Another Brand New Day ! :D

Me went to school to do homework with Pin
We watched Ponyo movie(jap cartoon)
Then me finishing up my orgchem e-practical&Comm Skills Quiz.
& i was late by 7 hours in the morning-.-
he go sch at 8am in the morning while
i reach at 3pm!
& lastly, we had had had had japanese food for dinner!
The Sumo Cafe at near AMK Hub.
yummy yummy!
whenever im with him,,
i eat like mad pig
Cos We both likes to EAT-.-
i mean.
& shall count down to year 2010!!
so fast another year.
2010 is a nice number!
hope this year will be a great year for me!
My New Year Resolution is ..
to get A for all modules!
hope i can make it!

Body World :D

Tday i went to Science Centre for
the Body World exhibition.
i’ve had had great fun man!
just that pictures are not allowed
if not, its really fascinating&
wonderful man!
how nice x)
i went Tiong Bahru Plaza with Pin
for superb duper dinner!
with pratas
then followed by seafood cheese pasta
& lemon honey drink.
then Ice cream.
whenever im with him,
we will eat like mad pigs.
just that i spent damn too much money
from him D:
gotta get him to write me a longlong receipt
so that i could return all his money
just that!
he wont wat to write me any.
how fair?!
& im going to Pin’s house for project 1
as well as my clique. woohoo!.
& Dor Xin the besty sisters!
& i shall work like a mad dog.
trying my proj to the fullest!
HUAT arh!
tomorrow must pia my day
berhahaha 😀
& other than that,
gonna do orgchem&comm skills e-learning in sch with Pin.
other than all above,
i must rmb to pass the xmas presents to nana&yin
when sch reopens.
lastly, must remind myself to work hard after that.
& ILOVE yin forever! 😀
Hope she’s alright. she’s kind of moody& feeling unwell.
but i must let her knw yea.
Body World rocks.
strongly encouraged&recommended for kids.youths&adults.
real bodies EH!
& realrealreal!


should i be happy or not.
yesterday’s yesterday,
which is saturday.
nw is 12:00
& im writing this piece of shit.
maybe not.
but who knows.
saturday i went to my cousin place again.
after series of rituals blahblah.
It was finally my turn to speak to the ‘God’
though he was not scolding me thru-out
he was damn agitated man.
i know its hard to be a ‘God’
I am not trying to be sarcastic. nor trying to be funny here
but i cant find any better way
to make myself feel better
he asked me if i had any guy i loved right nw.
i told him. NO
because that was my answer
he couldnt believe me at first.
maybe he saw what i dreamt.
i have to believe him.
because i knw he knws.
i used to not care.
but now i have to.
because he’s real.
he tells me every single thing which nobody knows.
he says im a guy-sensitive girl.
& i always attracts the wrong people.
he told me the boyfriend i got,
was not the one i would be with in the future.
was not my husband
next time.
im not shock.
because i knew this long ag.
i know i wont be with him for long.
the worst is that i told him to wait for me.
ima selfish creature D:
i hope he will let go after the following years.
of course he can x)
& ‘He’ gave me two choices.
Study or Boyfriend.
i choose the first one.
he told me im a clever& promising girl.
if i choose the latter,
i will have downfalling results.
& if i choose the first, i have to promise him. i wont
get into relationships anymore
for the next 3 years.
& he will assure me i do well in my studies.
well, he swear with his head.
imagine what. a hell god swears with his head
& i was like tear-ing
cos i knw its easy yea. but i just feel not comfortable.
idk why.
the promise was easy.
i just have to concentrate on studies.
& he will protect me aginst all other things thats not related to my studies.
& he can assure everything in my future.
of course.
i feel lack of freedom.
but its good if i see from another perspective.
its like i’ve assured job& future!
he’s tracking me man.
i’ve more than 6 charms on me now.
bath with charms&flowers everyday
sleep with one.
&im still waiting .
for my common test results.
if it turns out well,
i will be consistent.
if not, i will do harder.
as for the rest,
& this guy in my sch.
nana&pin told me he likes me.
i think i have to leave everything to god.
because i came here for. i live for. i strive for.
my results.
even without all those stupid things that happened,
i will choose the saame.
& for now, happy study do well happy!
cycle of life man!
its the theme for the body works.
science centre.
excited excited*
all the best.
Fiona Ho Hui Xin.
woo! 😀

