To people whom I can never forget.

To forgive anyone or everyone equals to forgiving myself. I am not acting whatsoever. I am real, true to my friends and myself.

People who knows me well, knew I reflect on my life everyday before i went to bed.

The very first thing to a first person (Good Man) is that

You betrayed me, but i still do trust you.

You spoil my image and reputation in front of the class, but i still do take you as a friend.

You hate me to the core, but i dont to you.

You’re determined to get rid of me, destroy me, and i see you as a part of my clique.

Because whatever you do, I forgive you, for it is to forgive myself as well.

My friend, I dont wish you come back to me, but i wish you could have a great life ahead like anybody on earth. Because cursing you aint do any good to myself.

Hatred kills, put yours to end, and what i want to say is, I planned your birthday and I am going to share.

只要你愿意 , 我们还是朋友 。

We may not be Besties anymore, but who can forget, the times we support each other, talked on the phone all day long, sharing of memories and happiness. Who can forget the times when we went out, have lunch together, playing pool, games, travelling to different places.

Who can forget when we shared secrets, when we told each other how great are friendships. How to deny that we once shared a deep connection as friends.

So i am giving myself a chance to show tell you, you can be a good friend. A really good friend, and pray please be one(:

The rest let bygones be bygones.

Next chapter:

Have i ever told you, I have the best clique on earth?

They are Doreen, Jia Xin, Lao De, Caleb, QAD and John. Okay I include Good Man.

Dor is a bubbly and cheerful girl. The very first time i saw her cry, was when she got hurt by a rumor. And that was also the very first time i saw her cried her heart out. It pains me, but also dawned me that I really do love this friend of mine. The pictures we took when we stood close and smiling was never fake. I knew she confessed she did have misunderstandings about me and that was when i am grateful to have her back again.

She is an ultimate adorable girl, though very chatty and can be straight upfront when she is very confident. But deep inside, she is a strong, insensitive upright girl.

What i love about her is that she can always makes people feel right even after the greatest storm.

Xin is the most meticulous girl I’ve ever seen. She can spot effectual matters more efficiently than any one of us. When I am with her, the day just seems so bright like the term Dor gave her -SunShine

The thing i love bout her is that she never fails to give us that sense of belonging like we will never be seperated. She binds us together in one. And I know. Thats when she is saddest, to see our clique being blown bits.

Caleb is the humorous guy we have. Cheeky to an extend we would have put him in the Toy industry instead of F&B.

Despite having red ears and a funny bone, John is still the most funny guy. Having him in my clique was bliss. You can see the way he grin from ear to ear, with his eye slits. You know he is happy naturally. He is one person easily contended, and a harmonize soul.

What i love bout them is you dont have to stay in their circle to feel what are friends. They can give you happiness. I cant help thinking mega-mind and chilled potato chips without laughing out loud(:

Lao De, needless to say, he is the best man I ever known , not to compare with my other close friends, but with all the man on earth I knew. He is blahblahblahblah, a brilliant genius in almost everything ,millions of good points with one thing I hate bout him,  too definite.

But I like, as if he is a facebook page, I LIKE(:

QAD was my shadow partner. Someone I cannot live without , literally. She is everything I can have in a super girlfriend. Everlasting, She support me, care, concern, and love. She is my devotion, with her around, I dont ever feel alone. Really, we can share stories up to thousand days, A very wonderful girl, somebody to share everything including panties 😛 (I will mind my words later)

All in all, I ❤ my clique with my life, with my soul. I will forever be with them because I know, they will forever be with me. (It takes me 2 years to comprehend )

My dearest korkor, I know by now, I am writing almost the 4th pages of this this blog, I am making a book i guess. I need to let you know, Or at least reinforce the feelings in my heart that you’re really a mad great brother. From young, (primary sch) I know i can trust you. I never forget you frightened me with centipedes on your palm, amaze me with your paper froggies, touches my soul like I’m your favorite Mei, you’re forever there even if you didnt say much. You dont talk like crazy, but you showed. And me, I am forever the young sister of yours to summon and care !

Budd, stop brooding over the wrong decision anymore. I have to admit I did loved you once when you fell head over heels for SQ.

I was hurt to the core, and i admit I’ve told this to a few friends. Very few friends.

