Imma Libra always&forever !

I hate it !
Hate the new sign
The new octopus sign : Ophiuphus
Why now?
I am ME !
I want to be Libra, i’ve got everything a libra has.
I hope its not like what my QAD thinks. When she did mention that she feel a change in all of us, in the world around us.
Nobody change, nothing change !
Read up on the new horoscope. Its bullshit (:
Its only a constellation, new stars arrangement, not whatever signs.

Libra: Libra is the only inanimate Sign of the Zodiac, the other eleven representing either human or animal forms. Those born under this Sign are natural arbitrators and diplomats, constantly seeking balance and harmony. In short, they are sociable, cheerful and charming souls. Perhaps the greatest fault of this Sign is indecision. Libra individuals find it difficult to make up their minds and strongly dislike taking sides. Although they have an aversion to those who are rude, they themselves can frequently be disconcertingly brash and blunt. Nonetheless, some astrologers consider Libra to be the most desirable of all Zodiac types because it represents the zenith of the year. Libra is representative of balance…the weighing of values and justice. When those ruled by this Zodiac Sign manage to bring balance into their lives and curtail the inherent tendency to waver from one side to the other, then they will find the contentment that is so necessary to their well-being.

I am like that. I am an extrovert !
not VIRGO !
&Laode becomes “Libra”, Qad becomes “cancer”, Xin becomes “virgo”, Dor too !, Caleb as well ! , John becomes “AQUARIUS”. damn it all. FAKE ! D:
I cannot accept this ! no way ):

I am still me always&forever.

Positive Traits: easygoing, sociable, peaceable, idealistic, diplomatic, urbane, romantic, charming and refined

Negative Traits: flirtatious, self-indulgent, indecisive, lazy, changeable, guillable, resentful, frivolous and easily influenced by others

Likes: gentleness, sharing, conviviality and the “finer” things of life

Dislikes: injustice, violence, brutishness, disharmony, quarrels and bad manners

Spiritual Goal:  To learn how to overcome personal fears

Animals:  Elephants, Snakes, Lizards and All Small Reptiles
Watchword:  Harmony
Keynote:  Beauty
Physical Manifestation:  Equilibrium
Mental Manifestation:  Balance
Motto:  Love Is My Star
Quote:  I Balance

Considered to be one of the most charming Signs, Libra individuals are attractive, tactful, charismatic and popular. However, with a tendency to shrink from disagreements with others, Libra natives can also be regarded as evasive and indecisive as a result. These are souls who love to talk but, given the inherent value of the ability to explore and investigate all aspects of living, seldom get along well with people whose opinions are fixed. There is an inner desire here for immediate and warm relationships, coupled with a constant seeking to identify with the world around them by participating in the lives of others to the fullest extent. Libra individuals abhor loneliness and are creatures of moods…yet tend to look for companionship rather than more profound affairs. Although the intellect is highly developed, those ruled by this Sign are not necessarily scholarly. Still, a rich imagination endows their lives with the color and pace they desire, even if such is not attained in a realistic sense. There is a propensity here for Libra natives to work themselves to the point of exhaustion, often attending to irrelevant details and side-issues instead of the main task in hand, and this will be something that requires careful watching. Nonetheless, those governed by this Sign are generally inclined to take the middle course during life, veering neither to the right nor to the left, but steering a path that will please the majority of those around them.

Kay i feel better, i never change dao 😀

i am still my constellation weeeeee !