Best Christmas Present ever :D

Ytd I didnt update immediately cause i was
DAMN tired ._.
i woke up at 8am in the morning
by Pin’s morning call-.-
the second call he gave me that day
after that, i was rushing
cos im late
supposedly meeting at 1030am
but i reached at around 12pm
&we couldnt contact nana
cos she’s out already.
we waited for another hour or so.
but didnt see her coming from anywhere.
so we went on to the 2pm slot of
Kbox treat
Its so damn nice!
everywhere in the kbox area.
too much lightings.
but no window.
maybe its better without window.
glass door
glass plated table.
one round leather sofa.
two mini tele for choosing &
mtv viewing.
3 walls.
& later on i will post up all the photos 😀
Then, Pin hate photos ._.
so i didnt ake his.
i so selfish.
look around*
after the S$55 event,
ouhya! we had pastamania for breakfast.
then we go on to have dinner
then i went shopping with him.
i bought 3 sets of earrings.
1 piece of
2 items to build in the makeup-kit.
i spent this&that.
Followed by lots of pictures.
from the chirstmas set-up in Orchard.
we’ve been inside orchard area all along.
from Kbox to dinner.
i summarise all. hence doesnt sound that good.
but to me, was the best ever,
imagine you could get a friend to actually
spend his time&effort
to go thru all these troubles.
to prepare a wonderful day for you.
& because we feel that its a loss my two other clique babes
are not able to have this night with us,
we prepare presents for them!
woo-hoo 😀
Two so ever beautiful present.
hope they will like it.
& most probably they will receive the present when sch reopens. cos.
i believe busybusybusy week for them this week.
but whatever whenever it is.
the present will be there.
& playplayplay
i literally talk the whole day
me&my biggy MOUFTH!
& lastly, HAppy christmas to all,
& my best clique.
& Pin(:
Thanks for being my friend.
& all those you’e done for me&my two babes-nana&Yin.
Hope they were doing fine.
& hope our PROJECT can finish.
man ><
we shall do the best presentation ever!

Resolved love.

I understand how hard isit to spare time for us
when you have lots of things going on in your family.
However you should voice out any unhappiness /stand if you think we treated you badly,
or you think there is anyting bias. we’re still going except we changed the date.
its not christmas anymore. its kind of a Kbox treat on wednesday except we going to orchard & chop after that.
Have some wine for dinner… HAHA! as if 😡
shhhh- you tell others. im deadmeat .__.
& i chionging maple like maddog everyday.
i knw theres always no hard feelings.
thats why we all didnt have overnight fights at all 😀 
 Whats more. studies is important.
So nobody’s gonna pursue the matter nor affecting your studies negatively. no worries(:
Last but not least. the case is not closed.
 it doesnt exist at all. we dont treat this as case . MUHAHAHA!
Whateverwhatever, as long as you feel fine, you’re not upset anymore.
Because that is my intention as well as theirs.
We all wished us to be happy foreever(=
Merry Christmas!
ps: new year resolution must ai wo duo yi dian!
LOL i thick skin.hehe

Distorted feelings

& now everything became my fault-.-
& self contradiction.
she dont want to come for christmas party.
& she said we left her out.
isnt it fair?
she choose to not come!
& she says we didnt think of her.
nana called her to ask if she is really not coming.
and she said yes!
i should have taped down the whole thing
and why isit not fair.
she cant come anyway.
and i’ve asked her thru-out the whole sem already.
i realised many events were postponed and dragged by her.
because of her indecisive nature.
she’s the only person who couldnt cfm everything.
and backs out when the date is near.
thru-out the year.
how many times have we asked her out.
& how many times she is available.
she is busy.
but cant blame us for not thoughtful.
try standing in other people’s shoe.
and think.
what you want other people to do for you, you have to do for other people first.
if you cant, nothing is possible.

is i dont care, if i really only think for myself,
then what for i still even bother to mention the
outing once(nana called) before the actual date?
why do i still bother to explained in the morning?
& sometimes, people cannot read between the lines. too many assumtions will harm relationships.
everybody knows im a big-mouthed freak.
whatever i’ve said in my previous previous blog entry was just me trying to vent anger. it meant
no harm.
no hard feelings.
we people are naturally self-centered.
but no matter how’s the extent,
we think before we do something.
if something is worth the extra mile, we will do it.
& that is why i spent the time to even explained
why we went without FULLEST CONFIRMATION
and YOUR PERMISSION for the swimming outing.
that day when we discussed the swimming outing,
both me & nana finished our
german e-test
pin came to join me jogging.
because i think i am FAT!
and it rained.
that is why we discussed among ourselves first.
its not like we could summon you dwn from boonlay?
thus you’re the furthest,
you the last to know.
easy simple.
& jordan , pin and me went
AMK hub
just to GAIGAI
its not left you out.
its just a small gathering. not clique
but small gay gathering
so no worries.
as for the christmas party,
i see no part that you’re left out.

idontknow anymore.

