Just like that

I tried really hard to not delete posts, comments, pictures or links for I wanted to face them.

In life, I cannot delete things and people just like that.

So as long as I don’t take bad things to heart, I am going to even the score with them 😀

Wrote this on bus this morning, guess I am seriously into writing, for I am sooooo addicted.

I jot down every single thought onto paper.

May be due to me not talking much, so writing is an compensation to it.

Good, I can do both, so that I would not become too not balanced.

Watching spongebob now, Papa says I should go study kindergarden HAHA.

Back from work, waiting for Pap to finish cooking MEE for ME 🙂




Guess I use too much calculator during the days to calculate my school fees if I can enter any in the future by all probability.


In the night I dreamt of my clique doing different wonderful things in theirs. And sometimes we went out to have fun yet again. Especially hours ago,

Dor&Cal, together with QAD and me are in this upgraded building full of sceneries, but it is the toilet that is full of problem. We require 20 cents to enter. And we kind of sneak inside….(rest up to you&me to imagine)

And before that, I dreamt of J and MY with LD and Xin, we all walking along this sidewalk of a street. Many shophouses, sounds like london, because displays are all up. And we were arguing about something.

It is either I TTM, or I just miss them hundred and one percent. 



Papa is a very clever guy I have to admit.

When I told him I wanted to do something in uni, degree related research,

I wanted to be a scientist cum researcher,

his first question was:

“Can you write good journals?”

And my answer was 



Then he say, be mentally prepared, or physically if possible.

Well, doesn’t take him to be a uni student to know how students study nowadays and

their content.

This is PRO PAPA! 


But still,

I AM THE ONE who is going to study for myself.

So if I don’t pick those I really wanted, 

and if I’m really placed, or chosen into that particular degree,


But still, I hope I can get in,

because out of my 5 choices,

I am willing to face the interview(Got my scripts ready),

and willing to spend another sum years of my life to 

earn something more than a diploma.



Not only to earn more and more money for my family’s education in the future.

A kick-start to take care of my FAM financially too,

But also, to discover my talents and reach my fullest potential.

I mean, 

I didn’t even learn the simple act of juggling my thoughts between my two brains,

how can I give up, or not even give myself a chance to soar?



And also, I made the worst scenario happening if there will be any,

If I cannot get into any of the UNI I applied,

even those private ones,

I will either work, or I will study part time at some really private school,

or I may well go to take my German exam and its further classes,

and fly to GEM, and study for free all I want.

Of course, I considered all the fees already.

My Papa’s maths is DAEBAK.

He wanted me to make a full list of fees and its estimated average monthly costs.

And I made it all in one sentence.

And he say, sigh

you like that no need study UNI,

UNI study you.

Guess because I’m a freakooooooo MUWAHAHA



I tried my best to not be too excited or too uptight, stressful.

Because, now, I got IAP and FYP on hand, both not officially finished. 

This won’t be easy.

That is why I feel for LD too sometimes,

and good to know he’s getting along well with his work,

though he need more motivation.

JIAYOU, also to QAD and my all clique.

J is doing well in T because he even wanted to seek his Thai lecturers for help in his posters.


I mean, come back become Thail smoothie.

(no pun intended)




So far so good.

The only concern is Caleb.

I used to worry alot too.

And from Dor’s face, and her sighs,

I felt like I wanted to help.

But I ended up facing this thing called relationships.

Complicated enough,

it almost cost me my lie because I was almost a suspect criminal for stealing hearts.

So I kind of distanced,


I carry a million hopes that he will do fine in his life.

I tried my best to help :/




Also, for MY, 

it actually feels good to know he is into Maths division.

I mean my choice of discipline may be different.

But Maths is something I once loved so much,

it makes me many friends in secondary school.

Maths classes were fun TTM.

And If possible I would very much like to know he got into what he wanted:)


And initially, when I entered poly,

I got half-betrayed by a girlfriend for she changed her decision last minute,

which ended up me myself alone reporting to FS in NYP.

I know I can survive, it’s the faith and support I’ve lost.

But we’re still staying in contact.

And soon after, I found out no matter what your friends major in,

they’re your friends no matter what.


So I wanted us to come out and talk about it happily,

who cares if its gloomy?

Because no one can predict what will really happen.

Look at Steve jobs and all.

You want to be sucessful,

You’ve got to risk it all and DREAM 🙂

Of course, after dreaming is another thing.


