This is what happened to me

Wrote this in the day during my IAP:

” It seems like I got more things to write on during my last week of attachment enjoying this place. Lilian told me to enjoy my work where an average person changes his/her job at least 7 times in a lifetime to find a suitable one.

“It is the exploration and experience that drives people to where they are, the curiosity and thirdt for knowledge as motivation. After 16 years of education, reading and watching in school, it is now time to not only focus on the minimal 5 years left of my last leap, but also to go out there and do good for my future.

Lilan mentions the 80-20% theory which Pap told me before.. . I felt like I got the best parents on earth who are also my teachers, in life, guiding me, cultivating my character, 传授 me all the 高招!


She mentioned her love for chemistry when two things blends well together just like the chemistry of love. It is chemistry, the science behind love where 2 person becomes one. And the production of joy.

“Nowadays, you don’t really see people enjoying and loving their work/job any more. May be due to stress and money issues. I should make a song titled Where is the passion by White Toe Corn 😛


Wearing my mask, writing on this 1000 words sitting up straight with my glasses and lab coat on, reminds me of a crazy doctor prescribing medicine, from the way I scribble my words like a machine gun.”





Have been reading more than 10 journals and Chemistry Bioengineering, fragrance and flavour magazine or related at my work place this last week. Boil myself a cup of Milo at the pantry, and sit myself in my workdesk chair, enjoying snacks or potato chips, then browse intensely INTO my paragraphs.. .

searching for any interesting articles to memorise, guess memorising has now become my favourite activity. Hope it helps me if I ever get into one university!

Prayed to God during my lunch, was in the shut eye moment for 15 minutes, chatting with him 🙂

IDK why the sudden urge, but it felt great to be able to speak with him after so long:)

Leap year was great!

Spending today with my beloved family, though Pap is still at BL.

Also Mama cut me a whole plate of oranges YUMMY! 










And two bowls of RICE 😀 Plus another bonus oranges YAY!

Great leap year! Hope I get Vitamin C PLUSPLUS.

Grow more teeth to chew my vegetables 😀


Hope everybody is alright after chionging soooooooooooooo much FYP and IAP in 6 months seriously.

And lastly, JY to people! Play doubly hard!




My favourite fruit and the size pattern shape of my body 😛


One colleague was sick recently, praying for her to get well soon! 🙂

And thanks so much to Carrine for giving me the vitamin C tablets when she knows I got flu coming, I got such wonderful colleagues sitting around me everyday seriously.

For whatever I request, they fulfil, whatever I ask, they answer including sensitive and weird questions such as Singapore companies competition, their salary and etc.

So I bought them gifts before I go 🙂

To show my gratitude and appreciation TTM!


Today reading thousand Food science & Tech journals in my lab office.

Planning to finish things up by Friday 😀

Since I am doing poster at my workdesk this morning by reading more and more! 😀

Got sufficient sleep and rest,

work out by washing dishes and buying gifts.

Spending time with myself before I am not single anymore.



Munching on nuts now.. .

Having spaghetti and vegetables rice everyday is awesome, simply FABULOUS 😀


What last

Memories lasts the longest!

Or maybe not! 😛


Physical things last the loooooongest lol.

Okay let it be money then.



To finish FYP is to consolidate whatever I had learnt these past three years and translate it all into a project, also to relieve the pain and regret for my project III results :/

To finish IAP is to reinforce my strength and power to learn from experiences 😀 also to let me formulate a pumpkin seasoning that I failed to do during my Final Project for PDD.

Life is considered fair enough for me, to be able to get back to where I am stuck in my life, and work it out again. So I am very very lucky and really really appreciate that chance. Thanks God. Thanks everybody! *bow*

Also to people who stand by me, my QAD, LD, my three LAO-(PEI-CHENG-YI) << Maths person do this. HAHA


Also my supervisors, colleagues, my silly FYP mate, and all lecturers I acknowledged in my FYR,

and fellow classmates whom I enjoy working with seriously.


And I am starting to get temp jobs since I got 5 months after graduating in March 😀

So I may get some temp admin jobs like 7 bucks per hour, sitting from 9 to 5 in the office typing codes -.-


What matters most is that I am personally going down to Merah when I started working, to coach my silly brother so that, he can get into the pure sciences stream, and to give him future a better prospect, I shall scare him with all my horror theories about the work life out there.

