a typical Sunday for me, getting used to the life of schooling in the weekends with J inside the isolated Q-lab.

He bought breakfast for me, but I didn’t get to enjoy it. Sorry .__.

And thanks for all the stuff and help today.

While on the train home, I read this book of his, something about God, romance and how to choose your partner wisely etc.

Learnt something bout courtship and dating. Something about the right one in your life. Testimonies…it seems great to love again. But I seem to lost desire and interest in guys. Trust me, I hasn’t seen guys for a very very long time..

Sounds like a lonely blurring dying witch. HAHA!

I got confused right after I read the book, because of my feelings. I just got over my exphoria, and there comes this. It seems like God is using J to hint me loads of things. And that is the feeling I got since a very long time. It is no wonder that I told J, I talked to him a lot because I believed if I do so, He up there would know. But why am I so foolish?

Sometimes I wished that if I marry a Christian, maybe I can used him to get back to God. I am utterly selfish. This is not love.

Lord seems to remind me to read, finish reading Genesis, where I stopped previously since I saw many quotes from there in the book. I just took out my bible. Shall read it later πŸ™‚

Just came back from IMM, bought loads for my house. I simply love stocking my home items, and doing all the designing, furnishing and etc. They say if two beloved Libras live together, the house would be much cuter and prettier. I believe that! Because me&Papa always sit down and discuss about how should we place the sofa, how should we move the bed, tilt the cupboard, shift the fridge. And hand the curtains, cut the coloured papers, stick those beautiful flower stickers everywhere.

When my friends came to my house, I believe they would think two girls live here instead of me&Papa πŸ˜›

Mama bought loads for me today, she treated me to the LJS, where QAD says the serving size is pretty tiny. But I am superb full after the meal! I guess maybe cos I can’t eat much nowadays.

My tummy seems to shrink, so I can feel my wrinkled stomach. LOL Cos I am eating lesser and lesser due to myself skipping meals in school everyday for my lab stuff.

I remember I still got a huge tub of test tubes in school waiting for me to go back tomorrow and bathe them. ..

Lucky it’s J’s turn to wash them on Monday πŸ˜€

Liva is freaking clingy, irritating and crazy! She clings on to me while I shop in GIANT IMM, until I shout and she laugh and everybody stares at me .__.

She bought the same coloured pencil box as me in DAISO, while Papa shop for his glasswares. He couldn’t find his favourite porcelain cup anymore. HAHA

Ahpei knows I hate the 4 letter word that starts with J. And she keeps repeating it today. I am freaking annoyed to the max I can die. And yet she is there to keep reminding me I am in such a state.

I know it is very childish and stupid to hate a person because of weird reasons. But there are times I just want to keep my peace so I’d rather not talk. I hope he understands. And don’t have to adapt to me. I am leaving FYP in 1 month’s time!

YAY! Maybe when I cry at work in IAP, then I will start to miss FYP πŸ˜›

So far, I didn’t know of anybody to cry at IAP?

I hope I am not the first. But today is a great family day! Despite of all the confusion, disruption and bad feelings.

Let bygones be bygones, I saw Vivian on FB, she look prettier, hope she is getting good in life, and also this is what I learnt from her. So I guess no matter what I won’t want to get back with my ex.

If I can break with him in the first place, it only means we’re not suited to be together. But what frustrate me is that, my parents broke us up, not me. Sometimes I wonder will we even break, if my parents didn’t? But its all the past. Am I right?

On my birthday, I can feel like he wanted to talk to me. But… .

S.H.E Selina is so pretty in her wedding dress! O.M.G! *Random* HAHA

How do you know if he is your right one? I felt like asking everybody. How do you know your husband is your Mr right/ How do you know?

Someone who is willing to spend their lifetime with you is your right one? How do you ever know you will not break off with your loved boyfriend?

In that book I read this morning, has the answer. Am I going to find it out soon? J told me to take the book home to read, but I’d rather not. Because I know I’ve lost the interest to be in love ever again thought I encourage all my friends to be in a relationship because it strengthens us, gives them lives. (not baby)

I always hated romance movies, because I prefer horror, thriller and comedy. I thought romance can happen in our own lives, we don’t have to watch others and get influenced.

Listening to 2NE1. Kiss-Sandara

HAHA! I am thinking if I want a guy, I would play with him rather than get serious in a relationship because true love, don’t fulfil your physical, mental, spiritual needs. They make you more productive and grow together. If a guy only likes your appearance, then what for? When you turn old, he won’t want you.