So I really hope Xin is alright.

I knew from the start she wanted teaching kids,

for her love is the greatest of all she is able to use in her career.

Her love for children.

Though she did told me before, she doesn’t posses the qualities,

being patient, kind and not hot tempered, blahblah,

but I believe these qualities comes only in time,

when she faces those crazy kids.


Because my dearest starfish(hx),

his birthday just passed, and he is a childhood education planner in NgeeAnn.

Whenever he talks about children,

its just so different.

I really hope I can introduce them together.

Because they love kids.


Just like how I put EVE with my crazymate at NA.

But she ended up got BOYFRIEND D:

And don’t friend my friend.

What I want is for them to share expensive textbooks at business school okay!

Not matchmake, and she don’t understand. grrr

Anyways, just invite me to her wedding can luh 🙂



All in all, I better go work first,

I got a million things to say for I am sooooo freaking annoying and talkative.

And the only person I am saying to is 芯 COS nobody is turning up on Sunday at Sentosa :/

Because they’re too busy.

And of course I understand:) Because I’ve got my best wishes for them still.

I looked up things about NUS open house and admission talks.

I looked up NTU’s booklet and its test before entering.

I looked up available private courses.

I looked up the details and aggregates.

And still, I think I must have missed something.

So I need to discuss.

So I guess Xin got to bear with me while I talk like machine gun 😛



And all in all, 

maybe a SPA or anything,

to relax. This talk will be very very dense and worrying for us :/


I love my clique, thats all I can say,

even if I admit on my blog that there were times I wanted to kill them, stab them, chop them, shred them and bite them in the kneee.

I love them, for there is love, there is hate, there is hate, there is love 🙂

Virtually shaking hands with them in front of my monitor for I can’t see them soon.

HUAT AH, everybody! 🙂

What a miss

First time ever I missed a full bus 30.

It is always crowded but not like today.

I got a scare in the morning,

woke up 30 minutes before start of work.

But still get there in time,



Sometimes I feel that,

I shouldn’t be so emotionally attached to ahpek.

Because whatever he says will only makes me feel %$#^$#&#% *GUSTA*

BECAUSE why am I freaking marry at age 24 ):

Even papa told me he believe that, he even say should be 23 or 22.


Anyways, before I start rattling on blahblahblah how my life is going these days,

let me recount that faithful 26 Jan.



Two days to Mama’s birthday.. .

Lily gave me a keychain from HK holiday.

Cool to hear the 25 minutes fireworks from her.

Really looking forward to see LINLIANG:) on 10 Feb!



捞鱼生 day! 🙂


Thanks for all the wishes except those who suggest boyfriends for me 😛

Sashimi as appetizer was great1 got 1001 things to do… .




Firstly, let me congrats my sweetie pie junior for getting into her FAVOURITE course in her FAVOURITE polytechnic 🙂

Thanks God, and myself who helps her thru.

Second, my dearest checkmate Julian, he’s in NS, and coming out to NUS science soon.

Hope to see him soon! Didn’t see him in 5 years. GRAH

And also, first time ever I am so bored at my workplace.

Always finding things to occupy myself, and now nothing can satisfy me no more.


I miss my friends especially Zephy,

he says give him time to complete himself :/

So I did, I did!

I ask my clique out to Sentosa to discuss and chat about what we want to do in the future.

In case we’re not meeting any anymore, at least I know what they planned initially before graduate.

Though some were really really busy,

spending time shopping with their GFsBFs !


And I got so much to catch up due to my internet being down for a while.

Anyway, I’ve chosen my five choices with PAPA&MAMA for NTU 🙂

Just hope I get in somehow 🙂

And if I really do,

this time round,

wanna give it the best shot.

To be the best CEO in the world.





Sigh, seriously.

I guess music is my remedy, while Laoyi watching Korea videos beside me 😛

Family always quarreel, just depending on how to solve it.


trying to not take heart whatever they are saying about.


My very last post was written on the day 9th January.

This post, I am going to write on 23 Jan, which also falls on the same day as the Chinese New year 初一 dated on the Lunar calendar.

Listening to our first time by Bruno Mars, he’s sweet :3

Trying to not get emotional, or mono.

From 10th Jan onwards,

Many things happened,

like I used to tell myself,

I’m destined to have this exciting and adventuresome life journey, full

of unforgettable experiences.

