them waving the flags vigorously cheering out loud.



When I first arrived, I couldn’t contain my excitement!

It is more than a concert and less than a riot!

A very not friendly rally, whom we people are gathered to raise more awareness and to prepare for the upcoming voting day on 26 May.

I am not a Hougang citizen, but chose to go anyway.

Because I know if I am going for any WP events,

just go to Hougang or Aljunied! They are more enthusiastic! Since they’re always the last on the queue for any happenings in Singapore.

I am proud to be a Singaporean because of their existence.

Hougang is not for sale!

Am trying not to be bias.

But especially when it comes to the part, they say the garment used up much of the Singapore tax money to subsidised much of the FTs education fees. This is outrageous!

How can they?! ): Use our money for them and not on us?

More than millions dollars invested in their education!!

And what about us average grade citizens who wish to pursue a tertiary education?

Yeea, blame it on our part, we didn’t strive harder to achieve more outstanding grades, but those FTs grades are not any better off.

They scored the minimum requirements of what they ought to get in school.

All below upper second honours! Only less than 5% of them contributed to the top students standard.

Disheartening! To know that FTs are more preferred than us in any many any many ways!

Why are we inferior?

Because we’re not as hard-working as FTs?

It is undeniable that some FTs from other countries worked very hard, harder than most of us, but NOT ALL.

They are giving out scholarship without blinking an eye! Not even considering the fact that SOME Singaporeans need it more):

They don’t prioritise because Singaporeans or not, does not mean anything anymore!

Yes, only for one thing, we get free tickets to the National Day Celebration every year, provided we applied for it and the balloting system chose us :/

If not I don’t see how are we privileged at all as SGs :/


LaoCheng says I cannot control my emotions well, too extreme , cannot calm down should get out ):

See how all these actually turns a person mad, so mad we go for the opposition team?

There’s always a reason for all happenings, depends on whether you could identify them or not.



I am angry, enraged because things are getting unfair.

And what I hate most is disrupted life, anything not balanced and unstable.

LKY says we’re too peaceful and stable therefore we’re doing all the unexpected and causing chaos or problems for ourselves.

Who started them?




Laoyi and Laopei are very ready to visit the Art Festival later.

Me not going, TSK that stupid LC keeps hitting me and say there is a reason for it ):

Blame me for writing so biased stuff,


Hope they have fun!


Laopei is putting on her new Girls Guide Uniform!

Another proud uniform-er in our family -.-


A new transformer built in Japan!

Le me go see!

Mama cooking naaaaw.


Okay this is not a report format writing, just a conversation between me and you. Or me and myself!

Pardon my Grammer and spelling mistakes!