And am deciding, or should I say decided, but getting LD to help me next month to buy a psp for my LC , to motivate him to play more. Since JQ says that by playing more than studying, twice as much is good. Then I shall energy his brain HAHA what English is this –.– 


And hope he don’t fail me, though all I wanted him to have was a great study experience, *winks*

WAH mention my eye, I got sinus in my eye recently -.-

I am certainly not sure how it went up there, but it tears like I’ve got gallons of water contain in my eyeball!

And to make things worst, I top up with my AMMEDA eyedrop *sparks*

so I appear like a total sad kid downstairs, since girl next door is not my type 😛


To round things up, 

I am not done with my poster, not done with contacting J.

Not done with my IAP, (counting down furiously),

not done with many things. 

But one thing to make sure, I will clear my cupboard as though I just moved in, before I go vacation at my Mama house, near town for 5 months. Weird, people go country side to take a breather, I go city to holiday. Okay now at least it sounds quite make sense for me.


When I think of something I wanted to say,





Met Zephy and thanks for the hug 🙂

He always initiate, cos I am always feeling down, so I really appreciate that!

Don’t say I hate it uh! 😀


Counting down 5 days to the end of my IAP! 😀

YAY Because it also signifies that I am going to graduate in a few days time!

Kind of dreaming on 😛


Sitting alone in my pantry downstairs corner of my company building munching on expired sausage bread as big as my face. 

At the end of the day, drew one smiley face on my mask.

Just clever enough to not plant grass on my hairnet HAHA

Said goodbye to everybody as though today is my last.

I want to finish my FYP presentation fast.

I want to get out of this school!



This is what I call Happy

Happy my QAD is happy!

Happy I am happy!

Happy to know that we’re still closer than before!

Happy to know that things doesn’t have to cleared all the time, just like blackheads!

Sometimes, its good to have blackheads, at least they leave no room for other weird heads.

And you know blackheads are common and easy to remove.

And though there are times me and my QAD are at loggerheads. 

But a simple dinner, like sitting by the staircase to have our favourite “Nasi Lemak”

And a walk around the shopping centre spying on the biggest SALES

Talking non stop, catching updates,

Or me betraying her, and her crying all over the place.

Or her busying with herself, and me fooling around.

The best thing is yet, no matter what happens, we’re still the best QADs on earth!

And this is why, and what we call LOVE 😀


Thanks QAD for pei-ing me tday, though I know my very effective blog did the job 😛

Cos I complain on my previous blog, so she gave in 8D

SEE! Complain works! LOL


Anyways, its nice to talk about stupid things again!

And laugh all over the place.

Because being happy is just that easy!

What comes next?

IS ANGER! Listening to Hands up by 2PM now, before I touch some scissors or knife and KILL EVERYONE!



Had a real good time at work today!

Mama says I am growing thinner day by day.

Good or bad news?

Finally, one day I grow into a piece of log,

I can wear my favourite suit and float on water 😀

Though Laocheng says fat people float more easily on water. 



Got a huge load off my mind, after I am done with my university application.

Such tedious procedure and time consuming to complete.

Energy draining too in some ways.


As for why and what I am angry about,

is I finally get my poster half done without a final touch-up.

And then realise I am rushing myself to nothing.


Great news is my accessors are LL and CN.

I felt less demanded, though will still give my best.

Also, I am doing real well in my IAP.

I just hope to get a good score for my final SEM.

As a gift for my graduating year. Also to motivate myself to climb up, move farther.

In life.


Okay, I forgot why am I angry -.-

Anyways, what I want to say is

I gave up the chance to meet Zephy after so long waiting,

just to get my poster done quickly, because J had been giving me stress and attitude by reminding me day and day to finish up.

Because He finished and sent to supervisor to check.

And when I am almost done, I realise he has not finish his work,

and still rush me as if its all my fault -.-


Also, I start to feel that it is not me who neglected her, QAD hasnt ask me out since the start of her FYP,

and she tell LD I never contact her? 

When I did ask her out a few times and got rejected due to her being really busy with herself and her work. I took FYP before IAP, how could I not know how stressful it is to deal with all the work, most importantly with one irresponsible partner? 

So I gave time, and I did! Visit her by going to her place a few times after I heard some displeasure from her side. But I tell myself I love her.


Nothing matters more than I LOVE HER 8D

So heck care if we got distant or what, because never in my dictionary, there is such a word or thing called gap!

Just need some heat to expand and fill up those HEHE

And I really very looking forward to know what QAD has got to say before graduate ceremony starts!