7 days left to decide whether which course I am going to take.

Tomorrow, am going to Sentosa Flower with Family to enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

Yesterday night, was at the Chinatown, watching the ever magnificent fireworks and fire crackers live with MAMA and Laopei.

-Switching memory back to that day when I stopped updating…-


Lunch talk today was about ‘BAZI’, the Chinese eight characters for people, and how it can be calculated via the net as long as details of birth are provided free. Topics ranges from fertility to the gender of your child can be manipulated. It is believed by scientist that if a pair of couple followed a certain diet and routine sexual activity inclusive of other factors such as stress management and dates, can decide the gender of your foetus.

This is certainty amazing 😀 Though the topic about childhood education turns me off, and the conversation I had with my mama recently told me licensed is needed for careers such as teachers today. In such a stressful environment, how can parents still groom their children like how we used to? Now parents expect kids to be prefect, in school and CCAs.

Remembering how I ate with my SUP in this kitchen, where my colleagues cooked curry chicken and braised chicken with onions, smell absolutely awesomeeeeee 😛 YUMMY.


I started feeling like my work is a part of my life.

Because I spent more than half of my time in a month doing the routine work.

Realised I am not a technician, but a partly R&D researcher coming up with seasoning formulas.

Reminds me, YL used to say, one cannot do what one doesn’t love. The outcome would be disastrous.

So I am glad at the very least, I am doing something I really love.

But still, what I really wanted to see myself doing in the next few years was to study, sitting, hanging around the corner of the classroom,jotting down notes, and when my eyes are tired, I can turn my head around to view the scenery.

The very first image that comes up to my mind, was the one I saw so beautifully done in NTU.

Will I be sitting in that room, the one with the guy sitting on his desk, back facing the whiteboard full of math equations?

Doing CNY decorations in my lab today.

Saw them writing Chinese calligraphy for our flavour lab department BOSS’s 50th Birthday.


Open house at many places such as NTU and Suntec convention hall, was with QAD and LD and Xin until Sunday.

The talks were interesting enough to keep me sitting properly in my chair and sometimes, my mouth wide open.

The special moment was when Clone reaches the #34 arrival hall.

Though, did not get to return her DVD, and not getting ready the purple rose, nor the folded one.

But I got her something similar, and ended up her house with her jiejie at her aunt’s house for the night.

I don’t know why, when I see sisters, no matter how is their relationship statues like,

it reminds me of mine, 2 naughty ones at home.

I can say they were the most difficult part of my life, because girls are emotional max, and that is why sometimes,

I felt the 3 girls in my clique, they were happier as compared to me, because they got no sisters which equates to the absence of troublemakers in their life.

But still, sisters can be a comfort at times, so there is good and bad in people, pros and cons in things.

Clone’s jiejie, like all the sisters I’ve ever seen around me, thought being an irritating girl to her sister, but was very welcoming and nice to me, spent an hour or so, helping me to straighten and dry my hair with a straightener.

I love the part especially when I know, me took up their bed, ended up they have to sleep together on a mattress, or maybe they always do that even if I did not turn up to snatch their cozy space at home.

Woke up in morning 5 plus AM, saw them sleeping ever so soundly beside me on the mattress, reminds me exactly the scene when I saw KH and KY sleeping together on bed besides me that night when I stayed over. And their cute conversation.

So why worry, why care, why bother, because sisters do not live together by choice, they stay together by fate. And thought they annoys, irritates and sometimes sisters kills -feels deadly-

Still, they are capable of being the best companion you could ever had. And I believe all girls with sisters knows that, just that they only admits it when the times come 😛

Afterall, sweet to see sisters in pairs like KHKY and The Cloneys.

I sincerely wished them having all the happiness sisters could have in this world 😀

And following 16/1

LD woke up late, think it’s partly my fault,if I had not insisted him to fetch me to work like some annoying pest.

Still to make him walk that extra mile, makes me utterly guilty -stabs myself with a pencil-

Still, lucky me not making him late at work too, and I reached my lab at 8:12AM.

This is soooooo early and I ended up sleeping 😀

Departing from Haw Par Villa is cool! Every morning can see the Chinese heritage before work HAHA


Today, Lilian says that people who enjoys working as a flavourist or compounder,

loves to do handicraft. Who are meticulous at heart and patient in the mind.