And why would I need a guy for? Baby? Liva started her menstruation yesterday. Mine no. Why would I even hope for a child when I didn’t even start my proper cycle? So why should I worry so much about not being able to have a family of my own and blahblah relationships?

Because I guess I am fated to not have one at all! πŸ™‚

And I am not feeling sad at all! I am crazy .__.

Okay, so I am ready to play?



Tree Xin

I miss my favourite tree too! Have time,visit it I shall! I missed talking to my tree at the kitchen. Flowers bloom over the weekends. As well as those along the school gates. Bright orangey and pink flower petals everywhere.


And I must remind myself not to blush that often in school after lunch or dinner! For it may seem too heaty and J says looks like I wearing blusher. Hate JJ ):


He is absolutely meanie D:


Had lunch with J today.

Why am I so talkative. Thats not the point. The thing is that. I can talk non-stop and I spill almost all of me while talking. Thats a bad thing exactly.

I mean how can I just say everything? ):

Time to hand up my school fees, thought I need work, cause I will die without money to pay, but Papa says he prepared those already. Surprisingly, I don’t have to raise my own fees. *Grateful*

No wonder, he told me no matter what, if I want to study, I can. Because I have a supportive Papa ❀

Mama bought 5 pairs of shoes for me. Crazy! Though all the colours were black. But lucky she did. If not I need to worry bout shoes again πŸ˜›

Love Mama ❀

I fell in love with RK. Think long ago πŸ˜›

HAHAHA!! At least better than that MONSTERQUEK .__.

Gave a bad attitude to J today. Sorry for that soooo much!

I hate myself. But he say he will get used to me soon. I just hope he won't. Because I will soon be gone for IAP when he stay in school for in-house IAP.

Hope not in-house too. Praying for Thailand!

Anyway, I could never ever tell him why I can't worship with him. Because I opt out. Almighty Father above, don't ever forgive me. I must be condemn to hell for not believing in you. For not obeying you. Banish me to hell. Held me by the fire. And BBQ me. Please!

How can I lie. I must be tongue pulled million times and yet not compensate to what I've done.

Last week. suddenly whole village came over to my house for steamboat. I thought it's any festive, yet it is just a normal gathering. It is weird because i've never seen something like this before.

Though I've got thousands suggestions for people to get along with their relatives. However they always doesn't apply to me, for I have bad relationships with them. I always envy those with good relatives.

But why didn't me take a look closely at my relatives, for they did not give up on me. It is only one sided image of them by my Mama, but I have yet to experience bad with them. Maybe I should just start a good relationship with them all over again πŸ™‚

Like I told J, I don;t wanna miss a chance. Life is short quoted by EVE, that is why never regret, I must live a LIFE.

I went out soon after greeting them, to meet J that night to do our logbook.

They sweetly left messages on my whiteboard, writing best wishes and nice e scribblings, except those two youngest kids drew monsters on mine.

Thanks so much for the encouragement! They could have left their numbers πŸ˜› So I can go shopping with them someday. HAHA!

I just came back from school, thanks GOD ITS FRIDAY! HEHE

QAD hasn't reply me so I guess she is probably sleeping or no battery?

And speaking of my whole village matters, I realise I am going Changi Village soon! πŸ˜€

I just hope what I planned is a total success. I must remember to mass send information to my clique.

And counting down to HALLOWEEN ❀

My favourite day ever! Bloody favourite day πŸ˜›

Hmms, keep forgetting what I wanna say these days. I think my imagination, inspiration and thoughts only appear for some moments and fade away quickly.

Like today, I told J to shut up when he talks to me. He was kind of shock, but after a while, I talked to him, he replied. Poor thing. Seriously my temper…

I always wonder why will people miss the opportunity to look for their partner? Then I knew. Because your love, is always near. Just that you overlook. Or maybe not.

I was thinking if I should introduce J to QAD. He has everything QAD wants in a guy. Smiley guy, who can even laugh at the slightest thing, though lame to the max, but really his smile can brighten up everybody's mood and make someone's day. Isn't that what she loves in a guy? COOL!

And he plays music, he's got talent! Only QAD and Dor loves such talented guys. HAHA! I think I prefer guys who knows how to farm than plays instrument?
LOL Sounds totally crazy!

