Well, one word. one heart , one mind, one score!.LOLs what im talking eh? i got A1 for chinese o lvls(:
thats it. hahas.happy news must share yeah?
                 To::: you[:

Potters’s freak(:

Finished my harry potter book three. hwee lu ask me read de(: so touching .
hope can borrow all the other series from library some other day.
haven touch any of my homework yet. heard mommy talking to my mei, Regina
telling her not to follow in my footsteps for choosing those subjects next year since
she have streaming this year. she hopes to get into biology classes.
but mom insisted she get computer studies cos she thinks its good to
start from IT so as to get IT-business related course in polytechnics after two years.
so what? as if i have not done well? all right i shall prove to them
by scoring full marks in o lvl for all subjects!
LOL impossible leh-.-
well, nothing is impossible. i not from the incredibles. so i just do my best?
thats better i guess.
merits are indeed important. but without passion, nothing can be achieved.
hehe COPYRIGHTED.hahas!
kaes. what goes around comes around. bloq tomorrow perhaps?

i cant forget this(:

WOOT! beautiful afternoon spending quality time at botanic garden with sec fours today.
so wonderful to be able to acompany your friends, classmates and talk, chit chat, run. hop,
get high with them yeahh.
take lots of pictures with buddies. hope i can post them latter.
hahas~ also i seem to be very emotionaland irritating these days.
 sorry guys. i wasnt feeling well. and maybe due to holding on too many SECRETS!
please reduce the rate of stuffing me with so things currently. some makes me stress eh. and PLEASE dont ask me how to perform on bed anymore(: find a right guy and that settles everything! =D
anyways being able to stay with you all is pure bliss xDxD so relax . woooohh…hehes!
thanks for the whole evening to my special little buddy.
THE MUMMY is a nice movie! urge everyone to watch touching. makes me laugh and cry throughout the whole two hours plus plus.
things just gets more and more exciting.
 stay tune to latest songs too. send me some if have(:
kaes. gotta surf.take cares babes and hunks.lastly. stay beautiful(:

Great Day

ehhhs! hahas feeling bored again? not me =P great that today no homework! berhahahahas.
nothing much can carry on reading my favourite book yeahh.
and have a nice sleep later. good dreams and those blahblahblah.
tomorrow’s national eve(: must have fun. too bad prom’s night gonna held during noon.
so its urm. prom noon?
LOL high tea at dont know which hotel at a bo hua* price .
now i shall sign off ehh?                             
                                                                                                                    *not worth(:kekes)
with loves
hearts to all buddies.


hahas! im back! now secondary four is going to finish. .hahas. i never update dont mean i didnt come back and just view my own history. you know now its hard to catch up with simple things like this? [: nows therefriends.stress.and lots more. my writing style , my taste, my hobbys and all have changed. obvious? yeaah(: anyways i hope i change for the good eh? new dreams is can proceed to tertiary education next year.not much because i believe having such small dream is enough currently. dont think too much first.hahas the others i will slowly plan. thats why thing needs time right? hahas. soon enough i think i can grow up. and learn things outside. its seems much like i didn travel at all. and im not yet ready to take flight and soar. when im able. believe me. i will take you all along! hahas! i put lot lot nice nice pictures of my trip on here. my favourite place.always here. my favourite friend. always you(: take cares all my buddies. remember. hold on your dreams tight. i have whats yours?