She mentioned to her colleagues that I am a spontaneous person, I caught that! haha

Thanks really, I needed that. Also, I discovered this bottle of Apple flavour in my lab 😛

And so much for running around,

I daydream this whole day while wiping the window panes 😛


话都是人说出来的。 今天的事今天要做完,但又能说是工作永远都做不完, 不要成天拼命做,把时间留给家人和朋友。


HEHE I order one cup of coke from Laocheng.

Nice, taste more and more like beer -gulps-

Lunch topic today was mother-in-law and maids.

Reminds me of my maid. Somebody who lived with me since long time however treat me not good D:

Still, I cried a river for her when she’s gone, at the airport.

I hate sending people away. It is an official remark already. HAHA

Was thinking if I should get a new cup for Ivy, a cup cover for Carrine, A huge heart cushion for Lily’s chair, A lighting frame for Mabel and a bin for Lilian, get kelly.. . Just remember to get cards for everyone in the lab! Maybe for SUP, Gabriel, and many more, HR, Manager, the admins, BOSS also get bah. haha!

Thank them for the experience, the love, the Hongbaos, the presents, I checked the two bottle of lavender extract hand creams from Evelyn and Crabtree, costs around 90 bucks singa dolla.  And the wonderful Christmas dinner at NUS, and the titbits, chocolates, thin crusts and norm BAK KWA, charcoal pineapple tarts, the MANDARIN ORANGES and the freaking Barbie doll decorated cake with thick layer of icing 😛

And it only happens in 2 months. So I thank God for everything that happens and the people involved, thank them for the things I learnt, and the mistakes I made many times, I thanks God I did not get hurt, nor bleed,no sufferings,  no cuts, no scoldings, but only love and care and guidance.

And the colleagues I learnt to love and get along with, the company I feel I belong eventually. Will not stay, will not come back to work due to me loving to do something else. -bury myself in books-


Played with the paper shredding machine since morning 9AM.

I freaking GIGGLE at it while it eats up my paper, and I stuff more, feeling this pretty paper eating monster.

And it eats up my 1KG OF PAPER!

Those were precious formulas printed in papers. -looks around-

First time in my life okay!

But still, I felt lucky, I am not a business student or what, may end up shredding 10 KG of papers -gulps-

Lunch includes politics the female tintin, and holidays.

Tanaka’s 50th Birthday today! I learnt about ‘YOUCHENG’ hokkien version of ‘Friendship’.


Was feeling really grateful today,

wanting to thank Takasago for giving me this chance to work with them,

eat with them, laugh and work with them.

Thank for such a joyous and wonderful attachment experience for the 3 months since last year.

Remember to say ARIGATO to OIKAWA-SAN 🙂

And bow and present my widest smile with my ugliest set of crooked teeth MUWAHAH 😀

Ouhyar! And Sean! The guy from the spray drying lab, rmb his present too! 🙂

This Friday, is the first time I heard the sound of lightning in my lab, in Takasago.

Reminds me of my secondary and Primary school.

Every time this month of the year, as new terms starts for school, I will get drenched most of the days from Jan to March in the mornings as I get to school from home.

Lunch today was about Menstruation. Guess from what they said and what I heard from other outsiders,

my case was due to stress if not genetic factors. The doctor I see back last month, told me I need to see a specialist, MAMA forbade me to go.. .sigh.

Office was utterly quiet, silent as everybody did not come back on time, should be all out to enjoy pre-ChiNewYear celebrations!

So tranquil, -continue eating snacks-


The days before today, I felt really fed up with my sisters for being so irritating. But forget it.

Days back then, when I was younger, we fought about toys and food, all the same.

I grew up, and it is all the same. Limited resources indeed in Singapore 😛

But the fact is we are financially limited, but definitely not freedom restricted, energy constricted.

My blood vessels still contain this load of blood that flows in my veins, pumping heart and my lungs, they still converting the air I breathe into something that keeps me ALIVE than EVER 😀

Today si self-appreciation day, I love my wonderful self, especially after finish reading the Teo Aik Chor’s book: Why study smart,

So I am studying smart always since young, from the use of tables to charts, to mind maps, HAHA:)

Proud of myself, shall continue to do that. and do better!


Checked out of BAZI from the net, shall ask MAMA to teach me how to calculate later from the “TONGSHU’ 😀

And she told me, this year’s Water Dragon,

is GREEN 🙂


Our distance is forever the length of a foot.


Okay, had subway today, alright?