And he is sporty etcetc. QAD didn't saw him in her school, or is it that he is not handsome enough for her? πŸ˜›

HAHA Enough of my silly and rubbish, hilarious dreams.

I hardly dream bad nowadays. I dreamt of JJ brought QAD&me to shopping last night. Wonderful trip! HAHAHA

I am thinking if I should have a baby. Random uh? HAHA!

I hope QAD's guess that he likes me is only, purely a GUESS. I hope it's not real ): Because I want us all be together!

And CALEB CHEE owes me a HUG πŸ˜›

Gotta get it back from him, maybe on UBIN's day or next Monday! πŸ˜€

I miss Doreen today! Hope she is having fun at work and relaxing by now ❀


Am I at the highest already? Or is this an illusion?

Busiest Day I can say, it all happens in a split second when I am done with my work, it is 6PM.

I spent 9 hours doing Microbial work?

This is crazy.

People say, when you’re complete, nothing else matters.

So I did not manage to write any post, means that I am complete?

Complete with who?

I hate it when people link me and J together. Saying we look compatible and together.

If all pairs doing projects together are meant for rumours, are prone to be together, then why not just matchmake people by making woman and man do projects? Instead of going out for dates?

The TSO in school are really like spies in action. They hide and stalk you unexpectedly. So never act intimate in school, or do weird stuff. They caught you, tomorrow headlines of school magazine. And even if you’re decent, you’ll get involved too. Thats the unfair part.

Infamous for the wrong thing seriously.

Anyways, J is thoughtful, so really appreciate that. Even though he is really mean at times.

I miss my QAD πŸ˜› Though I just seen her YTD.

I am planning UBIN-OUTING recently. Hope it is a success to celebrate our missed season , as well as Halloween, also to relax, to getaway from our busy schedule, to do sand spa and to take van or boat together. To experience the wildlife in real πŸ˜€

I am bursting, can’t get angry with J ever. He always makes me LOL even when we got so mad stress. I hate the fact we see each other so every day more than 10 hours. Including weekends, YES definitely EVERY single DAY!

Though I predict he couldn’t get to Thailand due to the flood, I still hope he can. Because now JQ says the school is totally UN-contactable .__.

There are so much for me to feel, for me to see, for me to learn, for me to do. So much I am dreaming crazy. So much I am skipping meals like crazy, So much for my FYP.

It is not obvious

I did not confront him in the end.

He did.

I did not reply nor explain.

What am I thinking at that moment?

I didn’t on the phone since afternoon 1pM.

I need to save my battery life πŸ˜›

I guess I told myself that I’m left with a month.

A month with him.

Therefore I do not cherish our relationship and that thinking if we tolerate each other for that 30 days.

We would have our freedom.

He wouldn’t need to adapt to me like he mentioned in his message.

I didn’t say it. Because I feel like all this are obvious.

Like what he said, it is obvious he needed help.

It is also obvious I need to leave.

And that he don’t ask for help, so I don’t have to tell.

Am I playing a fool or settling this with a heart?

Ho Hong Cheng says human being will change as they grow.



I am so tired I ccried and yawn at the same time.

Just got home from Zephy Day.

I hope people is coming to The clique outing I planned.

I hope tomorrow everything will be fine.

I hope I wouldn’t die tomorrow.

What should I do?

Rate my Friday

Met Zephy after a week, and these 7 days gone, I miss him crazy! And there his birthday today.


Just after 00:00 or maybe I’m late, I sang the birthday song for him.

We watched “The Thing” movie at GV Vivo City.

IT is a horrible movie! So scary, frightening I can die.

To think I even walk home from Vivo to Mama’s house.

Zephy sent me home.


I off my phone because I didn’t want any distraction.

Well, lucky I did.


This time round is worst then before.

I’d rather its a tiff. Or something like we used to. At least beingΒ meanΒ to each other or calling names.

But now, something is seriously wrong with my personality.

He sent me a message, and when I reached home, I read it.

I thought he was angry ( I saw the jumping zombie on Gina’s shirt, reminds me of J -.-)

I thought he was angry because I am slow. Or he got something to settle , personal stuff he call it.

So I thought it is okay yet. And tomorrow will be better.



But his pages of message only shows that I am to blame.

And even if he don’t mean it, I’m like I don’t know whats going on?