Hope I can make her very angry, then she will scold me that day 😛

Then I can cry and run away.

LOL why so dramatic me -.-



Really mad at my FYP partner for being such an irritating fellow.

When I am not done with my poster, he show me attitude, and when I am done,

he is not, then still give me stress like I am the very LAST PERSON ON EARTH to finish my work ):

I don’t feel inferior, I felt ANNOYED TTM!



Junior Faith had been asking me out umpteenth times, and all I could tell her is I am currently unavailable. I felt bad too for rejecting her. But really, I need time to grow into a 20 year old person.


WORST, PAPAMAMA brought me to visit the TAISUI temple, and I saw my age 1992 is age 21 :/

Should I buy insurance or?

But I did reward myself 🙂

For being such a good girl, for not cutting myself or hurting myself anyhow, for being such a wonderful person for not eating junk food for my tummy, for not boxing or slapping myself, for not scolding myself, for pampering myself when I bathe, for cutting my nails, for dolling myself up.

I bought myself a package of hair styling tools! So I am crimping my hair soooon 🙂

To perk myself up, having a totally new auntie hairstyle! hehe, not only colour do wonders okay!

Patterns do too!

I just chat with my MAMA about LD again, guess I really miss him!

My supervisor at work is also very similar in temperament with LD too!

So alike in character and personality.

Except that LD is lesser of a male chauvinism, and more of a close friend material 😀

And he hardly smile, but if he is happy, he do laugh out loud! 😀


How nice, when I feel like the whole world turns crazy, or me screwing my brain inside out,

I just have to write, not venting, if not my keyboard spoils, but to ventilate my lungs, to drain my bad feelings 🙂


Thanks WordPress for being such a great pal! And I am being very very serious.



Now I feel it


when I screw things up, submit my application before uploading any shit.


And making people around me frustrated by being kiasu.

Anyway, my very first step for now is:

I cancelled the application to NUS.

Wasting money only.

Since GPA 3.2 from my colleague rejected by NUS FST,

how can I possibly enter this university now?

Even if I had to buy a chance,

I also knew it myself before I started to apply, that

my effort would be worthless somehow.


Just NTU submission alone is making my head going off.



I am all soooo excited even if LD never invite me to the dinner tomorrow at Yishun,

I MUST go uninvited WOOHOO! (just like how I DID IT in SIMS :P)


Today was a great day.

Okay I use the word WAS.

Because I sat in my chair at workplace, turning rounds and rounds, enjoying my caramel popcorn handmade by one of my male colleague HY and Toacker chocolate cracker by Kelly 😀

Well, since Mabel mentioned JC had baked them a huge beautiful cheesecake during her attachment,

Then I shall build a castle inside Takasago and name it WONDERLAND



Also, they had been playing Whitney’s songs since yesterday.

RIP Whitney Houston and FENGFEIFEI

My condolences to their family members and bless them all friends and supporters:)


Mama is brewing my apple tea with honey! WOOHOO!

My Valentines gift from MAMA is that, she went to school and got my transcript.


Because it is a very wonderful valentines gift.

I didn’t know she is such a talent to be able to write an authorised letter which is latter accepted by my school officer.

I can’t even do that 😛



To be able to enter a local university is definitely better than me going to any other,

because! those 300 words I typed may not be totally true!

Due to my powerful imagination :/

I don’t really wish to pursue any further degrees for nutrition since it’s my weak spot.

BUT if there is a must, lets say I could not get into any of my interest,

I have to.

For the sake of money and my future.

Says no to passion for awhile.

I need to be utterly, insanely realistic for the moment.

Luckily, I got my clever and kind, helpful colleague to help me scan everything in by tomorrow morning 🙂

While my supervisor is away doing great things overrrrrseas 😀


So I everyday eat a huge bowl of YONGTAUFOO up to 10 over items,

with full bowl of RICE and chilli for lunch.

Bet they all stare at me like WOW.

Carrine explains my puberty needs,

and what I was thinking was:.. ..


hahaha 🙂



Zephy is teasing me ):

He wants me to wait patiently until he is free and he sends thousand of message

to tell me he miss me.

totally crazy -.-

Now I planning to watch 995at channel 8.

So cool! Except the real life scandal those officers did.

So disgraceful to MY country ):


haha QAD is busy, shall wait for her.

Zephy told me how dare I reply him one word sms.


Going to be angry with him for LIFE ):


I love my Valentines! 🙂