Just woke up

&there is this sudden urge to die in my house


Part of my life

Last time I used to think, living every day like its my last will be very fulfilling and satisfying
Or at the least, live my life without regrets.
However, after listening to my papa, gaining much of his experiences, as long as we can live a day more, we can make a difference. Knowing there is a tomorrow is hope.
Hope is definitely not wishful thinking, things happen. Always do when you least expect it.
Pap’s talking on the phone now, he really love socialising this way -.-

Finished this semi-horror movie, had lots of thoughts racing through my minds.
I have my fear, its my first time watching one in a cinema without Zephy.
But the most important thing is not the companion, its the content. It’s kinda related to my life in way or another
I dont have to be a very good speaker (Idk if I am or not in other’s eyes), I don’t have to be a professional, or a major scientist to understand things in life, how they work, how are they suppose to be. Technology is so advance, you can learn in one way or another.

When I head back home straight after the movie, Pap told me many things bout spiritual, individual senses and intellectual ability. He is not some guru or sorcerer, but I knew deep down, I’ve got really good parents. I’m so proud of them. It is no wonder I’m an extrovert having almost nothing to fear(its too early to say so yes cos I’m still not out in the society). However from their context, I can see.

I see how things work, or at least I communicate with them. I am talking to my parents! How much people out there couldn’t do so? Many.
He told me:
1. One who have high foreheads, are more ferocious looking unless the person have really soft features. Also high foreheads allows the person to have a better security, a guard against illegal souls. You can see why police or officers, even humans with authority, or non humans with authority, they carry their signs on their forehead, with caps or not.

2. Always make a full turn when you sense something, face them, face it, with full body length. You will have a better view and not look like a suspicious person. Also, humans have lamps on their shoulder, it is why you see soldiers wore badges on their arms, or ranks. It is the same down in hell. (my hell)

3.Old people who used ceramics for their cooking procedures, and food preparations are the healthiest. Humans may not live long in the past, due to poor medical care! But now, so what with the newest technology and advanced medical sciences, people still die earlier and earlier ! Think bout recent events, plastics and paper containers. poisoned foods.

4. many many more !! I think if I don’t have my papa, I would most probably be dead by now, not only that. I finally understood why sometimes, or mostly, elderly in the society can be our assets. They are the ones who faced it all, they are once people who fight for us, our country, they are people who went through lives, more than decades. Why doubt them? Never doubt people with experiences(:
People make wrong judgement yes. But decision making and history accounting are two different matters.

Tell me I’m wrong(:

-off to do my GM assignment :D-