After he left, my life kind of turned
its not due to the fact his absence
bring me extra happiness
but rather,
i focused more on making myself feel better
cause i simply
deserve it.
& things arent really going well
eevn if i tried my best to keep
things on track.
Yin is not going for the christmas party I organised.
i was not the first person to know that
i was so nearly bing pangsehh.
worst to worst,
she’s affecting Pin.
& now
Nana is working damn hard for herself.
I realise.
my so call clique
is not even a clique.
People just tend to themselves more than
the others
What are Friends for?
the only question i’ve never ask myself before.
Last time, he
used to tell me.
so hard, he trying to tell me that friends are nothing
& yet i turned down his idea.
i dont believe him.
till now, i seemed
shaken to the core.
Because i have doubts
doubts makes people fear.
fear for the worst
it triggers my protection skin.
i fear that i will isolate myself
so that i wont get hurt.
i fear that i will lose things or people
i shouldnt lose.
sometimes, by appearing
to have no problems,
doesnt mean it doesnt exist.
However, i do not pretend
because i dont want to be a coward
i stand brave&strong.
because i want to be.
after the whole incident, my mama
came back
she dote me more than before.
i get to realise alot of things.
i know family should be the first thing at heart
Family comes before everything.
But i kept a balanced.
i spare time equally thru-out people
who knows me.
& I am not obsessed with my family, nor anybody out there.
But Im in love with them.
All of the people i know.
& that is why i keep hurting myself.
When i look back my life,
3.0 GPA
worth all i’ve done. because i spent great lots of time
playing&studying the way
i’ve got friends.
1 or 2, thousands or millions.
as long as we people are connected by heart,
numbers are nothing.
Because i’ve spent a great deal of time
socialising too.
I’ve become what i want to be
A person with looks( i’ve taken care of myself),
with love(spent relationships with everyone),joy(thru exciting adventures with friends&families),
with care(what i’ve given to all the people in the world), with results(my hardwork&effort),
with integrity(my surroundings),
with maturity(forced independence since young),
lastly, with skills.
Something people cant take away from me.
Skills that can last me a lifetime or more.
Skills that will bring me thru all milestones
all problems.
all troubles.
Thou im sick,
& tired of some ugly parts
of human nature,
i still have to stay calm
of myself.
& the people.
Best of all, i did thought of him when i bought my christmas present.
However, it doesnt matter anymore.
because he fell in love with my ex-gf.
& all in all, i’ve promise the God, i would stay single
for 2 years.
Then he will set me free.
but what i think is that,
everyone is free.
everybodys got freedom to do what they want.
& i choosed to let go.
Friends. i’ve not lacked.
So the clique, i shall not hold onto it anymore.
because its simply hopeless.
& my family, its already broken from long ago.
therefore. i will not hold it back in one piece,
but rather, i will do my best to keep my siblings,
my blood-related -s- safe& sound at all cost.
& my schwork.
i promised the God, if i complete my studies
after 2 years, he would gurantee me a good job.
i dont have to worry anymore.
Thou im always spiritual,
but this is not a belief, nor a posessed thought.
its trust.
purely trust.
no more ands.
but HAHA!
i must say happy regardless of all the unhappiness(:
muacks myself.
& my fellow friends.


just back from a sunburnt activity
with PIN&NANA!
we rented a float & played at the lazy pool
with those 3 long terrifying slides
(pink, blue,&yellow)
mushroom city& playground as well.
how nice!
gonna have nexus party tomorrow.
Kbox treat during christmas.
& science centre exhibition!
the body works one.
so excited.
spending my time
enjoying myself
right now.
& DATOU beside me now.
& so far so good.
Its time to break.
we deserve this holiday
even if its only two weeks,
even if we still have 3 major projects undone
even if we have like not enough time
to play
even if we can do much
even if we have to receive our results during
the two-week break.
i still find everything fufilling.
as long as i like
my sunburn was like..
butbut all in all.
this is happiness.
this is love.
this is friendship.
All the best for my contacts.


i doubt anybody still rmb me):
im still me MAN!
the same old me.
rushing to sch early morning.
nvr eat breakfast
& reach sch within 2 hours.
run here&thr
like crazy bull
i drank redbull
taste sweet-.-
like syrup water onyl WHAT!
how come so many people like
saw the thinnest condom
on mrt’s side panes
featherlite also sia!
then end up whole mrt people stare at me
sit thr rot):
then reach sch every early day
must print &print & print
like mad dog.
then rush to elcture.
Then i will have either no time, or no mood to eat
then i will have lesser fats.
then i will.
I’ve never been bored before.
untill now still dont have):
am i not normal?
chionging fb restaurant city nw.
&& hope i can have many many ingredients &
blow wind blow.
blow my baby away.
i’ve let-ten go of my string
hope he’s still as happy as ever.
what a beautiful boy
aww. my mummy cooked spaghetti for me.
nice eh!
with tomato sauce
BUT after that she came with
to scare me-.-
i instantly break down sia.
just wail out loud
then shiver on the ground
it reminds me of all my past.
whr i used to catch KACHUAK
in my room
when nobody’s thr for me.
i rmb my ex told me he cant give me anything
at all.
cos my dad said so.
but he didnt knw.
sth he had given me
for life.
& also sth my parents or anybody will never
be able to give me
memories, love&concern.
these money cant buy.
& no matter how everybody is right now.
happy or sad.
as long as we cherish
the person or the memories,
its enough.
so much enough(:
take cares all.
&& christmas coming!


i wanna get a haircut soon!
how i wish i can dye my hair red 😡
look around*
is only i was born RED.
i’ve changed my favourite colour from red to pink.
so random&rubbish right-.-
schoolw as fine except stress
&& upcoming exams.
& abit worried for this saturday.
dont wanna hurt my parents nor anything.
& if not, nth much.
have so much fun with my clique.
&& i gonna help out at my sch’s open house event!
means can knw new people
haha! ><
excited* excited*
& last but not least.
i still thinks the cindy dont know how to sing :X