And from then on, you become my best budd. Because I got over you, I got over the feelings. And turn out now you regretted. I dont know how to persuade you anymore because like what happened to you and KS. Girlfriend matters, I really have no solutions. I can be your budd, nothing else. And thanks for these 3 years minus some 9 months when we’re not allowed to stay in contact 😀

My precious girlfriend whom I kept with me for as long as I can take, Kee ( evee).

Recently deleted her fb, was shock to see that she hates the transparency it gives.

I felt the same. But I need this site to complete my tertiary education, so I have to stay if not, why would I have to endure all these much of stalking?

She is the one who stays with me thru-out the growing years, listener, a great girlfriend material, for she is selfless, spontaneous and everything naise. When she is high, you can never be low. Charming princess she is, attracting loads of bees, she’s never alone. But after knowing her for so long, she can really be somebody you’ll miss for the rest of your life.

Best thing I love bout her is she’s my EVEE ❤

To this guy once belonged to me like I’ve had belong to him only. (The most previous one)

I really love you, when we were together. Likewise, thanks for being there, even if our relationship is short lived, but its definitely more sweeter than anything I’ve ever experienced 😀

To my beloved friends and the rest, thanks for being there always and forever. I’be got millions trillions to say, some i choose to say only when I’m face to face with you, some I wrote it here, some I hint, some I show .

Lastly, I really ❤ my friends to the universe ! Longest post I’ve ever wrote I think. Really, like what babe once asked me, my answer would forever be the same. without friends, I would be nothing. I would be, nothing (:



Why is it like this?

Sometimes, things dont go your way.

I understand

Sometimes, things go against you.

I understand

The end-

Met budd, discovered mad loads of past.

including recent happenings.

Sigh, life’s like that.

Relationships around me recently seems to be in great mess.

This is the first time ever, i talk so much

&no conclusion made.

Too many feelings.

Sometimes one dont lost their friendship because they want it.

I bet i can, forgive anything and everything.

But not forget the lesson learned.

Japan ‘s radiation is leaking to singapore soon. Becareful of the rain !

And lastly, cheers to the world !


HAa !

Eh !

What am i doing these past few days was to

enjoy lifeeee.. .


Met with QAD for lunch before i came here (Merah) to write my post.

And was spending good time with her since yesterday.

Now, got plans ahead: Friday meeting somebody.

Saturday meeting korkor&LSY a guyfriend who forsakes me at kor’s house.

Meeting with zep/evee soon ! to play and fool around !

Have ample rest&food. Rest my mind&soul before i get back to face

my examination results.

& many more challenges ahead in my studies for year 3 semester 1.

Regarding classmate gossip issues, I chose to ignore. Because, directing at me, but no actions done yet.

&How can I admit to something I didn’t do, so before anybody make it clear to me that I’m obstructing their lives, I’m not going to do ANYTHING.

Temporary memory loss seems to be the cause, but I don’t even care. Cause all in all, I’m doing real fine with my work&coping.

I am still here, breathing, doing things I like.

So redundant stuff to be gone with the wind&vanishes before me.

Social life: bonding in progress.

Health: declining ( no have fruits for >1month)

must pia BANANA already !

Financial status: cant cope. debts everywhere&still waiting for my bursary. Hope I can get it soon.

Me-self: done reconstructing my house back in Lay, trying to clear up and get more space to move.

Merah was fine, with Regina preparing for school, the rest 2 doodooos having CCAs&upcoming exams.

For pap, he work spares, raising $$ 😀

For mam, she working full-time in Jap restaurant rasing $$.

So should I do something to raise $$ too?

Finding ways. Also, trying harder to get in TOUCH.

Things ‘re gettin complicating.

Still alive. Dragging soul. Been some time since i get to Library and read something.

Spend time wisely, put debts and enemies aside, bring friends and happiness in. So more good deeds HAHA !

AND READ  MORE NEWS ! I don’t know whats going on with the debate and war lately. Something Saudi Arabia going to $%$%#%#*(% ??
Remember to check these out, kay Laoxin.
I miss my pillow back in Lay.
Currently, updating and changing passwords for all sites I have.
Reconnecting in 5 seconds. ..
Okay, I’m back !
Before I publish this post, just to mention, the more you hate me, the more I become stronger. The more friends I have, the more enemies I gain as well.
与其花时间做任何对他人不益的事, 不如花些时间多疼疼自己。

Life’s great. Same old line. Same old faith, same old me.