Tomorrow and Sunday got school!

How am I suppose to do?


I don’t even know how to reply.

Am I too tired or what?

Worst is I cannot say sorry because it doesn’t help a thing at all.

No all I think was how to settle this and that how am I going to face tomorrow?


Now, all those things in the movie is not scary anymore.

BecauseΒ fear is second to confusion.

What is more important is really FYP.

Week 8 or 9 and I am in such shit .__.

Best Girlfriend Forever

BGF πŸ™‚

I read (finally) QAD’s blog about me πŸ˜€

Thanks QAD for the message, for the praises and loves!!

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful Girlfriend.

I miss you like crazy too, just that I don’t prone to say it because I am shy. LOL

Is cause I am introvert in my own world πŸ˜›

Thank you for wishing me grown up and good ❀

Time really flies. But never these 3 years, never a day have I felt dead. We can get angry, happy, bored, sad, excited, busy, nervous, agitated, upset together and many more. But they never end. Each day is a surprise for me. With you, every day has its very own meaning. Our meanings πŸ™‚

To me, each album of us posted on FB has its own title. Just like our days and years spent. I knew that when Laode’s birthday, I didn’t get to write you something. But I need you to know that because; our relationship is not something I can put down onto paper. That is why I never did. It is something extraordinary and more than love.

When I speak from my heart, I don’t use words that are sweet, kind of blunt right πŸ˜› But real, true, deep feelings, don’t explain. They feel and kept. I still remember though I am the one who approached you and made us into what we are now. But believe me, QAD, you put in great efforts. You’re the one who acts like a magnet, sticking us together through thin and thick, through storms.

And I talked to you, because you seduced me πŸ˜› HAHAHA

Recalls me, I asked you about the time, and why you didn’t eat. You don’t look aloof or solo to me. But rather, I can still sense that you’re different. From the first sight, (not fell in love okay!) but I just felt like I’ve known you πŸ™‚

Lucky I not a guy, if not (I bet you will marry me like what you told me at Bedok when we went there to shop around the old place of mine and KFC before getting to ECP for your chalet).

Then I slowly found out you live just two blocks away from me. At first, I felt too coincidence, but subsequently, I feel that you’re made for me πŸ™‚ Specially made for me. Thanks your MAMA. HAHA

So when you said strangers, to me, you’re not from the first time I saw you from behind: P

Yep, we’re unfamiliar with the new surroundings, as you can see; we took pictures under a freaking shelter! Especially the one that sprays water on your face if the jet is happy enough to do so. LOL

Dear QAD, this is never one sided. When you learnt things from me, from your point of view, I learnt things on my part too. I learnt how to cherish you more as time goes by. When you’re easing up to the new environment, I am learning how to relax and let go. And contract if necessary, sounds like giving birth, but well, I’m grasping the skill of flying a kite and befriending some body I loved deeply.

You began to feel more comfortable with me, I felt more blissful and irritated at the same time. I guess there is always this time when you feel so attached to a person, you feel insecure, like when will this person leave you, and if you get too dependent on her, will she forsake you eventually? Many things running through my mind at that time.

But you know what? All these are nothing when it comes to us. Finally, slowly, I learnt that all these would not stop the fact I am already very into you. And that nothing stops the fact that ultimately, we are going to stay. I am going to stay with you. By your side.

People say I always say the sweetest things on earth, but way no. I hurt you at times. But I appreciate your response πŸ˜› Those when you flare, because that is the real you, you and yourself. You once said to me I don’t understand you. And I replied I don’t bother. But God see it all. He is above watching us. I bet he can see. When we say we don’t care each other or anything, we are lying with our eyes open. (Blame it on our big eyes)

I may be a social butterfly in your eyes, but I only want to be your companion butterfly πŸ™‚ I can put off anybody to be with you. And that can be seen clearly when these threee years I hardly spent time with my friends outside as compared to the past. You nearly filled up my space, my sights, my world to an extent, I almost felt like I don’t need any other soul than you on earth.

When you see me mixing around with people, I think you can see, every time after those conversations, you are the one I will report to. As days goes by, love and hate builds up. There are times I complained crazy to Laode, just like in the past, you do to MingYang. We are just the same. So if only they both guys talk, they will find us irritating πŸ˜›

When you say I am your beautiful angel, that is because you’re my sky. You are a place of comfort for me, I feel home because of you, I felt great. I can do anything and everything with you. You are definitely fun to hand out with. And that, I am going to tell the whole world. If you’re a religion, I will devote in you. I am so addicted to you, you don’t know. Everywhere I go, I am full of your images and words, my friends know you exactly.

