Speaking of the devil

Amanda Chu


She acted in both Drama I watched recently:

Autumn Concerto and The Fierce Wife.

So I see the link there! 


Of her childhood (Pun fully intended)


11 hours

for The fierce wife DRAMA!

Gosh, Only the last ep draws me tears.

Thanks God okay! 😛

Partly due to me dried up, leaving less than 60% of water in my body I guess.


A total of 23 EPISODES.

Lucky I am clever enough to skip away certain crazy parts of story.

And saw many friendzoned stories. HAHA

Even in Autumn Concerto, 

there are many too.

And all friendzoned guys are nice guys.

Sad but true.

FRIENDZONED people out there, you’re not forever alone.

You’re just someone’s last choice.




Autumn Concerto ep1 to ep21

Each ep contains 8 parts of video.

And I managed to finish it in 25 hours time! CHEERS 😀

And rush to my ugly sleep for 16 hours before I feel like an old hag :/

Now I’m snow white again!

Because I’m pale to the core for missing my blood making time twice ARGH


Right after I receive my job details from my respective in charge person,

I rush home to do the TW drama marathon 😀

Work starting from early April to IDK,

at NTU SPMS as a Receptionist.

Must dress in proper office wear I suppose and doing data entry and all of that.

Though I have one junior working in SIM as a recep,

what she does is not this,

what she did is registering students into account.

AND read out what is happening, who is interviewing and who did what, their scores, and short-listed pupils.

Bet I’m not in charge of this, since I am applying too?



Wow today is Thursday,

I heard students screaming and shouting all across my block!!

Nowadays kids are so playful and energetic?

It is just a playground situated down here kay,

whut’s the fuss about HAHA


Sounds like my childhood though,

Mama’s lying on the ground reading her Blood and Flower Fiction romance.

While me trying to find out where is the main site to watch My Fierce Wife.

The main actress is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful! 

Sometimes I wonder the power and beauty of surgery thought there are risks.

What don’t have risk.

Even taking a  bus has its own risk too.

But I can still differentiate between needs and wants thanks to Marketing module alright.


And I am trying to pick up my Chinese Language.

Though I failed Calligraphy without taking it.

And my Abacus class during my school years was gone ):


Maybe I should learn piano or boxing,

you SEE it is so extreme between both.

But I need to take up something I can destress and relax.

Before I go berserk from life’s challenges!!


Cos reading and learning is what makes me ambitious.

Picking up new skills, interpersonal or whatever makes me satisfied.

Helping and loving people makes me happy.

Working makes me confident and crazy.

What makes me perfect is travelling!

I want to go out of Sg for a while after June perhaps.


Wanted to bring QAD along I suppose.

But think her family may not let her do so.

Or maybe I ask some others since none of my siblings are free from school.

Maybe drag my MAMA with me.


Just like how I brought her to my interviews, to my workplace, to anywhere!

People ask me why is your MAMA here and everywhere with you!

I say because she’s my MUMMY 😀


She cook a whole spectrum of vegetables and meat for me everyday kay!

And deserts include chocolate, ice cream and soups, puddings and everything!

I know her recipes, just that we don’t have an oven and all,

so our menu is always limited.


That is why when I have the money, I shall go rent one kitchen from some rich people’s house.

Since they are rich and they don’t cook often I assume,

so I can let my mama cook there everyday whatever she wants to rid boredom.


And I need to plan my Papa’s retirement.

Cos what’s on my mind now is that schooling is a 5%.

So I may be focused on my career instead.


So maybe my PAP shall retire at age 100 then.


Work till die LOL



Back to BL soon

For I gotta work in NTU soon :/

So will be moving once again.

Move here and there tsk


Grats my WittySoil LEVEL 10x 😀

And GRATS QAD WittySnow LEVEL 80 😀

Gonna UP my FLAMIE now 😀 To 120 by May!` 😀

Good luck to all people in the real or virtual world,

having what is best to themselves 🙂




Scanning in progress

Xin must JIAYOU for job hunting uh! 🙂

And also QAD, must congratulate her for finding herself something to do 😀

And I really hate how this society work at times,

especially late notices or no notice at all.


Yesterday I received 3emails back for interview.

And all I could do is ignore.

Because I’ve had some replies from post interview jobs.

And may be settling down for some time.


So too bad too sad too sorry 😡

And my MAPLE WITTYSOIL had reached level 82 YAY

Hope can train my Flamie to 120 by May.

And whats now is waiting for the 2nd April online site to be activated so I can rent or buy my graduation gown.

Or I need to help LC in his schoolwork.

He suck at geography :/


okay, I am sidetracking,

going to FB to view silly troll faces, and updating my hotmail,Gmail,Yahoomail and all.



MAMA cook Spaghetti with 5 vegetables for me today YIPPEE 😀

And desert is watermelon, with cold served green bean soup YUMMY 😀

Alright out of point,

was at RE place, Ngee Ann City this morning 10AM,

things went well except, I saw two girls from FS01 at the place too.

Hmms, seems like they too,

were there for interview after mine.


Wish them great luck! 😀

Though I don’t really think their stares are friendly :/

Le me have some picture of my dinner 😀



All in one

Right after steaming my face,

I’m off to have my supper 😀

Right after I level 52 in maple,

I’m off to Vivo City to shop my high.


Right after I saw my pathetic results: B

I immediately phone J and found that he is gone from this world.


Right after I know somebody is missing,

I went to Forever21 and try all the new pieces.


Right after I put on my best pinkie dress which I bought with QAD,

I went off to relax and enjoy.

Right after sleep tomorrow,

will be attending one interview at Ngee Ann City tomorrow:)


Right after a loooong daaaaaay of shopping, a loooong moooonth of suspense, looooong years of hardwork,

I finally see myself in my best form.

I just hiccup :/

Just where the hell is that stupid J -.-

Did he take his own life, because we scored below our expectation for FYP?

Or maybe in the Bedok river now.


But whatever is it.

I am soooo ready to face my GPA and the fact that I am not able to enter a University anymore.

And I learnt my lesson,

when I fully understood how life works.

And I am very happy for people who scored well, like QAD and all 🙂


And very sad for those who did not.

But still,

I wish all of em very very best 🙂

For God is lenient, he is great! And I love him:)

And I still believe he got his plans.


And fate or destiny decides who I meet, what happen to me,

but it is still up to me, to keep my friends, to learn to cherish and care,up to me to feel.

Being optimistic is still my forte.

Never giving up is my motto, and my faddy rolling turtle (LD gave me) is a perfect reflection of me.


While forever trying, is my faith. I will believe in myself. 

But this time round,

Imma do good.

Maybe ditch my old habits, start to learn and behave like a full time working adult who is not going to uni and very keen in working in this wonderful society, embracing all the obstacles and challenges faced, willing to take a big step forward person who is very much ambitious and less timid, full of courage and determination woman, who wear heels to work in superb formal wear, and wearing a very formal expression. 

Yea maybe I might need to learn or get used to being like this just like how all the people around me does! 😀


Because I do not want the society to adapt to us kids, like what Ms Lena said, I want to adapt to the society:)




Just like life has its up and downs.

No living thing stays constant, if I cannot adapt to changes fully.

I might as well be dead.

Because this world is changing every single second..

And I need to change,


Maybe I will just forsake the hope of entering one prestigious university.

Or to earn any certificate just for the sake of earning more money.


Maybe I’ll just go on and work.

Till I am 50 years old or older.

Since retire age is going 75 :/

Interview starts tomorrow.


And my life is just going to begin.

Just like how every new beginning starts with an ending — William Bridges




Le me post a picture before me off to a new great start 😀