被放弃 是什么 样的感觉
为什么 对于我 放弃了你 的消息 还仍然无动于衷
是什么 样的童年 让你可以忍让 我的任性
是什么 样的经验 让你如此 沧桑
是什么 样的你 让我 那么 难以捉摸
hais .. .

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I need to learn to not make people worry for me. &i should learn to let go. to allow her to have peace. to not hold on to not cling on untill when i ve lost. but to cherish when they re still on. =]


Shes gone. Neva to be back again. I didnt guess it would be this fast.
I didnt even have time to react to the news that came from the phone.The phone.
Now then i realise, i very much appreciate previous centuries methods of using letters and shippings.
It indeed makes things slower, veryvery slow.
But for bad news, it is still better. Because
by then the news gets to you,
you ve already gotten far to let go.
What should i do.
I cant even feel right now.
I feel no sorrow, no pain. But no happy, no joy either.
I am empty.
Void of feelings. I cant even concentrate on my studies.
How to let go.
She s gone.