so sad. suddenly found my litttle space
of my sister
just now
found her little entry
speak of her
thinking of me
during my camps
in school
so damn lots of emotions
choking in me
anyways i knew she cares
saddens anyways
that i was not aware
of it
till now
as it happens last year
however i know its
never to late to know
that someone cares
for you
and you will
never know
as to you
no one may mean anything
but to someone
you may mean the world(:
HEREs her piece of LOVE
to me
 ma jie went tu camp~without her da huse seems verii quiet~she is da 0ne dat make da huse mad n j0ypul~3 daes~da 3 daes dat she went fer campin~i miss her al0rts~though we quarrel quite 0ften~n0w den i n0e i miss her s0 much~n0w den i n0e wad they meant by<when he/she left, then eu knew what is the feeling of missing a human a l0t>i neber feel s0 terrible~even ma grandpa’s dead~i did n0rt cry~but wen ma grandmotha died~i cried[i was n0rt cl0se tu her]~i was m0re cl0se tu ma grandpa~i dunn0e wad wr0ng wif mi~s0metymes i hate n sc0ld ma jie fer da thing ~she dun all0w mi tu d0~but wenever i nid help ~she will alwaes b dere fer mi~n0w she jux went fer 3 daes camp~but i miss her a l0rt~thinkin 0f tis~makes mi cry~it jux 3 daes camp~eu understand mi?>~i dunn0e y i m s0 sad~n0w den i n0e da one ii cannt live without is ma jie~i g0rt test 2mor0~maths~da subject i nid tu buck up~but i jux cannt c0ncentrate~i wan tu d0 well fer ma jie tu see~i mux c0ncentrate~but i cannt st0p thinkin b0ut her~kaes~st0p here~bf0re i g0 berserk~jie i l0ve eu~jia y0u~i nid g0 revise lerhx~i dunwan get zer0~latta jie will sc0ld againn~T_T
thats all.
LOVE my sister.
thanks for her love.
i love her too(:


kays i did slept for 24 hours because
simply too tired
iam not a pig(:
Finally after prelims,
can lastly have a good long rest
peaceful sehhs(:
hope my papers will be okay
hope they rest well on my teachers desk too
prayed for my results.
Hope they score with flying colours
In addition,
have a bad news to share
i fallen in LOVE
with my precious
also my cinderella princess,
you ROCKS!
sorry if it disturbs you
cause i couldnt
contain all those happiness within
ends HERE!

never will i(:

sat for my physics paper one today.
received my results during my second paper, maths
scored well i think(:
30/40.( 75%)
suppose to be glad and damn happy.
of course(:
but not now. before i shared it with all
of you out there(:
Beautiful trip:-
Their presence, joy, well, perhaps their voices.
on a train back home
after i send my companion to her train.
thanks for your 30 minutes(:
Met my two beautiful past mates,
as usual, taking same train as me.
but with a different purpose
they were there,
chatting happily.
perhaps not.
but not what i can focus on.
their conversation.
same voices. same words. same scent.
all the same
except their expressions.
once gone. forever gone.
thats what they said
echo-ing in me,
however was able to comprehend fast
that this sentence
does not apply to me.
they were never gone.
i was certain. they didnt(:
and i was never gone.
one reminded the other to take out all her stuffs
and bring beautiful memory to herself
so that she dont forget her past
her favourite pen,
colour pencils
pencil boxes
i knew they were for me.
to make me realise
i have lost
SOME Friends
Am i really that dumb to still
think that they are not worth?
that we disregard our old friendship
that we forsake our relationship
that we let each other down.
and blahblahblah(:
well, she forget to mention eraser.
yes. i did
remind myself often of our past days
that we spend in laughter
and joy
however, if things is so simple,
i wont be choking on myself
everytime i see them.
if one says he’she wont feel anything with their past,
they are probably lying
nobody feels nothing
yet everybody feels something
its hard to let go.
there are always a reason
to leave.
to forget
to remember
to feel
to .
left things unspoken
to bring certain memories to graves
i have never once regretted
anything in my life
its either they were destined.
or i simply accept the fact that regretting
is not a solution
i do things with logic.
however relationship is not something
you can explain
even with thousand words.
lots of expressions
spending quality time tgther
Simply put,
i have my reason.
but i did not left
nor anyone of you all out there
ditch me
i didnt accept
means its not valid
mutual approval is important.
but when things are left not said.
when problems are not solve,
when no one realise
the most significant
contribution is not time,
is love.
relationships contains LOVE
a four letter word
endless definitions.
just trying to say here that i have done my best.
in keeping myself as one
when all turns out
in protecting people’s interest
when they were haunted.
in saving the best memories
before time runs out
before things turns bad
before everything goes back
not normal.
i LOVEDD my friends.
every single one of them
regardless of their backgrounds
because they simple rocks:
my world(:
its never the past or future.
once known , never forget
thats me.
i didnt even ignore or forget anyone
its just less talk.
more smiles(:
i prefer this way.
because i can see they survive better.
without me
i was just an extra in the first place
no me means no pain
and thats what i told one of them
dont know if they share
but from what i know
maybe they didnt
anyways .
i can only bring some things
to my grave
i dont mind.
i love it
i still loved them
they were me best ever buddies
four beautiful ladies.
i was never gone(:
well, i should have mentioned my beloves(:
next time.hahas!
take cares all


done my exam . berhahahs.
saw MEHs(:
Jane&all LOVED ones.
so glad to be back home early.
damn tired
hopefully. tomoroow’s paper is easy.
加油! Alls
rest well.sleep well.
lastly, score well.
Dedicated to BELOVED.
in addition, I loveMEH (x
to be continued…♥


tomorrow’s my prelim day. on with social studies, my favourite subject.
well, all subjects are my avourites.
Revised. of course(:
have something to share yea.
this problem not finish, another comes.
feeling so uneasy these days, trying to not think much and focus on my wor
however , he keep dragging me away from my usual self.
no wonder i always find relationship one of those
most difficult matter on earth.
Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.
Indeed, its true.
A definite reason for me
To not think that its my fault to have
Infatuation for a guy.
not my first time. but never
i feel so LOVED.
he treats me well. i should be glad
however not what i expect or i want it to be
he confessed his heartfelt words
that i was nearly rooted to the ground
i mean real!
lucky i was able to give him an immediate reaction
i just hope he accepts my rejection.
because i mean well.
for both of us.
Friendship is a horizon which expands whenever we approach it.
i believe we would last as friends for long.
thats it.
there goes my LOVE(:
but he still treats me nice than ever
so good. felt so appreciated.
thanks buddy
now i know girls and straight guys can be friends
but both must know their stand. certainly(:
i love all my friends&family
Life without friendship is like the sky without sun.
take cares
best wishes
to my


heys! backbackback.. on a holiday these days? course not!
having exams earlier and gonna continue to next month.
so stress.
but not as much as those that are facing practical exams later on.
 hands on exams should be more scary i suppose(:
lucky my subjects doesnt include arts and Food&Nutrition stuffs,
making my life moremore relax. but concentrating too hard on sciences and maths can also kill >.<
Finished my harry potter book 4: Goblet of fire. nice nice wonderful. FABULOUS book!
hope i get good results after all these tedious processes of examinations.hehe.
My crown is in my heart, not on my head;
Not decked with diamonds&indian stones, nor to be seen: my crown is called content.
A crown it is that seldom kings enjoy.
thats all. tq to my faithful friends &most importantly, my Lord.