Over and above cold reason, intuition is a better guide for Libra individuals, who experience difficulty anyway in putting their heads above their hearts when making a decision. This ability often enables them to ferret out deceit and insincerity, no matter how much it may be glossed over. However, if these natives prejudge a matter or listen to persons in whom they trust or sympathize, they can be carried far astray. Very susceptible to being influenced by those who impress them, Libra individuals will imitate the manners of such persons and may even pick up on their traits. However, since everything associated with this Sign is related to balance, the susceptibility of Libra persons will be offset somewhat by a strong-mindedness that can become firm and unflinching in purpose. Natives of Libra grow dissatisfied with anything wherein they are disregarded…even if it is to their own best interests. If they are not consulted on a matter, then they consider it unfair play and their high sense of impartiality is offended. Although these individuals are frequently imitative in conduct, they are likely to be original in ideas and quite farsighted because of their intuitive qualities. The motives of those governed by this Sign are always of the highest caliber, but they will act upon impulse when they deem it to be the correct course of action. Inherently generous, they expect that quality in those around them. Thus, they are inclined to regard the merest slight as a rank injustice, which will cause a rift between themselves and the person or persons otherwise involved.

everything is still ME.

Perhaps the worst fault of this Sign is the desire to take the easiest road. This could lead to trouble, particularly given the inherent liking for the “bright lights.” Although there is certainly no sin in being fond of luxury and beautiful things, there is a danger in loving them to the exclusion of all else. The greatest strength here is most likely the ability to keep an open mind. It is the singular quality which will make most people like and respect Libra natives. But, within those governed by Libra resides a continual tug-of-war of which few others are aware…Libra persons find it exceedingly difficult to choose one philosophy and stay with it, or one set of moral values and keep to them. Being true romantics, love is paramount in the lives of Libra subjects. Indeed, love is all and everything would be well lost for the sake of love…if only the strength could be found to make such a sacrifice.

yep love is everything ! i LOVE Libra ! 😀

On occasion, the way to disaster is paved with good intentions and Libra natives always have the best of those. An outlet for expressing emotions is of the utmost importance for happiness and this is why so many Libra individuals excel in the arts, being beguiling and most fascinating souls. Libra individuals like amusements and excitement. In addition, the inherent love of harmony makes them very fond of music.

Due to the measureless sympathy of those ruled by this Sign, they love humanity for itself alone. They display the utmost tenderness toward the afflicted and distressed…for the worthy unfortunates, no matter how lowly…and their goodness does not content itself with mere expressions of sympathy. Any worthy cause appeals to these natives in such a strong fashion that they will not hesitate to make personal sacrifices in order to be of practical assistance. This tendency also extends to the brutal and inhumane treatment of dumb animals.

YES ! i hate animal abusers FUCK THEM !

Indeed, there are probably no kinder-hearted people in the world than those governed by Libra. They are invariably honorable and just in all their dealings. In terms of friendships, Libra natives are attracted by personality and mental gifts rather than by social positions or the possession of wealth. Still, the temperament of these individuals can change suddenly from hopefulness to melancholy, such extremes of mood often coming and going very unexpectedly. Inharmonious surroundings can cause despondency or gloom. Quite often, those governed by this Sign are unable to explain their sudden low spirits brought on by nothing more than being out of harmony with their environments.

YESYESYES i can unhappy or angry for ONE SPLIT SECOND.

😀 mad happy weeeee im still me 😀

Being the middle Air Sign, Libra is expected to be (and is) a gifted communicator…energetic and ambitious…sometimes generous to a fault and frequently brimming with inspiration.

i hope i can print MONEY ! LOL

These are individuals who can display great moral fiber and ones who can withstand a run of bad luck or personal losses far better than any other Zodiac Sign. When spiritualized or awakened to the higher duties of humanity, Libra natives are evenly balanced and the good they can do is often quite phemonenal. Such Libra subjects are surrounded by mangnificent magnetic forces that maintain a high level of vigor. In addition, they are blessed with psychic powers and possess much knowledge and insight. Still, they would be hard put to explain how they “know” these things.

YARYARYAR, i know things i need to know, dont need to know, dont have to know, dont really exist, things nobody cares !

Alternatively, this Sign’s major negative challenges arise from hypersensitivity and a tendency to become anxious concerning the welfare of parents, children and close friends. They may react severely to a display of any form of combativeness and hostility…possibly going so far as to instantly flee from the presence of the perpetrator.