It is just like that! Facebook status doesn’t mean a thing. It is the connection we share. Since the date when I “married” to you, it only shows our name. But the truth is that, we belong together from that very faithful day. (Now I am getting longwinded and too lesby)

But as long as I am sincere, and talking from the bottom of my heart. Who cares? That is why I don’t write messages to you, I am never going to write finish.

I will use up my pens, my papers, my tears, mentally exhausted and everything, I will write until I grow white hairs, and still endless speech I say.

Throughout these years, we depended on each other, despite all the problems arising, troubles, crisis, all the pain and hurts, we go through it single, one by one. You are irreplaceable. Without you, I can literally say I am nothing now. We are the destiny. That is what I learnt. Simple yet powerful.

You gave me life. Out of every other minors. Most importantly, you gave me yourself. That is a very selfless act. I was told by my beloved Father from above, that love is patient, and love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. So do we πŸ™‚

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

My general knowledge, if possible, I am most willing to exchange with you. If you really want to know, I rather know more about you than all my sort of knowledge. GPA cannot exchange πŸ˜›

With you, I learnt to not be overly confident, because I gave you some (*winks*).

With you, I learnt to not be selfish. I give and take.

With you, I learnt to be mean.

OPPS! Nothing to do with you uh? HEHE

You are like a thermometer to me. Always keeping me in balanced. Though you are certainly sensitive, but God, did I ever tell you, I love the way you are sensitive already? Because I have my temperatures, and you are always the one who can ever measure me like this.

(I hope nobody thinks we are les by now. lols) And I’d rather we are les, than me and Laode being spread as couples. Blame that girl who is thinking too much.

Ever feel that we are actually growing up together, no matter what?

Now we’re grown-ups and it is time to grow old together πŸ˜›

Remember we once said we will have to marry on the same day?

That’s what mean friends do right! Showing off number one! #1

I love the fact that no matter how often we kick each other in the butt, stab in the heart, how hard we try to squeeze our brain juices and pinch each other’s pimples. (Sounds gross), we will always find ways to eat more and drink water happily sitting on the fences in the end. (Plus shaking our legs till the table shakes)


Love you loads QAD!

(If you ever realise I am copying your blog post style)

You are somebody I want to show off to the world, telling them you are my favourite QAD, my only one)

I know you want to remember those times we experienced, the memorable days. But what I want to keep are all of you πŸ˜€

Hope whatever is between us will one day stay, even we are physically gone. They say, friends are hard to find. Yet, I found you. You are hard to find. Seriously, I spent my 16 years waiting for you. And there, I didn’t know I am that lucky, that lucky to found you, I know at other parts of earth, there are still people waiting. God loves us πŸ™‚ He can’t bear to let us wait.

I saw those past photos, well; thanks for making me feel so beautiful even if I am ugly. We did age I think. See those wrinkles, spread to my chin already. LOL

This shows that we laughed too much right?!

If they say a picture speaks a thousand words, then ours shall accumulate to over millions and trillions of words already. Fun?! πŸ˜€

Thanks for making my three years worthwhile. I need you to stay. I am writing this from my heart sincerely. Even if I don’t message you to tell you how much I do miss you. And that the whole clique can sms you like crazy while me spending my time tunnelling in school for FYP.

That is because you see me cry before. You know how it actually hurts to miss someone that bad. And because I shut myself in some times, doesn’t mean I don’t care aright?

I love the pen you gave me:) I love the moon cakes from Year 1. I love the sparkles. I love the things you bought me, every single one. And I love you yourself the most:)

Remember, when I am growing up, you are too. When it is my birthday, it is also your birthday. That is why I told you Happy Birthday on the 15th remember?

There are always reasons why I do things. I hope you understand.Β  Now you say I am a great fine girl, so I have to.., urms behave? HAHA

May God bless you too, and may Lord love you more than he loves me. You wish my command, I can stay happy but on one condition:

You have to be there πŸ™‚

I can’t write Korean words, but I can write simple English. And Lastly, I can write this: #$%*&^()%^&$%#$% ( Think you know what I wrote :P)

To think I feel different with every single soul on earth, and you are already making me feel like this. So I can’t help anticipate what’s up next.