With LD, and we spent our footlong time, an 12 inches, discussing about something never ending.

I hope by the time I visited the open house,

I will have a clue to what I want to do.

Though 2 years of degree with direct honours in Nutrition, sounds really attractive.


But NTU also offers degrees and.. .

Okay let God decide, and me to follow my dreams.


Walked whole of vivo I think, and because I talk.

So it seems like I didn’t walk any bit.

O level results out tday!

Hope Qing got into her choice.

Thanks God her results is okay and expected 🙂


May she soar! 😀

And find her way.

While me preparing for sleep soon


Real exhausted.

And Wednesday can see Zephy 😀


Once in 4 years,

is call a leap year.

And I meet my beloved junior, Qing.

Once every four years,

Tday, we had great fun catching butterflies and sparkling watershow.

I want to pray for her results coming up tomorrow.


And Saturday, had real fun with mama.


We walked the whole of MBS from Millennia walk.

And the flyer is getting real beautiful because of the 春字。


Friday, CM treated me like a princess.

I felt like well, I got enough social life.

It is time to rest.

But this weekend is great:)



Is what I am listening now 😀

Having loads of faith and strength right now.

Wanna be a superwoman:)


Today’s a great day.

Especially when its FRIDAY 😀

Work is abit exhausting however, had my fun after that.

Met CM, and have such a sumptuous dinner together at Din Tai.

And followed by Chinese movie by Jet Li.

Thanks for much for accompanying me, knowing I wanted to watch movie, and treat me to eat vegetables and xiao long bao 🙂

And thanks for the Durian puffs too. Though its really expensive to afford ALL>

Its really a wonderful Friday.

Thanks God for everything 🙂


And yet, I learnt,

from IAP,

that flavouring is one huge topic, because I read 3 textbooks about it at my workplace.

from colleagues,

that marriages are like this, a moment of heated hardships, a moment of romantic lovey dovey affairs.

Like how her husband, waiting for her to come home, help her squeeze pimples, hug her, watch TV with her instead of hogging on the computer.

from friends,

that if I really do care, I make the first move.

from family,

that if I love my kins from the bottom of my heart, I bring them out to play. (Which is tomorrow 😀 )

from God,

I learnt to love:)


I am going to tell the whole world how much I love them:)

Because you loved us first.

This is also what J had ALWAYS told me without fail.

Though I don’t love him like how he much he loves me.

But, still, I respect that little part of him when he really do care and love:)

And thanks God for the time and plans.

I really love them:)


There is no way anybody can tear me down,

I will rise from the ground like a skyscrapper.

I’m awaken.

And this time round, it would be better.



Non- stop

I am all so busy today since morning 10AM 😀

Before that, was sitting at my work desk reading my Flavour and Technology textbook.

Have been reading loads of books and notes during work about Flavour in Food Industry.

And well, when I’m reading,

my three lovely colleagues started talking about their husbands.

And followed by chaotic situation, then complains and sadness, then loneliness.

Confusion, and after that cooled down, relaxed and carefree all over again.


It simply makes me fear marriage.

And God,

Is it that you want me to concentrate on studies first?


Just joking 😛

Anyways, I know guys lie.

They always do, just that you spot their mistakes or not.

And if you do, you’ll end up a grudge-ful housewife or wife D:

Even parents, cannot escape the fate of quarrelling.

Then why marry I say?

Why?! .______.


Afterthat, I got to taste paradise:)

Everybody smiled today, though they’re down with sickness.

Hope Mabel and Lilian get well soon! 

Getting an MC is really tough.

Lily says, sometimes, instead of resting, she went jogging when she’s sick.

Because some kind of illness may be caused by long term inactive or sedentary living.

And well,

To sweat is good 🙂



When I reached home, 

I feel weird.

Because my house is sparkling clean and

the necklace J gave me, is

lying some place on my desk.

But I didn’t take it out at all last night?


Then I walk to my window naked 😛

And I saw QAD walking past.

She keep looking behind her,

like as if she is stalked.

I felt like the stalker.


Anyways, how (just-nice) it is.

And I even turn to look away before I look back again to not

recognise the wrong person.

But it is her!

Blue lappy skin,the pink lace shoe, her bag and her hair.

Well, at least I can see she is doing great!

And healthy 🙂


Then when I get back, to my usual.

Feel hungry,

chat MSN,

eat and SLEEP 😀