YESYESYES , i hate the good man. fleeing is my greatest action eva !

Yet another challenge is the propensity toward self-indulgence, which manifests as a compensation mechanism for the failure to obtain that which Libra individuals believe they should possess. Always striving to please those around them, natives of this Sign have an insatiable appetite for flattery, which too often ends in disaster.

Hey beautiful ! *slap* LOL

It will also be necessary for Libra individuals to learn how to accept criticism, otherwise their sense of justice can become warped and they will argue themselves into accepting wrong as right, particularly when they yield to the wiles of those who would prey upon their sympathy rather than hearkening to the blunt words of true friends.

YEs shoulda believe im FAT now !

The secret fear of Libra subjects is being alone with themselves. This is a loving Sign whose natives will find a way around any impasse to bring peace and harmony into their lives and the lives of others…and whatever the method of achieving that may be, these are individuals who will mean everything from the bottom of their hearts.

yep i dont keep secrets ! ouh well, i am never alone ! great yipeeee 😀

I am nothing but Libra. Libra is me 😀

*yawns* time to sleep ! &&I’m the best 😀


there’s always a first time for anything&everything.

once upon a time, a girl got shock by the comments people left for her,
&now, she was loved deeply by everyone else.
Nobody knows why&yet it happens.
it happened.

ouhya ! got rid of 50% of projects&assignments,
left with preservation ppt&Nscience test 2 !
gotta buck updownleftright ! 😀

I’m the greatest person on earth !

Hms, i’ve always wanted to say this:

Firstly, thanks Boon Pin, Mei Sang, Kai Hui, Cai Yin, my beloved clique, people who stand by me, all the human beings on earth including the GOOD MAN(:

Secondly, Many things happened, call me a keyboard warrior all people want. But to me, to the GOOD MAN, i would be the best keyboard warrior ever !

Basically, my whole clique was greatly affected by this matter. This GOOD MAN, cause some misunderstandings between us all, making almost each of us to emo like mad. I heard really lots of negative comments from you, i am SAD, i dont understand why do our relationship come to this state when you have to spread messages to the class for me.

I spent these freakin days thinkin of a solution to help my beloved clique.
& that the best way is not to avoid, or to WHATEVER.
I’ve finally found the solution, thanks to laode, though he mad stress til he couldnt help me anymore.
the best solution, is to talk to YOU niiiiceeeeeelllyyyyy(:

Happy max today, MAMA told me, this is only the first stage of life.
I am still adapting, to the fact that you told the whole class i am bad.

Am i really that bad? Did i do anything to threaten you or hurt you ?
Hurt your poor little fragile heart ?

Okay, all in all, lets just stay CLASSMATES & be GOOD altogether !
Who knows next time i may need your help or vice versa when we reach the stage in society !
SOOO.. ..being optimistic is still my forte 😀

We’re classmates afterall, just tell me straight in the face how unsatisfied you are, dont hurt relationships !

Affecting my clique’s life and go around telling people how bad i am is not ideal and UNDESIRABLE ! So, when time comes by, people may think you’re the bad person in their heart. So its not favorable to your reputation !
So if there’s anything, just speak in my face, maybe me the pro can help you 😀
We’re all mad happy bout life, everyday also happy ! so if you’re sad, TELL US !
MADLY wish the GOOD MAN’s final year EXAM pass with bombastic colors !
May we still have chance in the future to sit down & have an afternoon tea over lunch ! Exchange pointers in working life, & share bout life !
Let bygones be bygones, lets not hold grudges against each other, we’re still using parents money to study, do not disappoint our parents, not use their money to bring others down,and lastly,

hope we can maintain the friendship thruout the 1.5 years left,
lets clear any misunderstandings, study well, & score merit diploma altogether !
My greatest wish is for my class to pass this year exam with flying colors and for Ms Tay(beloved mentor)&fellow lecturers, for ourselves&our parents !

CHEERS ! (ps: mama says i am good :P)