I love you Leo baby πŸ˜€ PS: Get a boyfriend soon!! Can’t’ wait to marry you off. LOL


Not my first time eating this. The very first was.. I forgot whose birthday or what kind of celebration is that. The only memory I had is Caleb don’t know how to spit seeds of fruits. So I helped him.

Second was Laopei and Papa. Third is today. Mama and Laoyi.
Mad full for now. Mama even suggest kbox, but 30 bucks per pax. Is very expensive for ME. Though she initiate to pay for us to enjoy.
I know she love us and want us to enjoy max before anybody is gone for good.

Bur Mama, I want bring you and Papa overseas to have fun. Wait for my great news πŸ™‚

Going out with EVE, looking forward πŸ™‚
Saturday is Zephy’s birthday. So I spending my Friday with him. My turn to sing birthday song lovely πŸ™‚

I officially miss QAD ❀ Hope she is okay!

I thought I fell in love with J. But it doesn't seem so anymore. Because every time when I took the ride with him home. I realise the questions I asked were all bout God. Father, is it that I miss you too much, I am starting to take J as you? So I feel for him, because I feel for you Lord?
QAD is not wrong, J did feels like my beloved Father above. The almighty one.

I am having illusions? Or what. Cried on the MRT after J alighted at BB station. I miss God so much. What J told me on the train is too much for me to take.
I know deep inside, I would never ever had any chance to acknowledge you Lord, if I had any next life, I would do so. But it is kind of an excuse. I felt useless.

I love my parents, God you taught me to obey my parents. I am doing so right now. I am going to touch them, Lord you touch their soul, open their hearts to you Father. I praying for QAD too πŸ™‚ For her to be happy and relax in her IAP. And that it would be fruitful in the end.

Off to read QAD's bloq πŸ˜›

Mama’s the BEST!

Gave me 1/3 of her winnings, bought me 3 pair of jeans of different vibrant colours, 2 shirts and coloured socks, and many more. Treating me to games and foods. She’s the best mummy on earth! Says Livana because she compared mama to her friend’s mother. She say our Mama won’t make her do assessment books and test papers, won’t be so damn strict and more RELAX. Thats what she do, emphasise on the word RELAX.

Initially writing on Merah

s computer, but it kept shutting down on me without me saving any single word yet after many paragraphs. So i switched to Regina’s lappy to complete posting. Mama now reading newspaper to Liva.

J is out of his mind today. I went Vivo Pasta-ing with Laode AGAIN. We spam the cheese like crazy πŸ˜›

J wants breakfast with me tomorrow. I hope it’s good πŸ˜› And I felt weird when I know Thailand is out of flood, though it is a piece of good news like he said. I think it’s bad? Is it that I don’t want him to leave or WHAT!

Then he says he can put me in a luggage and bring me there to cook for him .__. He thought what/ FREE MAID ):

I doubt I can do much there πŸ˜› Except doing agar plates, or drinking green smoothie, or watching him getting UNI MEIs πŸ˜›

Then I can see their pretty girls! And the cheap stuffs over there and handicrafts, fake LVs. COOL! And porno CDs? .__.

I just bathed finished, tomorrow going Sakura with Mama, phoned Pap just now, he says I am bias, because mama won lottery therefore I stick with her. NO TRUE OKAY!

Papa even say if I marry Laode, he wants 20K as Dowry. LOLs

Stop dreaming can?! He even ask Mama if I will marry him because we stick together a lot.

BUT if we were to be together, it will happen long ago okay? Because we’re close since long ago. It only shows that we bound to be like this, Kin friends. No more than that. And shut the hell up SHA-HILL-DA!

I am not with Laode!! So fuck off D: Stop spreading the rumours, before I spread yours.

You and your big mouth. Seriously, if you talk behind me, it only means that my life is way more interesting than yours.

Ouhwell, i got nothing to lose anyway. It is only her jealous of me having a GREAT KIN than her (censored) boyfriend πŸ™‚

J is acting weird these days, I don’t know how to say it. We shall see.

Anyway E.coli called J today to ask for me, I wonder how she knows my partner is him. Maybe is QAD πŸ˜› HEHE

But I bet he is kind of fuming πŸ˜€ I am happy WAHAHAHA

Tomorrow is Sakura Day with Mama CHEERS :d